How To Get More Views On YouTube

How To Get More Views On YouTube – I’m starting to love the YouTube life style and it’s not because I’m lazy and love making videos… Okay maybe it is. YouTube is becoming the go to place for newbies to earn money and it’s full of wanna be stars, musicians, and directors. So the real question most people ask themselves is “How can I get famous on YouTube” and the answer is “work really hard and follow the tips and tricks below” So today I’m going to teach you how to make it big on YouTube and how to really get them views to your channel and keep them coming. It’s not going to be easy but I’m going to show you exactly how to get more views on YouTube.

How To Get More Views On YouTube.

Content is king

YouTube can sometimes be a hard mistress to keep up with and with all the viral videos that generally get popular through luck and then cause loads of similar content to be generated and really clog up certain niches.

So what do you really need to become famous on YouTube?


You need two of these three things to make it on YouTube:
  • Great quality videos
  • Legitimate and Helpful advice
  • Amazing Personality 

You will always need two of them to be a hit on YouTube and if you do have 2 or maybe even three it will be a lot easier for you to make it on YouTube without having to be to lucky.


So what videos do you film?

If I really want my YouTube channel to be a big deal then I usually try to make every 10 videos something like this.


5 x How To’s

How to’s are brilliant because they’ll rank in Google and get you more view in a much quicker amount of time. This makes it easier for you to get some fans. Just make great quality tutorials in the niche you’re in. If it’s humor then show people how to be funny and if it’s sports then show people how to do sport tricks.

Whatever it is just try and teach people something that they didn’t know and make it as fun and as interesting as possible. This really will help you rank and get you where you need to be with your video views (Hopefully selling out and getting tons of cash).


2 x Vlogs

This type of videos will do the worse and is basically just you talking to the camera just talking about your life, this might seem boring and that’s why you only make 2 of these for every 10 videos. It’s really just so people see who you are and can make up their mind whether they like you. 😉


2 x Pranks/Dares

No matter what type of videos you do on YouTube pranks usually work really well, just make them funny and different. Doing a prank video will really show you how to get more views on YouTube in the simplest way.  Seriously doing 2 x prank videos every 10 videos you do, really is a must and if you can think outside the box and do something more crazy then this really will work even better for you.

Warning: People who start this usually end up doing loads of damage to themselves after the first year, this is down to the pranks having to escalate each time. Use humor more than fear and try not to kill yourself filming a stupid dare or get arrested by insulting a cop. Just use common sense and you should be grand.


1 x Viral video

This will always be the hardest video to record but it will usually have the biggest following. This is the viral video and it’s the video where you show what you’re made of.


What you need for a viral video:

  • Craziness
  • Humor 
  • Quality
  • Something different

Follow them 4 things and you’ll be able to make a viral video, never have it over 1 min 25 seconds as people tend not to watch to much more. The best advice for getting a video to go viral is to become a viral video watcher and watch other viral videos and copy them as quick as possible.

How To Get More Views On YouTube


Humor always needs to come first, then bring the message across. You need to grip viewers and get them wanting to see more, so by chucking in loads of humor at the start and making it really funny is a great way to gain the trust of the viewer and have them watch the whole video.

You don’t need to be overly funny but, if you have a few jokes lined up then it can really make people feel comfortable and if you tell the jokes really bad then people will feel uncomfortable which weirdly most people often like too. (it really gets them commenting hate, which is not always a bad thing).

How To Get More Views On YouTube


You need to have awesome thumbnail pictures for your video it will really help you attract visitors, it’s one of the first bits of contact they have with your video and it really does determine whether they click or not. So make sure you have great thumbnails and spend time tweaking them and getting them perfect.

If you need help with this method then just go to YouTube and search some of the YouTubes in your niche and see what their thumbnails look like, once you know just go and copy them and add your own special touch ;).

I always find a much higher conversion rate on the videos I do with high quality thumbnails and for the time it takes it’s really worth giving a go.


Title – Keyword research

A very important factor in getting views is having an awesome title, sorry guys/girls but having “Me playing call of duty” just isn’t going to cut it. You’re going to need something like ” Call Of Duty – Lets Play – The Killing Team Is Back” that looks so much more professional and will really help you get clicks.

Even though it looks nice it’s still going to be hard to get clicks from that name, so now you need to head over to Google Keyword Planner and start looking at what keywords get the most views.

I usually go for a keyword on Google that gets around 1000 to 2000 views and I will always do keyword research for my how to guides as they also rank in Google.

So go and check your keywords and make sure your “Tittle” “Description” and “Tags” have your keywords as many times as possible without looking like spam of course.

How To Get More Views On YouTube



If you’ve got a little cash and really want to get to the top of what you’re doing then advertising is always a great way to really start getting in them views.

You can use YouTube ads as a way to boost your video and this really only works if you’ve got good content and want to share it right before videos and on the top of YouTube’s search page.

So, what are the best types of advertising? 

  • YouTube Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Facebook Ads

these are the three ad models I use and the only differences are that ones on YouTube, ones on your video and the other needs an image created and is hosted on people’s websites/Facebook.

So to do great banner advertising you need to use Forums, BuySellAds, Google Adsense, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, all of that will help you boost your video and gain publicity.

I’ve done loads of advertising posts that teach you how to do amazing ad campaigns and really get the views you need so go and check out the rest of the blog.

If you need a banner done then make sure you check out logonerds – Best logo’s/banners I’ve ever brought.

How To Get More Views On YouTube

Social Media Accounts

One of the most important aspects of advertising on YouTube is social media and it’s one of the most important things that you’ll be tasked with doing. You really just have to imagine social media accounts being like a giant list of people you can contact everyday and ask to view your videos.

This really does help get you views and starts the ball rolling. You need a Twitter account, Facebook page, Tumblr Blog and a Google plus. When you release a video put it out all over them networks and hopefully it will drive some traffic to the video right away.


Guest Videos

You need to be likable for this next step and that can sometimes be hard, well for me it is. Now guest videos are all about asking other YouTubes to do a video with you or do a shout-out for each other.

Sometimes a shout-out can happen if you give a YouTube channel something and they like it and it will usually happen if you just ask nicely. Now I’m going to tell you the truth: 80% of YouTubers with or without views will want to be treated like they’re famous.

In the time I’ve done guest videos and asked for shout-outs I’ve done it with small YouTubers and medium-sized YouTubes and believe it or not, the ones with 100 on each video and 30 subscribers are usually the worse and will ask for $100 or something and that’s just silly.

Just be ready for a lot of rejection with this step, I will tell you that it’s completely worth it and you’ll be a much better YouTubers once you get the hang of this step.

How To Get More Views On YouTube



Giving free stuff to your fans is a great way to build them up (Also a great way to get friends) 😉 If you buy your audience it can actually lead to a great conversion and even though they’ll usually only be subscribing to your YouTube for the sake that they might get free stuff, they may also find out that they really like you.

Just do $100 giveaways and tell them to go and like your Facebook page and subscriber to your channel and then just make the giveaways bigger when you get more of a following.

This method has giving me a good start previously and as long as you live up to your giveaway then you’ll be able to keep doing them and keep getting more views.


Buying Channels 

Another way I used to build big YouTubes and how I learnt how to get more views on YouTube quickly was just buying the channels from people, this isn’t something that I’d recommend for big YouTubers but if you buy 10 accounts in the same niche each with 1000 + subscribers you can usually work them all together and point all the traffic to another YouTube channel.

You can get conned with this method just because sometimes people do a pump and dump, they just pump the account with fake views, subscribers and videos and then sell on.

Just look into the videos and check out the comments you’ll be able to see if it’s worth it just by looking at quality. You can buy YouTube channels on YouTube (search “channel for sale”), on forums and on Ebay.

So just shop around and see what you find.

How To Get More Views On YouTube

Fake Views

I wouldn’t recommend this as it can end up getting your account banned if you do it with the wrong service. The only service that I trust is Youtube views They will give you a package and get your video looking awesome and viral in no time

The only time that I use fake views is when I want to boost the search terms and the best way to do that is to hack the views. Heres a guide:

  • Make the video private
  • Send 3 thousand + fake views
  • Wait 2 days then release.

Your video will now rank for it’s tittle (this usually will keep ranking the video on the title for about 2 weeks + and that’s enough time to get some great views. This sometimes works and sometimes don’t and it just comes down to YouTube loving content that get’s views before it’s released and just after it’s released.

Another tip: If you’ve got a few hundred bucks stored away you can always make your YouTube account look like it’s really popular. This does usually get people subscribing in the beginning and that will get you the first few thousand subscribers which are always the harder to get.- There’s a full guide on the dark side to getting views on YouTube.

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How To Get More Views On YouTube – So the real question is “Are you ready to sell out?” if you are, and I’m pretty sure you will be, then it’s time to start earning some big money and get famous. This isn’t going to be as hard as you think and you’ll be surprised by how much fun being a YouTube star can really be. Hope you enjoyed and make sure you share with as many people as you can. – 101 Geek.

How To Get More Views On YouTube

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