How To Make A Facebook Page Go Viral

How To Make A Facebook Page Go Viral – I went on a few webmaster forums yesterday and I realized there were loads of people asking how to get a Facebook page to go viral. The advice that was given to them people just wasn’t solid and it just seemed like the person with the Facebook page would be working hard for another few months without any gain actual gains. That’s why I created this little checklist for people releasing a Facebook page. This checklist is everything you need to do in order to get a Facebook page to go viral. After you’ve read if you could leave a comment or share I’d really appreciate it.

How To Make A Facebook Page Go Viral


My checklist for creating a viral Facebook page that people will remember.


#1. Photo’s.

You Need both a cover photo and a profile picture. I usually get mine off a site called But the best design company I’ve worked with so far has been LogoNerds, so if it’s just a test FB page then go to and if it’s serious go to LogoNerds


#2. Description.

Have a big description optimised with your keyword. There’s two small descriptions, make sure you fill them both out with basic info and keywords. Then head over to your “About ” page and do the proper description. Add your keyword/phrase as many times naturally as possible.


#3. Monitor competition. 

Look at all the viral Facebook pages that are in your niche. Examine what content they provide, who they source from, what their cover photo and profile picture are like, even what content people engage with the most. Make a written list with all that info, usually try to examine 10 Facebook pages. Now just create an action plan for your page using the valuable information you just found out.


#4 Interacting.

Interact with people. Just because you are a Facebook page doesn’t mean that you can’t interact with people. Start commenting on your competitions content with useful information that might help people out.  Post funny memes that relate to the content and try to start-up conversations with people. It doesn’t matter type of page you own, this needs to be something that you’re always doing.


#5 Advertising.

Facebook Advertising is going to help you get on your feet, it also helps speed of the process of going viral. But sometimes Facebook advertising can be the biggest waste of time and money, especially when you get loads of likes, but no interactions. I’ve learnt that when you’re targeting ads on Facebook you need to only target countries like: United Kingdom, America, Italy, France, Spain, etc. If you target the whole world then you’ll get loads of likes, but the quality of them likes will actually bring your page value down even lower.  I found that when I brought click farm likes on some of my pages a while pack, it had a higher conversion than the $150 + I spent on getting 10,000 likes. That’s when I learnt my lesson about aiming at people who live anywhere in the world.


#6 One Page At A Time.

Try to only focus on one page at a time. I find that when I’m juggling 2 + Facebook pages at the same time I tend to get nowhere with all of them. You’re better off focusing on providing 1 Facebook page with constant quality content. If you provide the highest quality content and spend 10 minutes creating each post then you’ll get a lot more conversion on your page and will start getting more popular naturally.


#7. Custom Images.

Custom Images. Can you use Photoshop? If you can’t then it’s time to get on YouTube and learn how. Your page is 100 x more likely to go viral when you use custom images. It gives you a higher click-through, a better looking Facebook page and tons more interactions with your content.


#8. Fake Likes.

Should you get fake likes? If you’re serious about owning the page for a long period of time then I’d recommend that you don’t get fake Facebook likes. They don’t have any real value and unless you’re a business that’s trying to make themselves look more authoritative it might be a little pointless. That’s just my two cents and what I believe.


#9. Creating Your Own Content.

You need to work hard on creating your own content. If you copy content that’s already viral you will get likes, but the likes won’t be for your content. Work on creating list articles, infographics and anything that you see will have a high conversion on Facebook. Bring something new to the table and you will have a much easier time going viral.


#10 Viral Videos.

Spend a few hours today finding the funniest viral videos in your industry. You want to try to upload at least 2 of these per day. People love to laugh and the biggest pages on Facebook are comedy, so follow suit and show people something funny about your industry.


#11. Job.

You need to treat Facebook like it’s your job. The time and money you can earn once your page goes viral is amazing, but until then it’s going to be hard work and late nights. So start treating it like a job, at least for the next 30 days. Work at least 4 hours on Facebook per day, commenting, interacting, creating and customizing. Tweak everything and create a Facebook page that’s worth following.


#12. Other Social Media Platforms.

Don’t just use Facebook, you need to use other social media sites like Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google Plus. I’ve got a wicked tutorial on getting Tumblr/Pinterest followers, I’ll talk about it more below. All you’ve got to do is build social media accounts on other platforms and promote your main Facebook page every day.


#13. How To Get Followers.

I’ve created a full guide that will teach you how to get Tumblr followers and another one that will teach you how to get Pinterest followers. They both work seriously well and in the right hands are really powerful. Go and give them a try for yourself.


#14. GiveAways.

It’s surprising what people will do for an iPad mini, Get one and do a giveaway. Give it to anyone who shares, likes and comments on the picture. Advertise the giveaway and just sit back and wait for people to start liking your page. This will actually save you a lot of money on advertising and with the right audience you’ll get 5 x the value from that as you would from advertising.


#15. Family & Friends.

You need to use friends and family at the beginning just to get them first few likes. I usually think the first 500 likes are the hardest, so once you get past that point it gets a lot easier. So, go and ask your close friends and family to like the page and maybe some of the content on the page.


#16. Pump And Dump.

You can do this method that I like to call pump and dump (stock saying). You create 5 Facebook pages, you then schedule 2 posts per day for 50 days. Have one of them two posts every day be a link to your main Facebook page. Then just interact with loads of people in comments. Get some attention on all the accounts and just keep repeating this process every day for about a month. Then repeat the account creation and start again for new pages and new content. Do this until you’ve got a little network of 30 Facebook pages. I recommend only opening 5 Facebook pages per Facebook account.


#17. Advertising Budget.

Give yourself an advertising budget. That way you’ll be able to test different types of advertising for effectiveness. With Facebook ads you’ll probably be testing your ad for well over a few months. You’re just looking for that perfect conversion rate. So it’s a clever idea to have $250 kept away so you can afford to test. Once you find the perfect target audience you’ll usually earn back the money you spent and be able to build your Facebook page to viral status.


#18. Trend Watching. 

You need to start watching trends like a hawk. Things come and go all the time, so if you keep an eye on the big movements you’ll be able to build pages accordingly. Now above I mentioned about only having one page at a time. I recommend you do this while you’re learning, but once you’ve got one page with 100k + likes, it’s time to start creating tons of viral pages. Still keep your main focus on one page at a time and never lower the quality of content after it start going viral. That’ll just slow down the process.


#19. Forums.

Start getting your name out there. Joint forums in the same industry as you and start promoting yourself. It takes 20 minutes a day to go and talk to people on forums and in the 20 minutes you might meet a new friend or get some new likes. So, take 30 minutes out of your day and promote your page on forums that are in the same niche as you.


#20. Blogging.

Building a blog is something that I’ll always recommend for people trying to build a viral page. One of the biggest mistakes people make on Facebook is not striking when the iron is hot. What you need to do is create a blog using this tutorial. Then add a plugin that connects your Facebook page. Create content on your blog that you can post on your Facebook page and constantly promote your Facebook page using the blog. Within no time you’ll have a well-built blog that earns you cash and helps generate likes.


#21. Shoutouts.

One of your main jobs is to get people to shout you out. You need to go on Facebook and ask 50 per day to give you a shoutout4shoutout. That’s where they shout you out and you repay the favour. Do this everyday for the next 2 weeks and within no time you’ll start to grow. You can also check forums for people who accept money for shoutouts. This is another clean way of getting loads of Facebook likes.


#22. Become Friends With Admins.

You need to get some friends in the Facebook admin industry. Start trying to contact beginner Facebook admins and start working together. Collaborate just like YouTubers do, even though it’s Facebook it still works exceptionally well.


#23. Queue Your Facebook. 

Make sure you queue your Facebook page up for at least one month at a time. I usually queue my Facebook page with 5 posts every day for one month and then every day I add news and different information, just so there’s always something going on.


#24. Cuteness.

Remember the power of animals, people failing, people being awesome and cuteness. If you provide any of them things it becomes a lot easier to get famous on Facebook.


#25. Challenges & Targets.

Set targets and challenges. You never want to give up, not without a seriously good fight. Spend at least 1 hour per day creating targets and ways to beat them targets, this will help clean your mind and it will get you ready for the work that’s ahead.

How To Make A Facebook Page Go Viral

How To Make A Facebook Page Go Viral

This was just my little Facebook viral checklist, It’s just something with a little information that will teach you how to build and maintain a viral Facebook page. Be sure to follow all the information and if you need any help then feel free using the comments below. – Sharing is caring. – 101Geek.

How To Make A Facebook Page Go Viral.

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