How To Motivate Yourself To Work

How To Motivate Yourself To Work – If you’re looking to become a successful business man then you’ve probably heard people tell you how much work it is/how much work it takes and I can tell you everything they say is usually true, sometimes even worse. I remember I used to sit and think one day I’d hit the lotery and be one of them people who made an instant amount of money, guess what? I soon found that them stories where that happens are a load of crap, they forget to mention the 10,000 hours the person spent learning how to create what made them all that money. For this reason you have to work hard, grind everyday and stay focused. You still need one element in order to become a winner and it’s motivation, so let me teach you the ultimate ways to motivate yourself to work harder than ever before.


You are your own worst enemy and while learning to work hard you need to completely understand that your mind will sometimes do whatever he/she can to distract you, change your motivation and create new obstacles that do not need to be there.

That’s why you’ve got to challenge yourself everyday to become a better you. If you put in the same work as yesterday, you’ll get the same as yesterday. You need to challenge yourself to adapt, grow and enjoy the grinds of life.


Before we go any further I need you to create one big goal (house, certain amount of money, location to move, etc), then you need to create a business goal (start a business, get 10,000 followers on Twitter, learn something new), then the last thing I need you to do is create a description of the man/woman you want to be.

This is extremely important, write this down, keep it near and look at it everyday. Remember why you started and why you need to get where you want to be.


There’s a saying “Work hard, to live easy” and it couldn’t be truer. You need to work harder than ever before in order to not have to worry about money, family, happiness and growth.

One of the best ways to do this, is to try the 5 day no excuses challenge. For 5 days I want you to make no excuses about work, you need to work as hard as possible everyday, doing something you love and start working towards your long and short term goals.

Try this for 5 days with no excuses, after you complete the 5 days see how many days you can go without an excuses, if you make an excuses you have to restart at day zero.


You’re not a failure till you completely give up. Failing is when you may mess an idea up, do something wrong, lose money, friends and have to start over again. This is normal, most people who’re successful go through a part in their life where they fail, time and time again.

But, the difference is, if you keeping going you’re going to be dimond, if you give up you’re going to be a failure.

So, don’t give up, if you’ve got to re-think your idea, maybe change your strategy, so be it. Just don’t ever give up. The second you give up is the second things get a lot harder.

Remember: There’s nothing comforting about the comfort zone. The comfort zone will age you, depress you, stress you and bankrupt you, it’s just outside the comfort zone where money, passion and everything you’ve always wanted from girls/boys to fast cars lies.


Listen to music a few times per week, it’ll help you get excited about your life.

Don’t listen to sad music, listen to happy music, songs about dreams, motivation, the things you want in life. So many people just put on a really sad album and sit in sadness, to be able to motivate yourself, you need quick, happy, energetic singing that’ll push you harder than ever before.


Once you’ve completed the no excuses for as many days as you can, it’s time to start a bigger goal. I want you to put 3 hours everyday for 30 days into your goal. Your ultimate dream, if it’s a business then I want you to put 3 hours of solid work into trying something new that may increase your success, remember it won’t work instantly and it may take time to find the exact thing that works best for you.

If you’re not doing your dream job yet, then just put 3 hours into yourself everyday, whether it’s studying, building, preparing or doing, just try it for 30 days.

You need to know exactly what you want and the only thing you need to do, is start now and if you miss one day you’ve got to reset the whole challenge.


I try to watch 1 – 2 motivational videos everyday, they’re filled with possitive thoughts and they can really get you/me excited about the moment and what’s to come.

Here’s a great motivational video, give it a watch:


Now when you start this journey you will have good and bad days, the key is to keep pushing on. I’ve found that stuff usually goes really bad before it gets really good, so don’t stress, worry or get annoyed, just do what you’ve got to do, everyday, to get where you need to be.


You know whats funny about life? You actually have control. You decide what you do and don’t do today and you take full responsibility for the consequences. If there’s something you hate more than anything, you can change it.

You have the power to do whatever you want, this power is amazing if you decide to use it, if not you’ll just be like all the other sheep in this world.


The last bit of advice I’ll give you is to do what you love for a living, I’ve worked a job I loved and a job I hated, trust me, the money doesn’t matter, hating a job is the single worse thing I see people put themselves through everyday, do what you love, not what others want you to do and measure your success on what you achieve, not what you earn.

How To Motivate Yourself To Work – Your life isn’t always going to be easy, but I promise if you work hard today you’ll have a better tomorrow, were as if you put in the same today as you did yesterday, you’ll stay the same and there will be no progression. Work hard, dream big and get things done. I hope you have a lovely day, if you need anything just ask.