How to make money with fiverr

How to make money with fiverr. – Need to earn a little cash quickly? I will tell you exactly how to make a normal income with the help of fiverr. There are tons of people who make a 5 figure salary every year just from the use of fiverr and I’m going to show you how and what the best way’s are to start money with Fiverr. This really will help you start making cash, just be constant and don’t give up. – Comment if you’ve got anything to add or need any help. – Share if you want to help me out 🙂 – 101 Geek.

How to make money with fiverr


I’m making this because when I started making money on fiverr I looked everywhere for a full review that would teach me about fiverr.

I had no luck and ended up going it alone. This worked okay but now I’ve achieved it, I feel that it’s worth telling all you guys/girls how to make money with fiverr.

There’s no magic key just hard work and being in a good niche.


Can you draw? Write? Edit? Design? Sing? Talk? Video? All of these skills can be used to make money and will make for a great model to earn some quick cash.

How to make money with fiverr

Top paying niches:

  • Logo Design

I know people who’ve done logo design and I managed to sell over 5000 gigs and all they were just offering custom ad for your site/s.

It takes a few minutes to make and you just need to buy a package of images for $100 and use them for every ad.

  • Advertising

People always love getting views, you can either build a facebook following and promote them, or use something like Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Blog or a Website.

This is the easiest way on how to make money with fiverr and can easily be done on a bulk scale if you’ve got a big social following.

  • Testimonials

Just video yourself saying a product was really good, this is a good way of earning some quick cash, it has become over saturated so it’s harder to make money with this service now.

  • Help

Offering help, if you can build websites offer fixes on websites, if you can proofread try that, translation, and there are loads of ways you can help people just search for the one you’d be perfect at.

  • Seo

One of the biggest earners right now is SEO, offer links, tiered backlink campaigns, advice, how to’s, article spinning, anything that’s in SEO, Just get a Backlink builder and Google some tutorials and learn how to use it, from that you’ll be able to sell about 10 packages a day, so 50 bucks a day.

  • Followers

If you can give people fake followers,friends,likes, via Facebook, twitter, tumblr and more than you’ll be able to earn some big money, if you’ve got a good bot you’ll be able to sell about 20 to 100 a day depending on quality and speed of your service.

How to make money with fiverr

How to stand out

You need to come up with a way of standing out, you either stand out with your gig’s picture or with the reviews/speed of your order.

So add express delivery to the gig so it becomes easier to find and make sure you design a really nice catchy picture, make sure it’s different to others in your niche.

Your main gig page needs to look really good, make sure you’ve got all the right things, a lot of easy to read text with headers, a few add-ons that they can get. (higher selling users only).

At Least 4 pictures and if you’ve got the time a video.

This is one of the number 1# waysto stand out in how to make money with fiverr.


Living up

This is very important! You need to make sure that you live up to what you sell, one mistake can lead you to fail.

People on fiverr just loving giving bad reviews and all it really takes is one bad review and your gig will sell less.

Give them nothing to complain about and never offer services that you can’t do quickly, this will get you in trouble and make it impossible to succeed.

Words really do travel fast so just live up to what you sell and try to keep your feedback above 95 %.

How to make money with fiverr

Using friends and family

Get your friends and family to buy the gig, this will make it so you get positive reviews and get attraction.

If ten different people buy your gig you’ll be amazed at the attention you start to get, just get as many people as you can to buy and rate the gig.

You can even pay them as a favor and tell them to spread the word on your facebook, twitter, tumblrs and google plus’s.


Paying for advertisement

There’s a few ways you can pay for advertising and I know a lot of successful Fiverr users pay for advertising. – you’re reading how to make money with fiverr.


Places to advertise 

  • Blogs.
  • Ad networks.
  • YouTube.

These three places will get you noticed. Use sites in your niche, say you had a tech gig, you’d find a site like ours and advertise.

Just make an ad that explains your gig and advertise it as much as possible, everywhere.

When I tried this it costs me about 130 dollars and I got 5 ads on blogs for the month. This generated about 90 to 200 sales and once I saw what ads worked best I made the conversion even higher.

That’s between 450 and 1000 dollars, enough to pay my advertising and have lots of money left over.

You need to make sure you’re in a niche to do this though. I did it in article writing and worked with SEO sites, marketing sites, and wordpress them sites.

That’s a way to earn big cash.

How to make money with fiverr

Non paying

If you don’t want to pay for advertising there is other ways. using social media.

With sites like Facebook, twitter, tumblr, Google plus and others you’ve now got the power to get free advertising.

Post funny things, get followers, look at our many tutorials of how to get twitter and Facebook likes, even look at our YouTube ones.

Just start building a social network. This will allow you to post to them for free a few times a day and will get your sales up massively.

You’d be surprised at how well this works and how quickly you can earn money. – This a much do and it’s one of the main bits of advice in te how to make money with fiverr.



You can earn a few thousand a month if you use this tutorial, it’s not going to be easy but it will be worth it once you’ve got a good amount of reviews and start earning cash, remember to work hard and don’t give up. Don’t sell people stuff that’s not your’s and try to be as white hat as possible, helps you keep a good name and keeps people coming back. If you need any more advice then comment below.

How to make money with fiverr

How to make money with fiverr. – I hope this has helped you and if you need any more advice the comments are always there. This kind of article gives me great pleasure to write as hopefully it helps a few of you out. I will be doing some eBooks on this kind of thing for free so stay tuned and make sure you favourite our site so you don’t lose us. – Comment if you need advice and remember we’re here to help you. – Sharing is caring. – 101 geek.

How to make money with fiverr.

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