How to make money with Facebook Groups in 2020?

Many people dream of making money online. There are a lot of different ways to do it, and one of them is creating and effectively using Facebook groups.

Anyone who is already active on Facebook and tries to earn money online with the help of Facebook groups, should definitely take a closer look at this possibility. With the right strategies, this can be a profitable source of income.

Facebook groups offer people the opportunity to connect based on their interests in a specific topic. There are hundreds of thousands of groups around the world on all sorts of topics. The groups are a place where everyone gets a platform and can get in touch with like-minded people and exchange ideas. No wonder Facebook groups are so popular as humans are social beings in their essence. Groups also offer semi-private space for the most unusual topics or hobbies.

How can you earn money with Facebook groups?

Reach is everything. If you have a lot of people in your group and the group is fairly active, meaning it is shown in the users’ timelines, you will almost certainly make money with it.

First, it’s important to have some information about when it’s worth getting into money making with a Facebook group. This depends on several factors.

Pay attention to these factors …

First and foremost is your group’s reach, because of course it is important to reach as many people – and therefore potential customers – as possible.

If you have more than 1,000 members in a group, you can already think about how to monetize that potential. This is however an absolute minimum value. It becomes really worthwhile thinking about earning money from the group once it grows to 5,000 – 10,000 members.

Of course, it is self-explanatory that these need to be real people who voluntarily joined your group – no black hat method will help you if the members are actually not interested in being part of your group.

Note: If you have a very clear and defined niche, you can also start with a smaller group. In addition, it is a completely different beast if you have other reach channels (blog, podcast, YouTube channel, etc.) that you supplement with a Facebook group. Some of our friends earn money with such setups from as few as 100 members.

This guide is more focused on broader niches and assumes you have no other marketing channels to reach your audience other than the group.

Activity is of utmost importance

The activity in the group is also extremely important.

A group with many members who are mainly passive or who only use the group to advertise themselves, their products or their services has a low level of active participation and Facebook algorithm won’t give it too much love or visibility.

For example, a smaller group with a very active membership can be much more beneficial to the business than a large, passive group.

In order to maintain the right balance between reach and activity, it is important to create a group on a topic that you really know and enjoy. This results in an authentic and positive environment, because the greater your motivation, the better impression you leave on your members.

It also makes sense to look for niches when creating groups, i.e. topics that are unusual but in demand, and have no or little competition in the form of other groups.

What is necessary to earn money with the Facebook group ?

Now let’s get to the individual steps you should make as they are important when creating a group that will earn you money.

Research on possible topics is before the creation of a group. Here you should really look around in all possible niches so you will increase your chances of finding something that will become a magnet for new members.

The name is also important element of your group’s appeal. It is the important first impression and decides whether people join the group or not. It is therefore worth investing some time and thinking when deciding the group name.

Methods to use and make money with Facebook group

There are several options but most important ones include affiliate links and product placement.

Affiliate links

Affiliate links are a tracking method for affiliate or performance based marketing – you place links of products or services in the group and if someone clicks through and buys that product or service, you get a commission.

For each product sold through your link, you will receive a commission. This commission is usually rather small, but with enough volume, you can expect to earn solid money.

Since people don’t just buy something immediately, the link must be placed at the right place and time. That requires some skills in human psychology and marketing funnels.

Promote products or services

The other option is product placement. With a large group that reaches a very specific target audience, the group becomes interesting for providers of products or services that fit the theme of the group.

Here, as the admin of the group, you can become a partner who recommends certain products or services to the members of the group.

If you have an opportunity to actually test the promoted procut, that is the best way to do it. Product testing can increase credibility, and people also have added value from the testing experience.

Sell products or services

Grow marketing and sales funnels

Use it as a lead generation machine

Charge membership fees

Sell pinned posts or cover photos

Get hired as a Facebook group admin/manager

Sell your group

Collect donations

Additional pointers

A classic form of advertising is also suitable for a group. Advertising spaces within the group can be sold, so that advertisements of the advertising partners appear there.

And if you offer products or services yourself, you can do so yourself via the Facebook Group. However, it is important to find out about Facebook’s terms and conditions beforehand.

The advantage here is that the offers can also be adapted to the needs of the members by the exchange in the group. What is needed is an understanding of human nature and a sense of strategic action.

With the right idea, some skill and discipline, you can definitely earn money with a Facebook group. If you have the right idea and the right know how, you will find a profitable and lasting source of money that can be expanded further and further.

Since the number of members is very important for this kind of money making, taking time into growing the group and finding new ways of attracting new members is mandatory.