How To Make Money with Freelancer

How To Make Money with Freelancer – If you’re looking for a way to start earning a passive income, Freelancer can be golden. Freelancer is easy, quick and anyone can use it to make money. In this guide I’m going to teach you exactly how to get hired and maximise your Freelancer earnings. By the end of this guide you’ll be able to get your first hire and start creating a little name for yourself on Freelancer.

How To Make Money with Freelancer

What Are You Good At?

So the first thing we need to do on our Freelancer journey, is finding out what you’re good at. This is usually the hardest part of the journey and takes the longest amount of time. Down below I’ve listed some of the highest selling services to help you out. I do also recommend heading over to Freelancer and just checking it out for yourself, just incase I’ve missed any services that would better suit you.

Tip: Don’t try to do 5 services at once. Always aim to service one service per Freelancer account. You need to be dedicated and with to many services you’ll never master anything.

  • Article Writing – Ebook Creation – Sales Copy.
  • SEO – Link Building – Social Media Bookmarks.
  • Graphic Design – Logos – Ads – eBook Covers – T-Shirt Design.
  • Advertising & Marketing Advice/Management.
  • Web design.

So, after you’ve found a service that you’d like to provide, I recommend having a few test runs just to see if it’s everything you want it to be. You want to be 100% sure that you can deliver it time and time again without any problems.

How To Make Money with Freelancer

Freelancer Account Creation

Once you’ve found what you want to provide and gave it a few test runs it’s now time to create your Freelancer account. You need to make your whole Freelancer account revolve around the service you’re going to sell.

I’m going to teach you exactly how to do that now.

How To Make Money with Freelancer

Picture Of Yourself

First get a nice picture of yourself. Look good, clean and as professional as possible. Don’t use a fake person, as anyone who’s been on the internet for a while can see fake images a mile off and might end up lowering sales. If you really don’t want a picture of yourself on the service then head over to and just get a logo created and have the logo as your picture.


Big Description

Big, rich descriptions are seriously important. I usually try to make my descriptions around 500 + words of gold. I take time and even add my service as a keyword as much as possible. I always believe that helps ranking on micro search engines inside sites.

In your description talk about your story, service and why you love doing the job you do. Also reassure people who you’re the best.



Verify your whole account, it doesn’t take too long to do and it will make your account look nicer. Add a phone number, email and make your account 100% ready.



Have you got any skills or education in the field you’re services is in? If you do then it’s time to talk about it. Show people why you’re the best by mentioning where you’ve been trained, where you’ve worked and what you’ve worked on. Get people excited about working with you.



Have you got any examples of your work? If you do then just talk about it and add it there. You don’t need to go nuts, just show off some of your best work. This is a must for a graphic designer.

How To Make Money with Freelancer



Now your account is ready and highly optimised with all the information you need in order to look good. Now it’s time to start doing the important things that seriously matter.

Freelancer exams are a must. You’ll not get hired without good scores on all your Freelancer exams and it’s what’s going to put you above people. So, no matter what industry you choose, you need to do as many level 2 exams as possible.


Example Of A Writer

as an example I’ll show you what exams I’d do if I wanted to be a writer.

  • Blogging – Level 2
  • UK/USA English – Level 2
  • Academic Writing – Level 2

It’s pretty simple, I’d just do them exams till level 2. This will show your employer that you’re serious and able the service you’re promoting and it will show you’re highly trained. If you don’t know what exams you should be doing just comment your industry and I’ll tell you what exams I recommend.

How To Make Money with Freelancer


Promoting Your Service

Now it’s time to promote the hell out of your service. This is where I really shine. I’m going to show you some killer ways to bring traffic and start earning money with Freelancer.


Under Bid

The first step is to under bid. For the first month or two of your service you need to under bid everyone else. Example: Task $40 – Everyones bid $35 to $60 – Your bid $25 to $30. The reason why I recommend this is because with them exams people will hire you much quicker and with the under bid you’ll always be the best option, you’ll also build up some rep, no one really wants to go with a new Freelancer, so by having a low price and good exam results you’ll be able to start yourself off on the right foot.


Bid On Lots Of Relevant Projects

Bid on as many projects as possible. Just go to browse projects and find projects that make sense to you and bid on them. You might want to upgrade your account to plus or standard membership. This allows you to bid on 100 to 300 projects per month. That hires the chances of you getting hired massively. If you’re serious about earning big cash then this is a must try.


Use Social Media

Build social media accounts and promote them. Set up a Facebook page to promote your service and name and just use Facebook ads to promote it. Use Twitter the same way. After a while you’ll have a platform of potential clients that you can contact whenever you want.


20 Killer Ways To Drive Traffic to Anything

I recently did an article about the 20 killer ways to drive traffic to anywhere without a problem. Go and check it out and use the methods to drive traffic right to your Freelancer profile.


Open Your Own Blog

If you’re in writing or something you can blog about then just open a small WordPress blog where you can showcase your talents. You could then promote the blog as well as your Freelancer profile and get more people interested about your work.

It’s also a great way to get fans of your work.


Create 2x Freelancer Accounts

This is a little naughty, but it does work. All you do is create 2x Freelancer accounts (Use a friends, partners or family members profile), then just buy and review your own service. Give yourself great reviews. This will make it easier to get hired in the future. People don’t like to be the first to try a new Freelancer, so by you doing this you’ll take that pressure away.

How To Make Money with Freelancer

How To Make Money with Freelancer

How To Make Money with Freelancer – So that’s it, that’s all there is to it. You’ve just got to keep up the hard work and promote your profile every single day. Do this for a few weeks and you’ll be earning a really nice passive income. If you enjoyed this article then please share and use the comments below.

How To Make Money with Freelancer.

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