How To Make Money With Twitter

How To Make Money With Twitter – Twitter is one of the biggest social media networks in the world, there’s millions of people using it everyday to communicate, bookmark and share loads of content. It’s an online money makers dream and I’m going to show you exactly why in this quick, but effective article on how to make money with Twitter.


Before you try to earn money using Twitter you need a good reliable software to handle your profiles. There’s no better program than Mass Planner in my opinion and as someone who’s used to bots and automating tasks I really recommend you purchase Mass Planner to enhance your social profiles.

What it does: Follows people, unfollows people who don’t follow back, messages, favorites, retweets, tweets, schedules tweets, all of that on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.



After you’ve got that Mass Planner setup, building your social profiles (more on this below), it’s time to pick an affiliate program.


You get a commission when people buy something after visiting through your link.

You get a special link, “Olis link” when someone clicks it, they get stored as your customer for as long as the cookie lasts, usually 30 days +. This means anything they buy for 30 days after viewing your link, you get a % of.


One of my favorite affiliate programs, not the best for Twitter, but still worthwhile.

Click Bank

One off products great for selling on Twitter.


Done right the Amazon affiliate program is lethal and can turn you into a high baller on Twitter.

How To Make Money With Twitter


Next you need to pick a product to sell on Twitter.

You need to pick something that’s aimed at a niche, but is wide spread so you can blog and talk about it. For instance, dieting guides, golfing tutorials, motivation.

These examples are off ClickBank, but you can use Amazon and find products the same way, I.E create a power tools twitter page and talk about power tools, then look at Amazon for the best power tools and promote the deals and discounts.

Example: I’m going to sell Money making methods. So I use ClickBank, find the best money making guides and I get my promotion ready.


You’re always better focusing on micro niches, people often make the mistake of biting off more than they can chew, with popular micro niches there’s less competition and you’ll have an easier time getting conversions.

Example: Power tools (Big niche), Wireless powered drills (micro niche).


Once you’ve found the affiliates, picked your niche and found some products it’s time to create 1 to 5 twitter accounts all in the same niche, this will help you earn lots more money.

I create each account separately, with a different picture and a nice background and bio, you want to make them seem as legitimate as possible.

You’ll usually want to bulk write 20 – 60 tweets on each account and do the same with favorites, this ages your account and shows people you’re not just a newbie.


Once the accounts are created and all ready you’ll want to load up mass planner and start the next part of work.

This is the part where you start doing the following:

  • Follow 200 people everyday on Twitter
  • Unfollow the people who don’t follow back within 3 days
  • Schedule 10 tweets everyday on each account
  • Retweet 10 tweets per day
  • Favorite 50 tweets per day

You can do all these tasks on all of your accounts using mass planner. This will get you loads of followers and help you start making money with Twitter.

You’ve got to do this on all of your accounts, everyday (takes 10 minutes to setup), in order to earn real money with Twitter.


Okay after doing that for a few days you’ll have 5 Twitter accounts all of which will look really active and be posting great content. Once this happens it’s time to start scheduling your paid products (content that earns you money).

You need to schedule posts to tweet throughout the day on each account. I usually Tweet 5 + promotional tweets everyday on each account.

35% – 65% RULE

I have a rule when it comes to Twitter promotion, it’s 35% promoting and links – 65% content. That stops people getting annoyed and keeps my profile looking real, this helps increase earnings, followers and interactions.

If you want to promote more links, just create more content.


Once you start posting them links everyday on all your profiles if you’ve picked a nice niche it’ll not be long before you start earning cash.

When learning how to make money on Twitter most people forget the power of auto Tweeting when someone followers you, auto messages when someone followers you and tag tweeting.

Auto Messages: Send people deals, couples and discounts on products every time they follow you. Set this up with Mass Planner.

Auto Tweet: You can also do the same with Auto Tweeting people (can be more profitable because others see it).

Tag Tweeting: This is something I do along side auto messages, it’s basically I go on the search, search relevant terms, then I reply to 10 + people on each account promoting my product.

I think Mass Planner can do this, but I’ve never tried too.


If you want to get even more money you could create a blog using this guide to setting up a blog in 30 minutes and then reading how to make money blogging. 


Once you build 10,000 + followers it’s time to take money to the next level. Read my Spread Shirt guide and learn how to sell t-shirts and earn thousands of dollars per month.

How To Make Money With Twitter – With all these money making ideas, the main key is to be consistent and not stop. People often make the mistake of starting something and then not finishing it. Money making can sometimes be a slow, boring process, but once the ball starts rolling, it’s not long before it turns amazing. If you need any advice please just use the comments below, I hope you have an amazing day.