How To Get YouTube Views The Black Hat Way

How To Get YouTube Views The Black Hat Way – There are loads of ways to get views on YouTube and they usually involve social media and SEO of your video, as it stands them two methods are the most used and can be really helpful for gaining views and creating a nice following.But what if I told you there’s a quicker, more dangerous way of getting views that could automatically increase your popularity and create a massive follow base for you almost instantly. Well there is and it’s called the black hat method of YouTube views. Now I made this whole method up myself but I’m pretty sure there’s other variations of this method out there. So I hope you enjoy and as this will tell you everything you need to know to become YouTube famous – Please leave a comment or share this post after you’ve read it.


Okay so today we’re going to learn about view hacking, what it does, how it works and why you must do it.

What view hacking is, is where you buy views online which are fake, they’re not fake to the point they’re bots but they are people who’re paid to leave a PC on all day and let it watch videos.

So you’ll be getting real people liking, subscribing and watching your video, they will just not be active and loyal to you. Which in all honesty you really don’t care if they’re not loyal to you because this method will open up loads of real loyal people who like to watch your content in no time.


Okay now the reason why this method works so well and always seems to get people building up massive fan bases is because people never want to be the first.

Okay say you’re selling a new type of product, you’ll usually have to give the first thousand away free just so you start selling and that’s just because people never want to be the first to try something new.

If you had a video with 20,000 + views and another one with 10 views which would you click? You’d click the 20,000 + views and then they’d get even more and that’s just because you’ll be thinking that more views means better content.

So to stop you being stuck in the same boat as most YouTubers starting out you’ve really got to blast through and for the first few months really look way more popular than you are.

Trust me once you’ve got 1000 + subscribers and a few hundred thousand views you’ll start attracting new people to your channel and even get partners to work with on YouTube, so your videos will be higher quality and the view cycle will start repeating but with real people this time.


Okay I use two sites, one is to buy subscribers, likes and views and the other is to just buy views, I do this on every video I have for the channel I want to boost. This isn’t a safe method so it’s best to try it on new YouTube channel and I also recommend taking off Adsense monetizing on every video while you boost it.

This will stop you getting your account banned and will still give you the views and rank.



View2.be, Now there’s been a few that have come along and this one works the best for me so far, you do need to be careful about boosting it on all your videos and that’s just because YouTube will see something dodgy is going on and that’s why I use this on every video but I only post a video every 2 weeks.

So that keeps me safe and will stop me being caught. Now View2.be sells packages for $55 and I will tell you more about why you need to get this and how much it will cost below. The reason why you need to use View2 is because they give subscribers and likes which is something that a lot of other services will not offer you.


Vagex is completely different to View2 and it works on a much more real system, it’s also a lot cheaper and it just gets put onto a system and then people who leave their pc’s on to get more credit will watch it. Now you will get a deal when you first sign up for 100,000 credits for $25 and what you need to do is buy 4 of these so that’s $100 that will then give you enough credit to get hundreds of thousands of views to your videos.

This system is something that I leave on all the time and will put 5 videos on queue sometimes have all my videos getting views at the same time that way they all get drip feed views which will higher the rank of the videos ad keep them active.

How To Get YouTube Views The Black Hat Way


Well if you want to become completely famous on YouTube and you’re in a niche like gaming then I recommend making 1 video every two weeks and making it extremely high quality.

Then once you’ve got a really funny 5 minute video you just have to add it to YouTube and wait maybe 48 hours then do the view package from view2.be after you’ve done that you can then leave it and just add it to Vagex a week or so later. Then repeat.


Well you need to keep this up for about 3 months and that’s with every video so that would cost you $330 including the subscribers, likes, views and then more views from Vagex and if you really want to get famous then I would do this process for 6 months and spend a total of $660, seriously this will boost you massively and the reason why you release a video every 2 weeks is because that is usually the amount of time it will take YouTube to complain, so if after the first package is brought if you get a complaint you can stop this method and just try it again but at a different time.

Some people never hit a problem and some people go well over board and hit problems. So make sure you take it slow.


Well for every $55 you spend with View2 you get:

  • 20,000+ YouTube Views
  • 80+ Likes
  • 80+ Subscribers
  • 100% Safe from 100% Real People! No Bots!
  • Naturally Delivered at 200-300 Views Per Day!

So that would be a total of 120,000 views, realistically they always give over so that will more likely be 150,000 views, 480 subscribers/likes.

Then you’d of probably get another 300,000 views from Vagex with the credit you brought, it can sometimes be hard to spend all the credit so that could be higher/lower.

I highly recommend doing this for 6 months as you’ll have a really nice fan base after that and if you’re in gaming or technology, even a company then this will do wonders for your real views and subscribers, it will also give you a massive amount of authority over the other people in your market.


As I said about you should release 1 video ever 2 weeks and make it as high quality as possible, then boost it and continue to do this for 6 months, after that you can see if your YouTube will take off.


You can make money using this method and it’s really simple and easy, all you need to do is use a site called click bank. You then make videos for a product that you can select on Click bank, just make sure it’s a high paying product with a good view base.

You then find a good keyword using Google Keyword Planner and then just put your video on YouTube, leave it for 48 hours and share it on social media, then boost the views and do this every 2 weeks. Upload another video of the same product and do the same.

Even call the YouTube channel the same name as the product or as close to the product name as possible. Make sure you add your affiliate link in the description and then this could generate you tones of cash.

This method works like a charm and if you pick the right product/keyword you can easily generate $800 per day. If I get time I’ll show you how to use this method step by step, just comment below if you want it.


If you really want to learn how to get YouTube views then these little tips will help you even more.


Put your video on private and then drive fake traffic to it, do this for three days and then when you finally release your video it will go to the top of YouTube search.

This may not last forever but if you’ve got a good keyword then you’ll be able to get enough traffic to stay there and if you’re doing it for a good keyword it can really get you a lot of views.

This is an old method that still works and it really has helped me a lot of times.


You need to make sure that your video content is great and that’s another reason why you need to wait 2 weeks per video. I’m hoping two weeks gives you enough time to make an amazing 5 minute video that will make people go wow.

So really put so much effort into it because what you put in you get out and with this method it will even save you money by helping you go viral quicker.


You need to go and look at my other YouTube tutorials that will teach you how to get a viral video, these are really good and will really help you maximize your views. Things like adding subtitles, description, playlists, keywords and interesting titles will really help you gain rank on YouTube.

So make sure you go and check my tutorials and really sit down and give yourself something to work on. This will all help you in the long run and it will make ranking on YouTube/Google a much easier experience. So come on get working and start creating your YouTube empire now.