How To Make Money Online With Graphic Design

How To Make Money Online With Graphic Design – It seems to be a very popular job these days and as more and more people learn graphic design the question that’s on everyone mind is what jobs can I do while doing the course or just after the course. Well, I’m going to show you the best ways to earn money through graphic design.- Get ready to bring in some extra cash and start living your life.

How To Make Money Online With Graphic Design


Type Of Graphic Design

If you just want to earn money and don’t mind what kind of graphic design you’re doing, then the best place to start is logo/ad design, it’s quick, easy, and can earn you anywhere from $4 to $20 per design you do.

This is probably the most money you’ll earn in your career and the demand is high, every website, business, and idea usually needs a logo and every website usually needs a few ads done, in loads of different sizes.

As you can see this is one of the best ways to make money with graphic design and that’s why we’re going to focus on it.


What You Need.



One of the best places I know to start earning money is Freelancer, you can get paid per hour and can charge x amount per logo design.

It’s one of the best places to start because people will employ you because you’re cheap, it doesn’t matter too much about your reviews. So work on getting some people to your Freelancer page and get ready to start creating logos.

If you get a good credit on Freelancer you can start earning up to 150 + Dollars an hour, it’s easily the highest paying place and at the beginning you can charge around $20 per logo, which seems cheap but trust me once you get good at making them and can do 4 an hour you’ll start being on a proper wage.

If you’re good at logo creation then this will be the best way you can start bringing cash in, I would also do this alongside the things below to start making, even more, money online with graphic design.



Fiverr is the easiest place to start selling and get on your way to making money online with graphic design, if you’ve got a good logo/ad gig on fiverr you really will get so many buyers if you do it right. Go and look at the top graphic designers on fiverr, the people who’ve sold 4000 + and see what their gigs look like.

Literally, copy it with your own logo/ad portfolio, and then just use the methods below to start selling it, within no time you’ll be selling 10 to 20 a day. This won’t seem like a lot of money but it really does add up.

As these logo/ads are only $5 a pop you don’t need to make them perfectly you just need to get really quick at doing them, build a system and try to do as many as you can in a few hours.

Once you get up to date with the speed and can do 1 every 10 minutes then you will start earning money. You’ll be working 24 dollars an hour as you only get 4 dollars per logo you do. (Fiverr takes a 1 dollar cut)

Say you started doing 20 of them a day you’d be on $80 a day, along with the freelancer money and some of the ways below you’ll be making money with graphic design in no time.



Don’t be put off by the low money, once you get some good reviews and start selling you’ll notice that you get more and more sales each day, this can go anywhere to 100 logos a day, so you really will need to be quick and be ready to hire a mate to help you out.

You need to do this because it helps build a massive portfolio of your work, it will give you loads or logos and designs that you’ve done and you can add them all to your site and get more people buying from you.



 is going to be a little harder to join but still worth it. This all depends on how good you are at graphic design, if you’re the best then you can earn $1000 + a day doing 5 to 10 logos, if you’re not so good then you probably won’t make anything.

All that happens is someone asks for a logo and gives a price, it’s always over 99 dollars and usually is around 130 to 300 bucks, once they’ve given some details and put a price they send their campaign live.

After that you’ll get the chance to do logos for it along with loads of other designers, the person then picks a logo and pays the person who did that one logo.

This is the highest you’ll get paid for a logo but you’ll need to be great and I always find the key to doing well on this site is to do 5 to 10 logos on every contest all different so the person has more to choose from, say you did 50 logos a day and entered 5 contests and won them all, you could earn 500 to 1500 bucks in just one day. not bad for days work.

This really is a sure way to earn money and you’ll need to be amazing to be able to do it. This really is a must if you want to make money online with graphic design.


Own Site – Service Site

Something you’ll really want to do is create your own site, somewhere to host all the logo’s you do and have a base, you can either sell a service, (I’ll talk about that more below) or just have a site that has your work and links to your Fiverr and your freelancer.


I suggest using this blog creation service. It’s a bargain price, I and my team work endlessly to provide an amazing service, the blogs created are fully optimised, mobile friendly and even come with keywords and content ideas ready for you to use. Not only that but we tell you where you’re going wrong and provide monthly feedback. There’s also so much more to offer so if you are interested in having your own .com and have something to write about and promote this is the way to do it.

Reason Why it’s important

Once you’ve got a site you can then send anyone your details no matter where you are, say you want to show someone logo concepts and ideas you can list them all there, you also get a lot of leads and contacts through websites. It gives you something to advertise and it’s really worth doing.



So if you do all the above then there’s no reason you won’t start earning big money, it’s not even hard and the better you are the more people will keep coming back to you.

So setting up a service website, is it worth it? Yes! It’s one of the best ways to earn real money if you do Freelancer and Fiverr then you’ll build up loads of designs, you put them all on your site and then you add a service.

You can charge $10 starting fee and if you want revisions or the best logo you’ll need to spend $27. Then you just use the advertising method below and pump loads of traffic to it, once you do that you’ll see people buying your logo’s a lot quicker and you’ll start earning even more cash.



If you get to the point of 100 logos/ads a day then you need to get someone in to help you with it, the more you do the more you get so make sure you get someone quick and give them a paycheck per week to work a 9 to 5.

You really don’t want to be late delivering logos/ads because you’ll get a bad name for yourself, so make sure you get someone in as soon as it gets too much for you.


Getting your name out there

Once you’ve made a website, set up accounts and are all ready to start driving some traffic to your services then you need to follow the advice down below, making money online with graphic design is just about to get a lot easier with these tips.

With Fiverr and Freelancer you’ll get sales without traffic just because people will find you if you offer a good deal, on
you don’t need traffic because you have to go after the people.

Fiverr and Freelancer will need a little push at the beginning and that’s what this is for.


Texture Packs

If you want to start building a name for yourself then you can always design some texture packs for games like Minecraft, sound silly? Well believe it or not people will see that as you’re amazing, they will start saying I got my logo off someone who makes Minecraft  textures, this will spread the world and you’ll sell more.

You can use this with just about any high-profile game and it really just makes your service sound better. Your ad would look like this > Come and get your logo created by someone who made the (insert texture pack) for (insert name of game) at a price of just $5.

Sounds better than cheap logo designer, you’ll also get a little business from people looking for you to create game logos.


Use Friends

On Fiverr it’s best to use your friends to earn money at the beginning, get 5 maybe 10 friends to buy your gig and give it a good review, this will help your gig grow and make other people start buying it.

I usually would get my family to buy it first and get it up to 10 reviews and then get friends to take it to 20, after that you’re going to start seeing more and more sales, as people will trust your work.


Make Ads For People In Exchange For A Shout Out

This is just an idea I had and I bet it would work, go and contact loads of bloggers and ask them for a shout out in exchange for a custom logo that’s worth $150, do this to 100 to 300 different bloggers/sites and it’s a guaranteed a few will say yes.

You can even offer them ads instead of logos, either way, you just want them to say “Go and check out the guy who made my new logo, he creates them here” Something like that will bring instant traffic to you.



I can’t really explain all the ways you can advertise a website or a fiverr gig/freelancer page, as we’d be here all day. So what I’ll do is make another guide on how to advertise your gig/page. This will be part two so stay tuned and be ready to see how to drive tonnes of people to your gig and how to make them buy it.

This is just how I made money selling gigs on fiverr and it’s guaranteed to sell yours if you’ve followed what I’ve said and used the guides that I’ve provided. It’s all about learning as much as you possibly can, the more you read/watch the better you become.

Make sure you look at the rest of the articles and make sure you come back for part 2 because there’s going to be some big secrets reviled.


What You’ll Learn On How To Make Money Online With Graphic Design Next Time.


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How To Make Money Online With Graphic Design

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How To Make Money Online With Graphic Design – It’s not as hard as you’d think, is it? Most people really don’t know the power of the internet and if you’re quick then you really can earn a lot of money, believe it or not creating logos is one of the highest paying jobs online, every site needs one and so does every product so it’s always going to be really needed and for the next few years you’ll be able to earn enough money to make the training worth it. – If you enjoyed this post please remember to share as much as possible using the share buttons below. – If you want your own logo created you can just go to Logo Nerd.

How To Make Money Online With Graphic Design

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