How To Make A Successful Affiliate Shop

How To Make A Successful Affiliate Shop – If you want to earn some extra cash and follow some of the tutorials then you need to know how to build a successful shop, it’s not hard and if you follow this advice you’ll have a shop up in no time. One of the best things about this method is that there’s no code needed and it will work with any WordPress. Go and see how to make a site for $14 with no code and then we’ll use this tutorial to earn money.- Remember to share.

How To Make A Successful Affiliate Shop


Okay the first thing that you’ll need to have is some sort of website. I recommend something built for WordPress, if you go here you can learn how to build a website for $14 with no code.



Once you’ve got a little site it’s now time to add a shop now this can be done a few ways but the main way I recommend is with a plugin called SellFire it will create a nice looking shop in a matter of seconds that will get conversion and hopefully start earning you some money.

This is the plugin that I use while building bulk shops, there’s plenty of eCommerce plugins that work but I find this one to be a lot quicker and easier to control.

It takes me about 4 minutes of work to get my shop up and running while using this plugin that’s why I feel it’s the best.

I recommend getting the professional package for $20 as it really will help you build a store with pages that can rank on Google, this will help you get views.


Affiliate sites

So now you’ve got a store front you need to get some affiliate sites that you can sell from, this can sometimes be easy and it can sometimes be hard depending on what niche you’re in.

The site I’d recommend signing with is ShareASale, they’re solid and have loads of different people on there, it’s very simple to use and shouldn’t be long before you earn your first bit of money using them. Here’s some tips for getting hard affiliates.


Getting hard affiliates.

You just have to break the ice, the first affiliate program I ever signed up to was hard and the only reason I got accepted was because I sent an email to the affiliate program manager and asked if it was okay if I joined.

I asked what the rules were and what would be the best way to make money with their products, I built a little friendship up and from that point I got accepted with in a few hours.

So if you ever can’t land an affiliate go and ask them some of the things you need to change.


It gets easier

Once you start earning money for one affiliate the rest start accepting you, so all you need to do is earn that first bit of cash and you’ll be able to sign up and be accepted on the spot.


Join an affiliate network

Networks are always a lot safer than company affiliate programs, the networks will usually pay you without fail as I’ve known some companies that just won’t pay out, so try to stick with ShareASale and similar networks.



Make sure your site is ready for you to have a person review it, if you feel like your site is not ready then it will be very hard for you to be accepted, you need to have a few articles and your site has to look clean.and not to full of ads.

How To Make A Successful Affiliate Shop

Ways to get views

Once you’ve got a site, store and are signed up to an affiliate program it’s time to start driving some traffic to your products, this can be done in many ways but the main ways are listed below.


Look at my other guides

I’ve got loads of guides that will teach you how to do SEO, how to get views with social media, How to advertise a site, How to make a blog go viral, all these will help you build a good shop and get you to number 1 on Google and other search engines.

So make sure you go and check some of them out.


Social media

Things like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google +, and YouTube are great ways to drive traffic, if you build a profile and start getting followers and people who are interested in what you’re doing then it’s a great way to meet new friends and get yourself a lot of traffic.

You can advertise on  Facebook and use your friends to build a good profile. Also with Tumblr you can just use one of my tutorials, get famous and start driving traffic to your blog in the masses.

Social media will always have a power and will always be most websites go to source for traffic and profile.


Bookmark sites

Bookmark sites will always be a great way to make a site go viral and get an instant boost of traffic that can sometimes earn a lot of money, if you post 5 things a day on all the bookmark sites you’ll start getting a nice amount of traffic.

Sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, and Delicious are all great places to post content and get it notices, you’ll need to post regular and good content to be able to stand a chance and with bookmarks it usually gets you more traffic as your account strengthens.

Tips: It will sometimes help you get more views if you have a shop that also has a blog on the back of it.


Paid Advertising

Using Facebook an ads, Twitter Ads, BuySellAds, and other ad networks is a great way to get a lot of traffic to your site from a specific background.

Facebook advertising is great because you’ve got their name, birthday, hobbies, location, and more all at your disposal, this makes life very interesting for advertising as you can really target anyone you like.

If you’re making a shop this is a great way to get views, you just get a cool ad created, and then you go and publish it on different networks and ad services and see what your conversion is like.

You’ll need to change the ad every week or two because otherwise it won’t keep earning you money.


Email list (best)

Email marketing, still by far the best way to keep views coming back to your site, it’s clean, easy, and involves very little effort. You just have to go and follow my guide on how to start an email list that will be successful for $1. This will teach you right away what to do to get conversions and start earning money and getting lots of traffic.

If you just want to get started and create an email list for $1 then just go there and then look at the tutorial later.

There’s just so many benefits with having a mail list. One, you’ll be able to contact people instantly to tell them what products you have on offer.

Two, you can leave it to run itself and just get you constant views.

Three, if you use it right you can earn 5 to 10 dollars per person, per month, that means that if you had just 1000 people on your list you could earn 5 to 10 k  a month just on emails.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

If you really want to push your shop to the max then you can try some Search Engine Optimisation, that’s an article talking about 200 myths that google users to rank your site. SEO will help you get to page one and remain there, we’ve got loads of tips and tricks on this category and if you follow any of them it will get you a step closer to earning more money.


Off site SEO:

  • Backlinks from places you’ve earned them
  • Guest posts on high-profile blogs
  • Bookmark submissions
  • YouTube Videos.
  • Social media signs, especially Google +, this will help you gain popularity through authorship.

This is as white hat as off site SEO gets (Still not completely white hat) this is the quickest way you’ll rank your site without doing tier link building or building links from other services.


On site SEO:

  • Meta Data (Each Page)
  • Domain name isn’t to spamy
  • Theme is designed with SEO in mind
  • Speed/Server
  • Text and content.

I’d make sure that I do all these things on every single site that I work on.

Affiliate marketing tips

If you want to succeed doing affiliate marketing you need to follow all the tips and some more tips that I’ll list below, this will help you get well ahead of other people.


Don’t be scared to change

People often end up being forgotten about when they don’t make any changes and this really does happen to the best of us, if your site never has any new products and you never do anything different then people are going to just forget about you and not bother using your store.

You need to be ready to try new things and build up connections with loads of people, this will help to keep strong when times get harder.


Think big

Thinking small gets people no where, you need to think big and start acting on it, this is the quickest way to get around things and make something of yourself.

Also you’ve got to remember to never be satisfied, money will come and go, you need to make sure that you’re able to earn it, so open 2,3 or 10 shops, start selling products of your own, anything that will get you known and get people talking about you. Everything counts.


Do everything on a budget at the beginning

A lot of people go wrong when first creating an affiliate site, they chuck loads of money in and then it usually doesn’t come back out.

Usually affiliate shops take 1 to 3 months before they start earning money and earning a profit, so it’s best to wait until then before you start advertising.

I do believe that this way you can see if you’ve got a worthwhile product to start advertising, some affiliates just don’t work and some work better than you could have ever imagined so just jump in and see.


Remember that the quicker you make it, the quicker you lose it.

People always worry about making money in the first week of doing something, I usually try to explain to people who if you make it without failing then when you fail it will be so much worse.

You need to fail to learn lessons and get stronger, so try not to worry too much about getting where you want to be tomorrow, just work hard and try not to stop till the job’s done.


Be Quick 

When you see a good idea you need to jump at it, don’t waste time just go, this way you’ll get ahead of people and it will stay that way.

Some niches get a boost of traffic and end up doing so well, so really you should give niche watching a go and see if you can set up some quick shops for over hyped products.

How To Make A Successful Affiliate Shop

How To Make A Successful Affiliate Shop

How To Make A Successful Affiliate Shop – It’s not to hard at all making an affiliate shop right? It doesn’t take much skill and can earn you big money, just remember to always follow the tips I left you, this will help you get where you want to be really quickly. I use this method as it’s quick and will get you noticed without a problem. – Sharing is lovely so if you enjoyed please hit share. – Comment if you’ve got anything to add or need any help. – 101 Geek.

How To Make A Successful Affiliate Shop

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