How To Make A Website For $60

How To Make A Website For $60 – Everyone seems to be making websites so I thought it was amount time that I showed you guys how to make a good website for around $60 that’s about £40 that will use WordPress, this will give you the ability to change stuff without having any experience coding. This is ideal for you guys/girls looking to start a niche site or a blog with a low budget. Well lets get started and show you how to make a good site for 60 dollars. – If you’ve not got a lot of money you can check out this guide on how to make a site for $14 with no code.

 How To Make A Website For $60


If you’ve got no coding ability then a great way to make a website is with a theme, this is a lot easier than coding and if you’re making loads of niche sites it can work better. There’s loads of designs to choose from and the best places I know to get a theme is any of the places listed below.


Most Creative Themes

This theme is the best because it  will make loads of sites. This is one of the best themes you’ll ever see and it’s just becasue you’ll be able to make 30 different sites with it, the possibilities are endless.

The theme is designed really well and it’s really worth investing in, I’d use it if you want to make a blog or a website and want it to be your own, without having to use code.


Best Priced Thems

This theme shop sells thousands of WordPress themes For as low as 10 dollars, there’s loads of selection and you can usually get a good theme for about $35 which is well in our budget.

For the sake of this article I will use this site as an example, just because you can get themes for a really good price.

I’d use something like Evolutionary, this theme has more than a few ways to customise it and it’s only $30 so that’s half of our budget well spent.

Most people with an idea of what  they want can get a theme and make it look pretty nice without any code.


Best Themes

Another Theme service (membership or pay per site.) that will blow you away, if you can afford to spend a little more money then I’d highly recommend getting your theme here, they have some of the quickest and best sites I’ve seen around.

If you plan on making money from your site then it might be best to save and try on of them themes.


Free Themes

There’s always Free Themes When I used to build loads of niche sites I used to use free themes so I could do it on as little cost and as possible, these free themes honestly don’t come close to paid themes and you’ll not get anywhere near the quality.

The option is still there if you’re really needing to save the money.



Hosting a new site is easy and if you’ve not got a lot of money and want to get good hosting that will make your site quick and not cost more than a few bucks a month then Host Gator is always going to be best.

Just go to Web hosting and it will cost you $7 a month or $3.95 a month if you buy it for a longer time. The Baby package is enough for a normal blog/site.

If you want to save even more you can get $9.94 off your first payment if you type Oliisawesome into the coupon code at checkout.

So go and buy some hosting and you’ll be one step closer to getting your site uploaded and ready to attract visitors.


How To Install WordPress After You’ve Brought Your Hosting

When you get your hosting it will come with a cpanel login, here’s what to do once you’ve signed into cpanel.


Now you need to come up with a  domain name for your site, this can take some time and you’ll want to make it something easy.

Okay I get all my domains from GoDaddy, they have thousands and they’re definitely the best price. If you want to save money and get a great name go through them.

You can save $5 when you spend $30 if you to godaddy through here.

So go and get yourself a domain and then you’re just about ready to start your site, there’s only a few steps left that hopefully won’t take you to long.


Tips on getting a domain

Always follow these tips when buying a domain name.

– Always put your main keyword in your domain

– Don’t make your domain to long

– Don’t have to many words like: I, and, the, is, are,our.

– Try to get a .com,, or .net. 



This is optional and is really only if you can’t design a logo yourself. I personally prefer getting them made by other people as it saves a lot of time and you’ll end up with something you want.

The best place that I know to get an amazing logo done is 48hourslogo. They cost a little more than the budget but really they will make the best logo for you.

You’ll usually end up with 30 different designs to choose from and that costs only 99 dollars. You can start a $29 contest here.


Cheaper Logo Design

If that’s to much then you can always get a logo for $27. That’s one of the cheapest places I know that still give quality logos with 3 different concepts, free revisions and deliver in 3-5 days.

Go and check them out and see what you think, they also have some other great packages on their site.

If you really can’t bare to pay that much money then you can get a usable logo on fiverr for 5 dollars.



Once you’ve got all of the above then you need to start looking at plugins, I use a few different plugins on all my sites, but the main plugins you’ll need are listed below.

Sharing plugin that will show the share icons on your posts, it’s a must have and will help you get more social traffic.

This helps you sign up to sites that need you to insert meta data, like Google webmaster, pinterest, Google analytics, etc.

This will handle all you SEO and meta data on posts (that’s what you see when you search something on google, the title and description, is meta data.)

This is a must have in my opinion and if you want to better your SEO on your site then you should go and take a look at these amazing SEO services.

This helps eliminate any comment spam.

This is a really good sitemap that works really well with webmaster tools.

Just so you can link your site up easily and see the views and what they’re doing.


Email marketing

Another little tip I’ll let you in on is email marketing, it’s a great way to get people to keep coming back to your site.

If you sell something and then earn money you never see that person again, as if you get there email you can keep on selling for as long as you need too.

You can start your email marketing for just $1 just go there and they will sort you out, that’s who I use and who I highly recommend.
Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community


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How To Make A Website For $60 – You will need to spend sometime picking a good theme and it will help you to go and check out other blogs similar to the one you want to create. You also should remember that plugins are your friends and you can find one for just about anything so make sure you look at them before you hire someone to code it in. If you need any help with your WordPress site then just leave a comment below or if you’ve got any questions then just give me a shout.

How To Make A Website For $60 

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