How To Increase Blog Traffic

How To Increase Blog Traffic – Want to increase your blogs traffic and start getting more views? Well I’m going to teach you how to do that in no time. I’ve been working in marketing and advertising for a few years and I’ve learnt a lot of great ways to get traffic to a blog, these methods can involve Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Ad networks, Commenting, Guest posts, and loads more, all the tips in this post will really help you secure some constant traffic and then you’ll hopefully start getting to the next level of blogging where you can earn more cash, do less work, and open more blogs.

How To Increase Blog Traffic

Guest Posting

This is something that will help you build traffic from search engines and the post itself. What you will need to do is write 700 to 1500 word articles for other sites, you have to write them really well and spend a lot of time making sure they look nice. After that you send it to the site you want to write for and then they will approve it or send it back saying that there’s a problem. How do you find sites that allow guest posts? Well it’s really simple you can either head over to myguestpost or you can Google “(niche) write for us”  Example: Gaming write for us. It’s really that simple, you should be able to find a few sites that offer it and it should help you build some amazing backlinks in no time.



Something that I recommend trying is comments, now I don’t mean the spam comments where you do 5000 a day and they all say “Nice post” or “Come Check my blog out” The ones where you really read the content and you send a nice big message asking the blogger some questions. What this will do is it will build friendships, get them to look at your blog (usually), bring little traffic, and it will start building your name with people. If you do this 10 times a day then people will start seeing you name all over the niche, this will make the chances of them clicking your blog even higher.

How To Increase Blog Traffic


Social Media

As you probably know, social media is where most the views come from on most sites, and as more people know this it’s actually getting harder to get views without a pre-built social base. So I’m going to show you what you need to do to build a nice, quick base using Tumblr, Facebook, Reddit & Pinterest. This will help bring you traffic and start making you more known.



What you need to do with Tumblr is create 5 x blogs all sub niches for your site. Example: If I have a blog about dating I’d set up: 1x love quotes blog, 1x Dating tips and advice blog, 1x hot pictures blog, 1x lad blog (where you post about women and show hot girls and cool dating stories. 1x personal blog (just your own blog).

Now once you’ve done that you need to go and buy a bot. Go and visit thebotshop and find a tumblr bot, you can ether get the one that queues your tumblr with pictures stored on your pc or the one that will reblog from any tumblr page.

They both work really well and it just depends if you want to go and get pictures from you niche, I would recommend the first bot just so you can keep an eye on what you post.

After you’ve done that you just need to follow 150 people a day on your niche, so type into tumblr (your niche) Examples: Dating, love, dating tips, love advice, and then follow people who’re there.

This way you will get great conversions when you post a link to your dating site, or whichever site you own. Just do this for 1 month and you’ll start to see a massive grow in traffic. This is a great for anyone who wants to know how to increase blog traffic continuously without spending money.



Facebook can be a little harder than the other’s and it sometimes takes quite a long time to get results, but when you do it will be more affective. The only real way I know to get loads of likes on Facebook is to set up a viral page, it just works.  Pages like:

  • Craziest pictures you’ll ever see
  • Things stupid people say
  • Things you didn’t know

These types of pages where you post meme’s or things you didn’t know work really amazingly, you usually just have to advertise them to 500 likes and then when one of your posts gets a lot of shares you’ll see a massive boost in likes to your page. Once that’s starts happening you can stop the advertising and usually within one month you’ll start building a really good fan base.



You just do the same as you would on Tumblr, you just type the niche of your site and then just look for people liking the people in your niche. I will make a video below which will explain it to you better.

You will most likely get about 50 followers for every 400 you follow but, at least you’ve got them followers. Once you get to 1000 followers you’ll start building more and more because people will start sharing your stuff a lot more, this will bring more traffic and make your blog lunch off, especially if it’s a food blog, Pinterest loves food.



Last on the social list is Reddit and this really is one of the ultimate traffic generators and is one of the best tips in how to increase blog traffic. It’s really simple and all you need to do is find a sub Reddit which is connected to you site, we can use gaming for an example, say you have a gaming blog and have just released the best ways to get money on Grand Theft Auto you’d go and add that to the Grand Theft Auto Reddit page with a link to your site.

Then if it’s a good article you’ll start seeing tones of fans coming your way. This will amaze you and you’ll start realising the power of Reddit.

You do need to be careful and make sure that you post more than just links to your site, write comments and vote people’s Reddits, if you don’t you’ll be marked as spam in no time.

How To Increase Blog Traffic

Bookmark sites

Go to this list of bookmark sites and add every post you do to each of them sites, sites like StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Google Bookmarks,Digg, and delicious are a must. These sites can bring small traffic and even massive amounts of traffic when things kick off, so make sure you check it out and see what you think. You will need to get in a habit of bookmarking every post you do, once you get into the habit you’ll be grand and end up getting some traffic and more profile on each post you do.


Ask sites 

Using ask/answer sites is a great way to get traffic, if you’ve got some helpful blog posts then this is a very good way to get traffic. All you’ve got to do is go to sites on this list of answer sites and then answer questions that people have.

Example: Ask: How can I build niche websites and earn money online? Answer: It’s not too hard to earn money online these days and niche sites is a great way to do it. I have an article which will show you how to create and earn money from a niche blog.Feel free to go and check it out and if you need any help then I’m more than happy to explain it better for you.

Just do this 5 times a day and make sure you also answer questions without links to your site just so you don’t get in trouble for spamming.


YouTube – Profile

YouTube is and will continue to be a great way to increase blog traffic and that’s why it’s here. If you want to learn how to increase blog traffic with YouTube it’s as simple as following these rules.

  • High quality videos 
  • Once a week upload
  • Big descriptions
  • Keyword planning
  • Advertising
  • YouTube forums
  • Articles linked

If you want more advice on how to do these things that will get you loads of views then just download my eBook on how to make a six-figure salary with playing video games on YouTube, if you go to the end of the book it will teach you how to get traffic really quickly.

Friends, family & people you meet.

There’s no harm in telling the people you meet about your site. I would say that’s how you start getting fans, you just have to speak to people and be kind. It doesn’t hurt to have a business card lying around as well just so you can give them something more solid. Now the reasons why you want to advertise to your friends is because 9 times out of 10 they won’t want you to succeed and this is a really good thing. People will check up on you way more when they want to make sure you’re failing, so if you have 20 people looking at your site every other day then that just keeps the bounce rate down and gives you more traffic, so always remember to use your friends, enemies, and people you meet as a way to get more traffic to your site.



Learning how to increase blog traffic will be easy if you go to a convention. If you go to a convention you’ll meet people who’re in the same industry as you and it becomes a lot easier to get on with people.

If you take time and play a little game with yourself to see how many people you can meet then it will pay off massively in the future.

This really is an amazing way to increase blog traffic and it will also help you learn and understand more about your industry. So if you wear a t-shirt of your company/site, have cards ready to give people, and spend loads of times meeting and talking to people, then you’ll be able to start meeting to new friends and learning even more about how to increase blog traffic.


How To Increase Blog Traffic – This is my personal ways of getting traffic and it seems to work really well for me and I’m sure it will do the exactly the same for you, just make sure you don’t give up and you keep going for it. So many bloggers quit before they’ve made it past the second month, you need to blog for months to be able to start earning a real income from it, so never give up and just keep pushing on, you’ll get there eventually.

How To Increase Blog Traffic

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