How To Increase Sales Of A Product Quickly (Ultimate Guide)

How To Increase Sales Of A Product Quickly – If you’re trying to increase sales and need some easy, yet effective ways to do so, this will be perfect. I’m going to share my top tips, mixed with some key secrets that’ll help you increase product sales a dramatic amount. Remember that acting is the key to success, so don’t just read this, put it into practice starting tomorrow.

Social Media Presents. 

If you want to increase sales quickly, then there’s no better way than with social media. Social media is used as a way to tell authority, gain leads and increase the Google ranking of your site.

By spending a few hours a week managing your social media profiles you’ll be able to gain an increase in sales and future sales almost instantly.

First I recommend you read: How to get a social media sharing increase on my website.

Second, you need to follow the guides below.

The only one missing is Facebook, probably the most important social media network around, you’ll need to spend the most time and money on creating a great Facebook page, so first head over to Fiverr and get your Facebook background/profile picture (for your product), then invest some time and money into Facebook ads.

Reason why this is important: If you’re a new, not recognized company then people will always look at your social media profiles before buying, if you’re active and have 10.000 + likes/followers on each account, they’ll gain more trust, which will then maximize the chances of them buying.

Advertising Your Product.

Next you’ll need to start advertising your product online/offline (depending on the product). There’s thousands of was to do this, but I’ll just stick to my favorite, starting with online advertising:

Facebook Ads

You can setup recurring Facebook ads, these are ads that show up on peoples Facebook newsfeed after they leave your site. This helps gain trust and also reminds them about you. There’s hundreds of reasons why this helps boost sales and that’s why it’s a must.


You can also do the same recurring ads using adwords, this again helps show your website to people who’re looking to buy.

I setup recurring ads on both Facebook and Adwords, it’s a great price and it heightens conversion rate by at least 50% to 100% for me.

Buying Banners

Now while the two ad ideas above are good for recurring people, you also need to get people to your product in the first place, you’ll usually have to buy some banner ads online. You can either use BuySellAds or find them yourself using Google search.

Make sure you only advertise on relevant sites, it’s a waste of time advertising based on views a site gets.

Use Relevant Forums

One of my other favorite ways of getting views to a product is via forums. You just look for relevant forums with a good user base to advertise your site too. Again just use Google (keyword) + Forum + Advertising to find them.


Offline Advertising

If you’re selling an offline product, something the people actually hold (unlike software), offline marketing is where you need to start.


You can start offline advertising with radio and newspappers, it’s cost effective and gets people to take your more seriously. All radio stations and newspapers offer advertising, so give it a try.


If you can pay someone to go and reliably hand out flyers/push them through peoples doors, then this is definitely something to consider. This doesn’t work too well unless you’re a food service, but the price is low and it’s another way to spread the word about your product.


I was surprised at how cheap it was to get billboard ads, the main cost is the actual printed graphic, after that it’s only around $100, even in busy areas. I’m yet to try this method, so can’t say if it’s worth the cash.

Local TV Ads

If you’re a local company looking to increase sales then look at local TV ads, again, they’re not expensive and if you’ve got a nice camera they’re not hard to film. Again I’m yet to try this on a professional level, but I can imagine it’s a great way to increase sales.

Put Profits Back Into Your Business

A lot of the advertising methods above can get a little expensive when done for large amounts of time. That’s why any profits you make, you should always keep inside the business. For the first year of running a company, you should always pay yourself just enough, the rest of the money you earn needs to be reinvested, saved for a rainy day and used to make better products.


Affiliate Program

Using ClickBank and ShareASale you can now get other people to sell your product for you and you only pay them once they make the sale.

I recommend that any internet based company sets up an affiliate program using ShareASale, offer 10% to 20% per sale. This is one of the quickest ways to get leads in “how to increase your sales”.

Know Your Product

You need to know your product better than anyone else. It’s very hard to sell something when you have no idea what it actually is and who it’s for. Taking the time to study your product, make it better and constantly improve the whole customer experience is something I seriously recommend.

Just take a few hours per week to study:

  • Market environment
  • Who your customer is
  • Key features of your product
  • What needs to change
  • How you could make your product/service better

Investing your time in any of the things above will never be wasteful.

Fixing Your Product

Don’t be too proud, all products sometime have a few problems, you should never waste time pretending they don’t. Your job is to find the problems and fix them, because it’s a lot easier to sell something when you 100% believe in it.



You need product reviews, send your product to blogs in the industry in exchange for a review. Reviews will sometimes cost money, but as long as you get 10 + online you’ll be grand.


Site Redesign

Every six months you should redesign your site, change things like the opt in buttons, sales pages and descriptions. This helps keep people’s attention and also helps split test, after doing this for a few years you’ll know what the best designs and colors are for your site/brand.

Tip: Even if your site is perfect, you need to be a critic, find things to change, don’t be happy until it’s perfect.



I’ll end this guide on how to increase sales with an authority breakdown.

By following all the advice above you’ll gain authority online, this authority will help people trust your service/product, making it easier than ever for your to sell.

As a sales man I can honestly tell you that sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference. Start creating, coming with new ideas and always remember that compititions great, you can look at what works for them and then just copy it for yourself. 😉

How To Increase Sales Of A Product Quickly

How To Increase Sales – I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide on increasing your sales. Remember to comment if you’ve got any questions, have an amazing day.

Cheers, Oli.

How To Increase Sales Of A Product Quickly (Ultimate Guide)


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