How To Make Big Money Online With Fake News – Full Guide

How To Make Big Money Online With Fake News – Have you ever had the embarrassment of thinking fake news was real and posting it on your Facebook wall? More than a few people have experienced this and that’s why this method works so well. Today I’m going to teach you how to earn thousands of dollars with fake news. Now before we start I must say that this is for educational purposes and even though it can earn a lot of money it’s not necessarily a good idea. Disclosure: The news I’m talking about is fake gossip news, not real world matters and I can’t be responsible for you trying this money making method.


As this is a full guide I’m going to give you a quick low down on creating an awesome news blog without using code.

Step 1. Get a domain and hosting. You can use HostGator for the hosting and code: oliisawesome to get your first month for $0.01.

Step 2. Install WordPress using this guide and change the nameservers using this tutorial.

Step 3. Get a news theme just like one of these: (My recommendations):

– Magazine

– SociallyViral

Within three steps you’ve got yourself a news worthy site, ready to promote as much viral content as possible.

Trick: You need to have social media share button in order to go viral. These social media share buttons are my recommendations to you.


After you’ve create a .com website, it’s now time to create social media accounts. A lot of fake news travels over social media, so by having a Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest accounts you’ll have an easier time getting peoples attention and making content go viral.

  • Tumblr Guide
  • Pinterest Guide
  • Twitter Following Guide
  • Facebook Likes Guide

Watch/Read them guides and start building the social profiles for your gossip empire now.

Promote The Accounts: You’ll need to get ads on the Facebook account in order to get the first 10,000 likes on your page.

You’ll need to come across as a legitimate source of news and by having a big following you’ll speed up that process and gain more trust from people.


To maximize your earnings you’ll want to setup a YouTube channel, this helps bring more views to your story and gives you more cash.

You’ll need to get a news intro/outro created on Fiverr. Get your first gig free when you use this link. Then you need to watch this guide on getting fake views on YouTube. It’s the blackhat guide to YouTube views and it’ll help you gain even more power.

It also doesn’t always hurt to report some actual gossip news, that way you’ll earn even more money and build a real audience at the same time.

Tip: Try to create one YouTube video with every news article you do, that way you’ll gain authority. Get a blue mic to help make voice quality more professional.


What’s big news to people? Now you’re not allowed to blog real news stories, but gossip is fine. Even big gossip blogger get information wrong, so it’s not even a big deal, as long as you say “allegedly” you’ll be fine.

The type of news you’ll want to create is the type people shouldn’t care about, but they do. It’s more about celebrity love, for instance “Harry Styles Now Dating (Insert name here)”, this kind of news is very small,but gets a lot of traffic and interactions quickly.


People also create viral news that uses sadness, humor, craziness and weirdness in order to spread it’s viral wings.

When was the last time you read an article on your Facebook that said: “Man calls stray dog, what happens next will give you chills”? Well guess what? This is usually fake, it’s just a picture or video that someone adds a fake story too.

For instance people find a video of someone in a BMX accident that almost got really hurt and then they say “Boy/Girl falls of BMX, what happens after will amaze you”, then they create a story about the person and what happened after.

Another example of a more dark story was when The Purge came out and a news group made a story of a town actually purging. This went viral and people went crazy. That story is to far, but it does give you a glimpse at the kind of fake news is already out there.


Pictures are key, get good at using Photoshop and start create great pictures that make the story come to life. Just go and look at other gossip/news sites and see what they use to get people off social media and onto their websites.


Making big money online just got a whole lot easier, now I know this method isn’t exactly white hat, but my job is to show you how to make big money online and this method really does earn a lot of cash. Here’s how to maximize the earnings.

Adsense: Most sites start with Adsense as it’s the highest paying and works the best out of all the ad networks. But sometimes you’ll see that Adsense is a little sensitive and may get closed after a few months, that’s why it’s good to have an option two.

Other Advertising Alternatives: There’s more than a few Adsnese alternatives like CMPLeader, Bidvertise, Chitika, etc. You can also get some ad networks who pay a lot for the use of popup ads, this is something to think about for the more spamy, quick money sites.

Placement: You’ll want three of the biggest ads, all optimized to show without the person having to scroll down, this is to help get ad impressions up and maximizes ad clicks.


Okay, here’s a few rules that you’ve got to follow in order to get as many views as possible, make big money online and to avoid being shut down and getting in trouble.

Admit It’s Fake News: Most people never go on the front page of the blog that they’re reading especially when it’s linked on Facebook. So, you can admit it’s fake news, people won’t look and you’ll have disclosed what you’re about for everyone to see.

Hide In Plain Sight: You can hide your disclosed notice in plain sight, I.E calling your site fakegossipnews.com will disclose your intentions. You can even add it to the logo design “Delivering the best in fake gossip news”

Disclosure: Setup a good and effective disclosure page that explains everything about your site and the content you produce.

40% to 60% method: Create 40% fake news to attract loads of views, then do the other 60% real news from official gossip blogs, that way you’ll be able to act like it was just bad information, plus this helps you earn loads more money by attracting real gossip fans to your blog.

Understand You’ve Got To Have Morals: You’ve got to have morals, never write about real, shocking news stories. You’ve got to have respect and even though this method is not very balanced with morals, you’ve got to make sure you understand the thin line between fake gossip news, with added humor and some fake articles and fake real news that might hurt or scare people.

 How To Make Big Money Online With Fake News – I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and if you want to know how to make big money online with this method, go and learn some basic clickbait tips/tricks. Have a lovely day.