How To Get People To Comment On Your Site

How To Get People To Comment On Your Site – Having a good amount of comments is great and nothing can beat the feeling of releasing an article and watching the debates kick off. It highers rank, gets returning visitors, adds more content, and will allow you to do more through ideas in the comments. These are the best ways I know to get comments up, these are tried and tested and will help you get the results you want from your site. Some will be a little sneaky and I will try to go over everything you need to know. – Comments are below if you want to ask me anything at all. – Remember sharing is caring so please share.

How To Get People To Comment On Your Site

Start Of How To Get People To Comment On Your Site.

We will do this in order of best, quickest and normal. This is just so we can show you different ways of getting comments. Some of these are risky and should be used with caution.



These are the best ways I know to get comments and they’re the best ways in how to get people to comment on your site, after this I will show you some little tips that should also help.


Good Content

One of the best way to get blog comments is to deliver top quality content. If you good quality content and leave a few things unsaid, usually people will ask some questions and start chatting away.

It’s always good to have helpful content and not just list posts (top 10’s). Try your hand at telling your viewers some useful information.  On this blog I only tell people stuff I’ve tried, sometimes don’t always workout and I have made a few posts that will never be released due to that, but out of 50 people the ones who work hardest are going to see results.



Asking, you’ll notice even on this blog I love having your opinions, so I ask for them. Asking someone what they thought about a post or what information can they add is always a good way to get comments. So get your users involved and start asking questions while you’re in the middle of an article, make them feel like it’s okay to contribute.


Use Friends

When I started my first blog I used to just talk on it with friends, we used to talk about games and current stuff that was happening. I used to get them to comments 10 times a day asking questions and I would answer them.

Once people start seeing other people’s comments there was a massive jump in comments and then to follow that an increase in views and returning visitors.


Block Spam

Using a tool like Akismet will delete spam, this makes your job a lot easier. Make sure you don’t ever publish spam and try your best to make some comment rules.


Easy To Use Comments

If you’re working with WordPress you’ll most likely be able to change your comment template. Go and find one that suits your site, you can get one that will link to Facebook, it makes people comment with ease and not have to type in their email, it does depend on what your sites about, a site about weird fetishes probably isn’t going to look good coming up on your Facebook wall.

How To Get People To Comment On Your Site


The first tip I don’t recommend but it will get you comments.



Lying or targeting a hated person is low, but it will get you press. If you want comments and don’t care if they’re good or bad, you can just post an offensive bit of media or talk about an offensive bit of media. These are both ways to get comments.

It’s risky and personally I don’t recommend this, it’s just something a lot of people do to go viral and get loads of views.



One of my favorite ways to get comments by far. If you give something away to the top contributors/commenters it gives them incentives to comments more. Just do a giveaway once a month where you pick people who comment and give them a prize.

If you’ve got a really high quality post that you’ve spent a lot of time on, you can also just give a prize to anyone who comments, so just randomly pick someone.

How To Get People To Comment On Your Site


Everyone with a blog should be doing these tips.


Comment on other people’s sites

This isn’t going to get you direct comments but, it will let you see what makes you comment. I’ve met a few friends this way and usually I’ve got a few comments back, if you comment on 50 blogs a day for a few weeks, you’ll eventually become friends with loads of webmasters and you’ll most likely see them viewing your site and repaying the favor by commenting on your content.

If I have time I’ll always come and read my readers blogs and content, in fact if you’ve got a blog you can leave it in the comments and I will check it out and tell you what I think.


Ask for feedback

I do this always, I ask what you guys think. My spelling isn’t amazing so I’ll usually try to change it if I get comments telling me about my typos. I also ask questions like: Have you enjoyed the post? Well if you did please comment below. And What do you think about this post? Comment below.

Little things like that really go a long way.


Create content around comments

I’ve not done this too much but I know it works, creating a post about comments is a great way to get comments. Posts like: What do you think about SEO and Penguin updates?, What’s your favorite forum to use?

Creating a poll works well with this method and makes people comment.


Allow email follow ups

Make sure they get an email if someone replies, this is the best way to get them to come back and comment more.


Be nice

I appreciate that everyone starts from the same place young or old, so try to help everyone out the same and be nice. This makes people want to comment, I will help someone out if they’re 8 years old and want to know about basic or advanced SEO for their new idea they’ve got, just the same as I would help out someone who’s hit hard times and needs to earn some money or get their business some more traffic/sales.

So be nice and always give time to people no matter their age, language, race and financial statues as everyone is the same and you never know what favors that person might be able to do for you in the future. .


Use forums

Using forums is a great way to meet people, it’s all about meeting people, I’m a big fan of forums and use them for almost everything, having good forum rep is important and will help you drive comments to your blog. – This is How To Get People To Comment On Your Site make sure you comment below.


Tip: Don’t post to often

One of the biggest problems that I have is posting too much content, if you post too much then you’ll see posts get no comments, if you posts once a week you’ll see your posts do a lot better.

But what’s better views or comments? You’ve got to decide.  – How To Get People To Comment On Your Site.

Tell me if you think comments are important for a blog and tell me other ways you get comments.

How To Get People To Comment On Your Site – See these ways really will work, I’ve used them myself even on this site here, there are loads of ways and sometimes it will take sometime to get people actively commenting, usually it takes a few months but in honesty it’s worth it and will help your sites value overall and make it easier to get people’s point of view and opinions. – Sharing is caring so please remember to share as much as you can. – Comments are below so pleasure comments and ask me some questions.

How To Get People To Comment On Your Site

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