How To Get Loads Of Comments On YouTube

How To Get Loads On Comments Of YouTube – People spend so long focusing on getting views and subscribers they forget about the users who watch their videos. You may of noticed that some YouTubers have nothing but lovely comments, other YouTubers don’t get comments and the unlucky ones just have Poisson in the comment section. This is down to a few things people do, so today I’m going to teach you how to get loads of good comments on your YouTube videos, this will help increase your videos ranking and give your channel more authority.

Ask Questions

Whether you’ve got 100 subscribers or 150,000 subscribers, everyone likes to be ask questions. One of the quickest ways to boost the comments on your channel is to simply ask your fans questions.

At the beginning, middle or end of your video just ask a simple yet worthwhile question. Example: If you’re a gamer and playing a certain game, you could ask how you do something inside the game. This simple question will get people commenting.

You could also go a little more in-depth and ask questions about current events, next game you should play, what’s one thing they’ed change about your channel. Questions like this start a big comment battle, something you really need.

Question ideas: 

  • What should my next big video be about.
  • What’s the one thing you hate more than anything.
  • How should I get my hair cut next (Be crazy).
  • What’s your most awkward memory.
  • What TV character do you hate the most.

Easy, but thought provoking questions like these are ideal for comments. People like to talk, so by you asking questions they’ll feel like they can.

Comments On YouTube

Create Great Content

One of the greatest ways to get more comments is to create better content. Start creating better videos by:

  • Making them shorter
  • Add tons of humor
  • Change filming location
  • Do something different every month
  • Get a better editing program
  • Get someone to feature in a video

Doing these simple things can get you loads of comments on YouTube. You just need to play around with it. Lots of YouTubers get caught up in create ‘x’ amount of videos per week and they stop creating quality. Take a break, look at what others are doing, do it better and always try your best.

Comments On YouTube

Focus On Social Media

Start social media profiles for your YouTube channel and convert the followers/likes into comments. This may seem difficult, but in all honesty it’s not as hard as it sounds.

You need to create a: 

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest

And then you need to follow these guides and learn how to get thousands of followers/likes on each of them:

Just follow these videos and you’ll learn exactly how to build big social media accounts that’ll help you get loads of comments on YouTube.


Allow Your Audience To Have A Say

If you’re ever making big changes to your YouTube channel then always let your audience have a say. Let them decide where your channel goes and how it’s run, sometimes people want an extra video every week, give them the option to have that.

I try and make a few changes every month to my YouTube and this helps boost comments up on certain videos. All you need to do is create a few videos per month talking about the changes you’re looking to make and then just give people the option to vote for what they think is best.

How To Get Loads Of Comments On YouTube

Answer Some Comments

You don’t need to answer every comment you get, but it’s definitely a good idea to answer as many as you can in your free time. If people think you’ll answer them, they’ll definitely make more of an effort to comment on your videos regularly.


Keep Things Crazy, Funny, Scary Or Sad

Once per month try do a video that catchers peoples emotions in some way. It can either be sad, happy, funny, crazy or amazing, these videos get comments up and will help your channel grow.

It’s difficult to make all your videos catcher peoples emotion, but one per month should be do-able.

How To Get Loads Of Comments On YouTube

Short Videos Get More Comments

At the start most of your videos will want to be around 1:45 to 3:00 minutes long. I’ve found that when you first start YouTube people don’t really have much time for you, so by making your videos easy to watch, interesting and short you can catcher people who wouldn’t normally watch them.

This helps get more comments and makes editing/creating your videos a lot quicker. Once you get 50,000 subscribers then you can start making your videos as long as you want.


Allow Hate

Some comments on YouTube won’t be nice, but as a YouTuber you’ve got to let them comments go. Don’t reply back being horrible, don’t even pay attention, it’s not worth your time of day.

Advice: YouTube has also updated it’s spam bot making it very hard for people to post hate on YouTube comment.

Controversial Videos Aren’t Always Bad

Some of the most popular people on YouTube get involved in controversial media regularly. It’s never a bad idea to have an opinion and talk about things people care about. As long as you’re careful, respectful and know what you’re talking about, there’s no harm in having an opinion.

This helps lift comments on YouTube and even helps promote your channel to new people.

Tip: You will find some people who don’t agree with your views, but you’ll also find some people who do, just know that it’ll always blow over.



Collaborating with other YouTubers is a great way to build comments. You’ll see people from other communities commenting in your videos and you’ll usually gain some of each others fans. This is one of the best ways I know to get comments on YouTube and I do recommend every YouTuber try it.

Comments On YouTube

How To Get Loads On Comments Of YouTube – Luckily YouTube has really cut down on the hateful comments that everyone used to get and this makes it even more worthwhile getting the comments up on your videos. If you need any advice please feel free to use the comments below, I’m always happy to help.

How To Get Loads Of Comments On YouTube

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