How To Make Money On YouTube

How To Make Money On YouTube – A cool way to earn some money these days is through YouTube, loads of people have been doing it and there’s even some self-made millionaires that got to that point just by using YouTube alone. I’m going to give you a quick tutorial on how to make money on YouTube, some advice on making money through ads, and various other things on the side, this is all the best advice online put together in one place and will definitely help you out. Remember that you can comment below and ask me anything. – Sharing is so lovely of you so please share. If you want to learn how to make a six-figure salary by playing video games on YouTube then go get my free eBook.

How To Make Money On YouTube


Monetizing with Adsense is probably the most common way of earning money with YouTube, it’s quick and doesn’t take much skill at all, you just have to connect your Adsense account and make sure you post content that is monetizable, some game footage, music, and copyrighted videos will get taken down instantly and not be allowed.

How much can you earn? 

Well some companies/people earn thousands from it per day, it really depends on your subscriber rate, your views and your niche. If you’re in the gaming niche you’ll probably start off at a low CPM rate of 1000 views which equates to between 1 to 5 dollars, this can go all the way up to 10 dollars per thousand views after you’ve used it for a few months.

The average CPM is 2.50 dollars per 1000 views so you could earn a living if you got 30 thousand views a day that’s 75 dollars a day which is 525 dollars a week, plenty to live on and more than most people earn from minimum wage jobs.


The big money all comes from T-shirts, the biggest YouTubers all sell T-shirts for 17 + Dollars and they cost about 1 to 3 dollars to make at a maximum, this means you get a big increase and all you’ll need to do is sell 15 of them a week to earn a nice wage.  Add this to the above and you are already earning 750 dollars a week which isn’t to bad at all.


You will need to release new T-shirt designs and get good prints. At the beginning T-shirts will cost more to make as you”ll not be ordering any more than 15 per design, so profit might not be as high. Just make sure you use niche related content and link it to your videos.

How To Make Money On YouTube


If you look, all the big YouTubers have websites, that’s because people love to have a base. With YouTube it’s a must to have a base, if you don’t then eventually you’ll be forgotten about so go and check how to make a website with no code for $14.

The thing with the internet is things will keep coming and going, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and just about every site will lose value in time, it’s very hard to keep value and unless you do what Facebook does and buy out the competition then you’ll be screwed. So it’s best to set up a blog and start getting fans to read your thoughts.

This will get you more views and you can monetize it and earn double bubble.


We talk about affiliate marketing a lot and we try to point you in the right direction with it so check out our affiliate posts so you can understand how to earn money.

This is basically just selling someones product without owning it. You can have a link and put it in your video, talk about the product and get people to click the link and buy it. This can get a lot of money and there are affiliate marketers just like this site that earn loads of money.

You’ll need to pick niche related things, if you’re gaming then sell games, if you’re music sell music, if you’re a vlogger then sell vlogging cameras, anything like that will bring people in and earn you some cash. – This is one of the best tips in how to make money on YouTube.

How To Make Money On YouTube

How much can I earn?

Well it’s really hard to say exactly how much, but if you get 10 thousand views to your video and they’re all in your niche then you could easily sell 30 items in a product video.

Now depending on your niche you may earn 5 dollars to 20 dollars and sometimes even up to $125 from just one sale so that’s 150 to 600 dollars per video and if you’re selling at $125 commission then you can get up to $3750.

This does take time and sometimes people can just get lucky with it.
How To Make Money On YouTube


This is one of the easier ways listed on how to make money on YouTube.

Just use a forum like digital point, black hat world or something like that, that will allow you to sell space on your videos, we buy video space and are more than happy to pay 5 to 10 bucks a video if you’ve got a good view count and are in the same niche as us.

Contact us and we might be able to sort something out for you. This doesn’t seem like a lot of money but if you deliver traffic then we will sponsor all your videos, that means every video you do you’ll get 5 to 10 dollars and then you also get Adsense money so that’s double bubble and will make you have a very successful outlook.

Say you release 2 videos a day then you’d earn another 70 to 140 dollars a week, sounds good right? Well contact us and I will help you out. So far you’ve earned enough to not have to work and that’s 4 times the average wage for a person that’s a teen, so really this is a worthwhile career and if you work out the maths and start earning today you’ll be surprised just how successful you can be. – Hope you’ve learnt something from how to make money on YouTube and I have write tons more info on this subject so make sure you check it out.

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How To Make Money On YouTube – Monetizing with Adsense always seems like the way to go in my opinion! It’s just the quickest and easiest way to earn money, shirts really earn cash though, so never block out your crowd. Just make sure you’ve got enough subscribers before you start buying something to sell. – Sharing is awesome, please be awesome and share this as much as you can. – Comments are below if you want to add anything or get some advice just use them.

How To Make Money On YouTube

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