How To Make Money On Tumblr

How to make money on tumblr – We all have tumblrs right? Well most of us do! So I thought it was time to teach you guys/girls how to make money on tumblr with your blog. With this tutorial you can earn 10 dollars all the way up to 400 hundred dollars a week depending on your followers and how much work you do. I will help you reach great goals and get that money train rolling – If you want more money making advice then check out our other posts, you’ll learn loads.

how to make money on tumblr


If I’ve got a good amount of followers can I earn money through posting messages? YES, course you can. if you post peoples messages you can earn commission per view you get.  In the past I earn’t about 100/200 dollars a week using this method.

Site I get my Tumblr ads from:

If you’ve never heard of it before mylikes it’s a text based ad service. They give you the chance to run ads that are text and earn money per click.

Example: Gamer girls are better without pants…yes I think so. – Click here!

That is a real link to my mylikes, if you go and check it out you’ll see what the custom sites look like.


They pay from 1 to 3 cent a click, and the content converts really well, there’s loads of posts like top 20 hot girls, best yoga pants fails, 20 facts you didn’t know about tattoos, etc.

This is another way I earned money out of my 1 million tumblr users, they were spread from account to account, and averaged from 10 to 50 thousand followers on each account, I had over 20 accounts.

All you need to do is set up a fiver and offer 2 x shoutouts to your (insert the amount of followers you have here) tumblr followers.

This will give you about 20 to 30 bucks a day if you’ve got 30 thousand + followers, that’s a very nice amount of money to earn from doing almost nothing..


Monetize with ads

One of the best ways to earn some quick cash is through monetization. It used to all be with Google adsense, but as adsense doesn’t really like tumblr anymore the rates became very low, you would literally need 10,000 views a day to earn a few dollars, we found a much better network.



This is it, they love tumblr ads and will pay you custom CPM so you can sometimes get triple what adsense offers. If you go and check their rates you’ll see what they will pay you, it will usually be around 1 dollars or just over for 1000 views.  – the Rate calculator will tell you what you’ll get and then you just have to go here if you want to sign up your Tumblr account.


Google adsense.

You can still use Google adsense, I would recommend it being on a video that’s linked through your blog, so if you made a good YouTube video then just enable ads and send your tumblr traffic to it.

how to make money on tumblr


Use your audience

Using your audience and interacting is still one of the best ways to earn cash, having a list of people who listen to you is the most valuable tool you can have and here’s a few ways to abuse it.


Selling books.

Do you enjoy writing? Well if you do then you can just make an ebook, if you write an ebook and sell it on amazon kindle and pc book shops for like 2/3 bucks you can earn some big money. If you’ve got a big following that is listening to you then posting about your book 6 times a day will convert and you’ll end up making a lot of money. – Write a book for your niche will help you get more conversions. – This works really well and that’why it’s in how to make money on tumblr.


Selling songs.

Do you write or produce music? There’s lots of people on tumblr who make their own songs and sell them, it’s not something I would go out of my way to do, but if you’ve got some songs that you own and have made then try sell them through iTunes.


Link to a website.

Do you have a real blog? Well if you’ve got a real blog like, blogger, wordpress or a site, you can link people to it, set up a squeeze page (that’s what a squeeze page looks like), get their email, have ads from adsense or another ad network and look at our tutorials on setting up a site to earn money.

There’s loads of ways to use this and earn cash, if you sell something through your own shop on your site you can then just link them and get people from Tumblr to buy/view your products, you’ll gain money quickly if you have an affiliate shop, it’s really a good way to get conversion and start selling things.

how to make money on tumblr

Affiliate – How to make money on tumblr the best way

This is one of the best tips on how to make money on tumblr. This is one of the biggest earners on the list, people earn thousands a month from this and their tumblrs and with websites some earn thousands a day. If you know what you’re doing and get into a good niche you really can sky rocket and go really far really quickly! If you know a little about affiliate marketing stratagies this will work amazingly.

If not then just check our site, we have loads of help that will point you in the right direction and get as much profit as you can.



For people looking for products from shops like: Toys are us, Reebok, Adidas and many more ShareASale is idea, they offer good commission and are worth looking at.

This is one of the best way to earn an income through tumblr and can do great things if you know how to make it convert.  Make sure you study the market and what your users will want.

People have made big money by using click bank and it really does do great things and helps get some money coming in. You can sell single products and get 20 to 50 dollars on good info products.

These all have very unique things about them, you need to have a proper look and see which one will suit you and if it will help you get ahead of the money making game.


Shrink URL’s

This isn’t a high earner but can earn some cash on the side if that’s what you’re after? Using link shortener sites on picture links will get you a few bucks a day depending on the clicks you get. The best site I know is called and they give the most commission. – This is how to make money on tumblr hope this is helping you!

You can earn a few dollars a day which is always nice and you don’t have to do anything at all.


This is how to make money on tumblr and I hope you learnt how easy it is. – I do my best to teach you guys exactly how to earn a good income through whatever site you use, I personally have used tumblr a lot and know how to earn cash with it, I have made a few hundred a week at some points, sadly due to it becoming over crowded with the younger generations and by that I mean young kids, I stopped it and just use it for social exposure. Still a great way to earn some income to fund your going out and drinks. – Comment below if your need any more advice.

How to make money on tumblr

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