How To Make Money With Facebook

How To Make Money With Facebook – I’ve done a few money making guides over the last few years, but one I’ve never got round to doing was Facebook. It’s the highest profile social media network and one of the best all round money makers online, with people earning a full time salary just from their Facebook page. I’m going to teach you exactly how you can achieve great success using Facebook to make money online.


Jarvee has been the single biggest time saving bot that I’ve ever owned. I don’t want to oversell it, but it’ll manage your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google + and Instagram all at the same time, doing things like comments, follow/likes, group joining, unfollowing, messaging, posting and so much more.

You can get your 5 day free trial of Jarvee here and I really recommend you do that now. This will speed the process of you earning money with Facebook and make social media management a breeze.


Next you’re going to need to build a following on your Facebook page, you may have already achieved this part, if so feel free to skip it.

Create Daily Content: Make sure you post videos, pictures, articles and text posts daily. People love to see constant content being uploaded on a Facebook page. I try to create at least 5 – 10 posts everyday.

Comment On Other Pages: Find pages inside your niche and comment on them, don’t rush, just do 20 comments everyday. Make them funny, provocative and thought provoking.

Join Groups: Go looking for pages inside your niche, if you get accepted for a page you’ll be able to promote to all the pages fans, this is the quickest way to gain a following. You can find relevant groups using Jarvee.

Advertise $1 Per Day: It doesn’t hurt to put $1 per day on Facebook advertising, it’s a little expense to pay for such epic gains.

Do each of these things everyday over the next 30 days and I guarantee you’ll start seeing likes and engagements on your Facebook page.


Now you’ve started building a big following it’s time to join some affiliate programs. These help make you the middle man, you get a % for every person you send to a product/shop. For example if you send someone to Amazon through your affiliate link, you get up-to 10% commission per sale for 1 month.

  • ShareASale: Great for bigger more expensive products/shops.
  • ClickBank: Perfect place to sign up for quick, high converting products.
  • Amazon: An absolute must have when it comes to making money on Facebook.

Sign up to these three affiliates now.


It’s simple, make 35% of your posts promotions, tell people about new products, promote the links and drive traffic.

Amazon: I’d do a product review, or show myself with the product or do a post about how much I want the product, then when people click they get taken to amazon through my link, this is a good way to gain commission.

ShareASale: I’d sign up to a niche relevant shop, example: Clothes. Then I’d promote the products asking people what they thought. I even do shop reviews and ask people’s experiences with a product.

ClickBank: One of the best and most officiant ways to make money using Facebook is with ClickBank. You just create an account, pick a relevant product and then just create good sales text and promote it a few times per day.

Coupon/Discount: You can also post coupon/discount deals on all the products/shops you’re affiliated with, these get people clicking and converting quicker than anything.


SpreadShirt is a company that allows you to create T-shirts, then promote and sell the t-shirt for a commission without ever holding onto the actual t-shirts. They handle, sales, responsibility, shipping and creation of your t-shirts, you just pick a design, promote it and earn money.

A lot of the bigger Facebook pages use niches to create money using Facebook and SpradShirt, IE: Family Guy fan page = Family Guy based t-shirt.

My Guide: My Full Guide On Making Money With SpreadShirt Is Here.


Go ahead and set up a Mylikes account, the content gets lots of views and you get paid per view, it’s an easy way to earn money through your Facebook page with little to no effort.

I used to make $200 – $300 using MyLikes every week, give it a try and see what you think for yourself.

How To Make Money With Facebook


I always follow the 35 – 65 ratio when promoting content on social media. It’s the only way to keep followers happy, while also maintaining a good income. Any more than 35% and you’ll have an ugly Facebook page were people click and then click off without visitng the content.

If you follow the same ratio you’ll maximise your earning without jeopardizing your page. But if you’re just making pump and dump pages then promote as much as you like.


If you’ve got 10,000 + likes then you go on forums like:

  • Black Hat World
  • Warrior Forum
  • Digital Point Forum

And sell shoutouts to these people for $10 + a pop. This can earn you a pretty penny if done correctly. If you’ve got a more successful page you can earn $100 + per post and if you’re doing one per day that’s $700 per week, not including your affiliate marketing.


If you’ve got a basic page you can offer promotions on Fiverr for $5, these can earn a nice bit of cash, you’ve just got to know how to use Fiverr correctly. Look at this guide to learn how to make money with Fiverr


Use my guide that teaches you how to create a blog in 30 minutes with no code and then follow the Lad bible template and promote content from your blog on Facebook.

Then link an adsense account  to your blog and more affiliate promotion and just sit back and wait for the money to start pouring in.


One thing I’ll tell you about Facebook is that hot girls sell, I mean really sell, they’re in mass demand and can grow your Facebook page quickly ;).

How To Make Money With Facebook – You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to make money using Facebook, it’s simply supply and demand. People love funny pictures, just keep supplying them, the real job is finding companies to affiliate with. If you need any more help then just use the comments below. Have an awesome day.