How To Make Money On Pinterest

How To Make Money On Pinterest – Making money on Pinterest has never been so easy, with Pinterests growing audience and happy click mentality, it’s an absolute gold mine for the people who can put the time and effort into it. I’m going to give you the ultimate guide to making money on Pinterest, you’ll learn all the best tips and tricks, all of which will make you that much richer.

How To Drive Traffic From Pinterest

Get Followers

The first step you’ll need to complete in order to make money with Pinterest is to get followers. This process doesn’t take too long and once you learn the methods you’ll be able to put it into action on all your accounts.

First watch this video:  

After you’ve watch that video it’s time to read “How to get followers on Pinterest” It’s just an updated version with a few more tips and tricks added.

Mass Planner (Must Have): This bot will handle follow back, following niche related people, comments, pinning and so much more.

If you really want to make money with Pinterest the Mass Planner is a must have.


Learn How To Create Pinterest Pictures

Next you’ll need to head over to Pinterest and take a little time to see what high interaction pictures look like.

Once you have an idea of what people look for in a Pinterest picture you’ll be able to maximize the money you can earn from each Pin.

This Guide On Food Pictures: This guide is very amazing (50% Off Here!) , even though it’s aimed at food photography it’ll still teach you how to create amazing images of products, that will then help you send traffic using Pinterest.

Canva/Background: Once you’ve done some editing with your picture you can also make it better by heading over to Canva and doing the text, or trying out panzoid. Both are free and valuable for making money with Pinterest.

Long Pictures: If you really want lots of conversion on a picture then also go for length. I found that all the pictures that went viral were long (Infographic sizes). Use to create long, infographic like pictures.

Reason for creating pictures: When making money with Pinterest all you’re really focused on is sending traffic to something, whether it’s a product, software, website or ad service, all you’re doing is trying to get as many views to a page as possible.

By incorporating amazing pictures into my Pinterest I added 500% more clicks and conversions. In all honestly, it was probably even more than that.

So, by spending sometime learning Pinterest images you can really maximize your Pinterest worth.

How To Make Money On Pinterest

Pick The Perfect Niche

After you’ve got the hang of image creation you’ll want to head back over to Pinterest and start looking for the perfect niche to find products in.

For example, people on Pinterest love clothes, fashion, cooking (recipes), tattoos, workouts and camera’s.

So, next I’d find products I could sell each one of them niches (and any other niches I found along the way). I’d pick camera first and head over to amazon, find an awesome camera, make the picture more Pinterest ready, then I’d pin it with a link back to my Amazon affiliate (more on that below).

Then repeat this on all the niches and continue to do this on each account I own.


Get An Affiliate

So, before you start promoting products you need to sign up to an Affiliate to allow you to earn commission.

Amazon: You get up to 10% per sale and the cookie lasts up to 1 month, meaning everything they buy for 1 month after you’ll get 10% of. Sign up to Amazon here.

Click Bank: You get loads of one off software, info products and services. Click Bank takes more experience and I find Amazon works better at the beginning.

How To Make Money On Pinterest

Picking The Right Product

Go sign up to Amazon affiliate program and then start looking for the perfect product for each niche. You’ll want to keep an eye out for these factors:

  • Price
  • Discount
  • Reviews
  • Pictures That Are Available

Example: If you get a product for 50% discount, a great price, decent reviews and a few pictures to play with, you’ll have an easier time creating the Pinterest picture and getting conversions.


Create More Boards/Pinterest Accounts

Course you can earn money with 1 Pinterest account, but if you’ve got 5 – 10 you’ll be able to add a few zero’s to your final payment. Plus you can trial more niches, with different products.

Opening up different boards is a great way to trail products. I always keep my Pinterest accounts niche related, but it doesn’t hurt to occassionally open up a few boards in different niches to test the water. If you read my guide on getting followers on Pinterest I go into more detail on why boards matter.

How To Make Money On Pinterest

Post Products Regularly

Once you’ve done all the above it’s time to start earning money. You’ll want to post around 20 images per day, half of these images and products will be the same, just posted at a different time.

The more products you post throughout the day the more money you earn. If you’ve got 5 + accounts try your best to post around 5 – 10 images on each, per day.


Create Your Own Blog

Amazon is going to earn you the most money (short term), but if you’re looking for a more constant way of earning cash, you could always create a blog and promote it using Pinterest.

I always do this along side my affiliate products to add variety to my Pinterest account. If you want to build a blog without using code in 30 minutes use this guide and if you want to make money with your blog give that a read.

How To Make Money On PinterestHow To Make Money On Pinterest

Extra Money Making Tips

Here’s a few tips for making money with Pinterest. Remember to use the comments if you need any help.

Discounts: As I mentioned above, discounts are a fabulous way of earning money with Pinterest, if you go on and find products with big discounts you can then do an image with a big “50% OFF AMAZING SLR CAMERA”!


Coupons: Another thing that works great on Pinterest is coupon codes. If you’ve singed up to an affiliate that gives you coupon codes, just be the first to start promoting them and you’ll start seriously cashing in.


Sell Shout Outs: Once you build a big Pinterest following head over too and setup an account, start selling Pinterest shoutouts for $5, you’ll be surprised how many you can sell ontop of your Amazon earnings.

You can also sell them Via warrior forum, digital point forum and black hat world.

How To Make Money On Pinterest – The only really tip I can give you is to start today. It’s all good and well looking at this guide and clapping your hands together, but unless you go for it with everything you’ve got you’ll just stay in the same place you are now. Have an amazing day and if you need anything at all just comment. Cheers, Oli.

How To Make Money On Pinterest

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