How To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Website Or Product

How To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Website Or Product – Are you just about to set up a website or sell a product and you need dedicated traffic? Well I can teach you how to get dedicated traffic that will convert and return to your site. I’ve decided to do this article as a way of helping you promote affiliate products and products that you’ve created yourself, things like eBooks, software, services, etc. I´m going to go over the basics and even show you some advanced guerrilla tactics to getting dedicated traffic that will convert.


Who´s your audience? You need to start learning what they like and what will make them go wow.

I always tell people to optimise content for people and not Google and this has never been so true, to get targeted traffic to a website or product you´ve got to have something the target will want or need.

Even if your product or website isn´t perfect you need it to look and sounds perfect, especially on the landing pages where you´re going to drive the traffic too.


Just a few rules of thumb for making a good landing page and getting conversion.


If you don´t think the content is any good then it probably isn´t any good. Spend time learning how to make great content that amazes you.

Make it gripping and give it something that no one else has got. I know you´ll be saying “But Oli, I came here looking to get dedicated traffic not optimise my site?”

I’m only telling you this advice so you don´t lose cash, I´ve lost a lot of money just trying to get people to buy stuff they don´t want.
So now I spend a whole lot more time either making them want it or making It so they think they want it.


Only either make a product that yoúd use and the same goes for making content. When designing your landing page you need to make it look snappy, easy to read and quick.

People want to know exactly what to do instantly and they really don´t want to waste any time learning what your page is about, so make it short.

You´ve got 10 seconds to show them what it is and why they need it
People will click off within the first 5 seconds if they see no use and 10 if they can´t find out what the product is.

Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by making it easy to see what you´re selling/what your sites about.
Instantly show them why they need it in big easy to read text.

Waste no time trying to get a higher word count. You need to just release and get your pages/products out there, make them for the people and not for SEO.


Get 2 maybe 3 pages and test which one does the best. If you split test you´ll be able to see what your targeted people enjoy and you´ll be able to push that forward.

You can use loads of plugins/software to split test, you can also you make 3 separate pages and just add them all on different campaigns running at the same time.
Find where your customers are hiding

You need to go on a hunt for your customers, think like someone who needs your website/product. You need to zoom in and find exactly where they are.
Don´t just go for numbers, you need to target it all down to the closest point. If you target 2000 people who will all be interested in your product/site that´s better than 20,000 who´re random.


So first on the list for advertising is paid, we will mention some free ways of advertising after this part of the article.

You´ll always need to pay x amount of money when it comes to targeting good traffic, but if you´ve got something to sell then it won´t really matter.


You´ll always have to use ad networks they have amazing deals on price and you can sometimes do some seriously good targeting and find the exact people that you want to deal with.


The best ad network is adwords, most people will get the highest results using them and it´s just down to the search engine advertising.

If you get some good, cheap key phrases on Google then you´re going to have no problem selling your product, if you´ve just got a website with no money making ability then paid advertising is always going to be a little pointless.

You´ll want to put at least 5 to 15 dollars on adwords every single day for about 3 keywords. I try to get my keywords as cheap as possible and I find them by using Google Keyword Planner just go and check it out and find what words you need.


Next on the list is Facebook ads another system that you can target people on. Facebook is really cheap and the longer you use Facebook the cheaper it will become.
All your targeting will have to be on Facebook as-well as Adwords. Facebook is cheap, has amazing targeting and will build up both your product views and your Facebook page likes at the same time, for that reasons it´s worth trying.


Create a video, you need a product video, people are a lot more likely to buy and it means you can promote it.
I know a company called Crazy Egg, they annoyed me with there video marketing campaign for months, I don´t think I´ve ever remembered a name as much as I remembered there´s.

So if product awareness is what you want then save up for a massive YouTube campaign, you´ll sell loads and even if it takes a while once people know you´re name they´ll find you.

So try this form of advertising, it´s really left for the rich companies but I don´t think it will do you any harm trying.


If you want to keep trac of your money and want to get some good deals then private ad buying is always going to be a effective.
Private ads are just ads on sites that you pick, that´s not the official term for it but it will do.

The reason while you´ll need private ads is so you can target even more people for as little cost as possible. If you go to LogoNerds and buy a nice banner ad something at 250 x 300 or 250 x 250 then just go and try one of the methods below.
I´ll tell you more about how much ad space you´ll need to make an affect.


Head over to BuySellAds, you can buy media there at a really good price. Go to categories and find where your audience will be.
The go and check sites, look at views and work out costs. Go for quality and always try to buy 10,000 impressions before you buy a month, that way you can see the conversion and see if your site/product will do well.


Google blogs in your niche and buy the advertising directly, this will save you money, time and give you deals that no one else has got. This is a real most and if you’re selling a product then it will really help you build your product up.


Go to forums like Warrior forum and Digital Point forum, they have sale pages that sell ad space at really good price. You do need to be careful and use common sense, there´s a lot of rubbish as well as some gems.

You can sometimes get deals that you just can´t beat and that´s why you need to try it, make sure you check their website before advertising and maybe even check what other ads are advertising, see there rank and see if their product/services look popular.


Just a few new methods that I started using to target people, the more you do the more you´ll sell, all of this will have different effects as well, just depending on the product/website.


Now fiverr has had a little bit of bad name over the past few years and I suppose that there´s a good reason for it.
People expect loads for $5 and then get disappointed, well I use Fiverr and if you want to get yourself a bargain then head over to fiverr and try buying some of their ads, reviews, shout outs, anything that would suit your site/product.
I will say to stay far away from SEO on fiverr and just stick to advertising and graphics design.

You´ll be surprised what you find when you give it a try, so go and give it a try.


You might have to pay for reviews and it can cost up to $75 for a good review, this is highly worth it and you´ll see why once you get 10 of them done.

People listen to reviewers and the reviewers usually take up a lot of the keywords for your product, now the review will always give their own opinion but at least if it´s a good product then people will see the truth.
I will always use this method when promoting a product, it´s just the easiest way to get people to buy something.

You really won´t be able to beat it and people will be queueing up to get your product if it´s a good product and works.


Open all the social media accounts, don´t leave any un-touched, you need Twitters, Facebooks, Tumblrs, StumbleUpon, WordPress, Blogger, LinkedIn, Google Plus, anything that will suit your product.
Even get a pinterest account. If you want to see how to get followers on Pinterest then follow this YouTube video and for Followers on Tumblr Check this YouTube video out.


Create your own email list might take too long, but hiring someone else´s will be instant. Go onto BuySellAds of Forums that sell again and look for Email newsletter ads, they´ve got a super high conversion rate and will help your product break through them first few difficult sales.

Once you get the ball rolling the sky will be the limit, give it a try and see if it helps your product.


If you´re buying media then don´t buy it all at once, do a 3 month campaign and spend 500 a month instead of 1500 dollars in one month. That way people will start to remember you and you´ll have time to tweak your advertising.
This makes it a lot easier for you to make continues sales and it will stop you being forgotten about. You´ll also be able to see if the advertising is going to help you sell within the first month.


If you´re selling a product and not your website then you can sign up to click bank and give people a % to sell it for you, this works like a charm and you´ll be able to get people selling loads of your items within no time.
You will need to get used to using it and make sure that your products up to scratch before you jump in.

How To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Website Or Product

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