How to make money with hosting companies

How to make money with hosting companies – Hosting is a must have if you’ve got a blog, shop, site or anything online. It’s important to have and there are ways you can earn money we it! I’m going to teach you how to make money with a hosting site and the easiest ways to sell affiliate packages to people. – Remember the comments area is below and I love to hear your feedback! Make sure you share this page as much as you can.

How to make money with hosting companies

For the sake of this tutorial we will be using host gator affiliate as an example.



They pay $50 for 1-5 sign ups per month so that’s 50 dollars per person you sign up. If you do 21 + then you get $125 Per sign up. So if you sold 21 packages of any type you’d get $2,625 Per month.

Hopefully you can see how this earns money.

How to sell.

Well there’s a few different ways you can sell host gator packages and we will go over them all now.



If you’ve got a website then you can just have the banner on your site, this will just sit there and earn you money, sometimes it will surprise you and earn more money than you thought was possible, very good method as it involves no work..

You can also do a post about them, I personally have used host gator and know what they’re like, so I could do a post saying my opinions on them with a link to their site.

This can generate some money and help you get some more sales. There just the two ways that I would recommend. You just have to think outside the box, try to only point your customers to things they’ll really want as it will be a waste of your time otherwise.

I’ve learnt that in order to sell hosting, your customer has got to want to build a website, so it’s pointless aiming at people who want to buy cars or clothes.



Have you got a good YouTube channel? Well if you do you can use it to promote host gator and if you don’t then you can learn how to create one by reading my book how to make a six figure-salary playing video games on YouTube.

It really couldn’t be easier all you need to do is do a video about making a website/blog, do a personal review, or even just tell people about your experience, this can earn you some big money like a 6 figures salary which is enough to buy a house and have a nice life all on the back of a hosting company or another affiliate marketing methods.

Host gator does have a life and there’s loads of hosting companies like Blue host who will pay 65 dollars per referral this isn’t as good but again if you prefer them then it’s better to use them.

I have seen a lot of people earn money with hosting on YouTube you just need to think outside the box and work hard, it’s a great way to get where you want to be.


Self promoting. 

Are you a web designer? well you can always just get people to buy the hosting through you! I know a few people who do this and earn an extra 125 dollars on each site they do, you just need to do more than 20 sites a month 😉 haha.

But really it is a good plan and you’ll sign them up again each year because the hosting will be through you. It’s a good way of doing it right? Well it will work if you do it right, just make sure it’s best for their site and don’t just do it for the money.

I would recommend reading the terms of service before doing this.

Word of mouth.

You can always tell people about your post and advertise it. If you do a really good post talking about your views on host gator then literally just tell everyone you know about it and make people want to see it, this should get sales up really quickly and is a great way to start earning some cash.

Just think outside the box with it and make sure you squeeze it as much as possible. This works really well if you go out to a lot of places and have a good social circle.


Social media.

Probably the quickest way to earn big money is to use social media, if you use it right you can go and earn money almost instantly. If you’ve got a big Facebook or twitter page you can post a link to host gator and see how well it converts, you might have to change the copy write and see if you can get a higher click-through rate by split testing your articles.

This also works great with tumblr and your real Facebook friends, I believe you’ve got to #ad/#ads So people know what they’re clicking.

You can get this working well if you’ve got a good tech following and most people want to start their own blog so it’s not that hard to sell, you’ve just got to word it right and connect with the right audience.

How to make money with hosting companies

That Was How to make money with hosting companies – Some people earn full incomes on this and some people just earn drinking money, either way it’s a solid way to earn some cash on the side and is worth giving a try. It might take some time but if you’ve already got a blog then it’s really as simple as writing a post and promoting it. – Comment below if you want more advice and make sure you hit them share buttons and spread the word, helps me out by being awesome.

How to make money with hosting companies.

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