How To Promote Your Video Game

How To Promote Your Video Game. – I will run you through the step by step process that indie game developers go through to market their games for as little cost as possible. This will teach you little tricks like how to use social networking and how to create a buzz for your game before it’s released. Common tricks of the trade and some secrets thrown in there. – Share and comment. – Like my FB page and my other social networking sites to help me grow and become a mega geek (next level).

How To Promote Your Video Game

The Start of How To Promote Your Video Game

I’m going to teach you how I made a few of my indie games successful with near to no budget. This is tried and tested advice that works great for games. It can also be used for other niches if you tweak it here and there.

What you’ll learn in How To Promote Your Video Game

  • Trailer
  • Press release
  • Kickstarter/Indiegogo
  • Social networking
  • Run a contest.
  • Mail list
  • In-game-rewards
  • Advertise online
  • Reviews
  • Giveaways



If you’ve been creating a game, indie or not you’ll understand the importance of a video game trailer.  It’s really everything and the sales of your game depend on it.

Whether your game is good or bad you need to understand the importance of a good trailer because you need to have one to have any chance of selling your game. So remember to take a large portion of time on each trailer your create.

How To Promote Your Video Game


  • Have an epic voice-over actor/actress.

This doesn’t really get used to much in indie games these days and it’s really reserved for movies. If you want to get some great press try to get a great voice actor.

You can use Freelancer if you’re on a budget or look for professionals, this site Voice123 is a great place to find someone who will get the job done, these guys/girls are amazing and they have some real talent that will make your game trailer sound awesome.

  • Make it funny. 

I once saw a movie with that deep horror movie voice that’s been used 1000 x and I had an idea, what if you had that voice making jokes on a video game trailer? Well depending on the type of video game you’re marketing but, that would work amazingly if executed correctly.

Whether it’s an FPS and you make a joke about lag and how you can’t complain about it in single player. Or whether you’re making an RPG and you make a joke about trolling people. Whatever you do it’s a great way to gain interest and go viral.

  • Edit it well.

You can go on freelancer and get a pro to handle the video editing side of things. This might speed up the process, I’m not amazing at video editing and sometimes when you’ve got all the parts for an amazing 1 minutes trailer it’s best to pay someone 100 bucks to get it perfect.

  • Spend at least 2 weeks or more creating it. 

You’ll never want to just get a trailer done quickly. This is probably one of the most important things you can market and you need to make sure you’ve got a good one that works well and tests good with people.

Something funny, action filled that makes them want to buy it straight away. You want them to be saying “take my money” by the end of it.

  • Test it.

Show all your friends,family, and random people. Ask them what they think, if they would change anything and try to get as much honesty as possible.

How To Promote Your Video Game


Press release

A great way to gain attention with your video game and trailer is to give it a PR release. This means paying money and testing the water. If you’ve got something unique about you game or game trailer, you’ve got to use it.

Say I’m 18 and I’ve just made my first game, That’s worth talking about. After you’ve created a trailer or something to press go to PRWeb and get either the Standard or Advanced package.

This can cost from $99 to $250 the biggest is $449 This is the perfect way to get links to your site and works like a dream for younger people or outstanding games that have been created without a big studio. This will be talked about more as we go on.

How To Promote Your Video Game


You might be aware of this method of marketing. It’s very simple and costs a little more money but can bring value instantly. With the first game I made I tried to get it funded with indiegogo, this is back when I was about 17 and had no real clue about indiegogo.

The campaign failed but I noticed something great, I got a lot of views to my project and some full-time subscribers. This meant that there was people who wanted to see the game made.

This works really well for games just starting up and it’s great to build some press by yourself and get some early sales. I also found it was a great way of seeing if people liked my game.

You can also use a Press Release for this, if it’s a good game and you know it will work then this will help you reach your targets much quicker.

How To Promote Your Video Game

Social networking

You’ve got to be on social media as yourselves and a company to work well, build a twitter, Facebook page, Google plus, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, and any other social site you use.

Take your name so no one else does and make sure to make twitters and Google plus’s of each person who works on the game full-time. Link them all together after.

Use them regularly and pay for Facebook advertising this will help you gain some reach and some views. You can check our how to guides for building a massive fan base on this site. This will come in really handy in the future, it will be a way of contacting all your fans and getting more sales.

How To Promote Your Video Game


Run a contest.

This is where it’s important to have a good social gathering, because you can use them to gain more traffic and attention.

Just have a contest, lets say: Share this picture (picture of the game case/art) and at 12pm I’ll pick 10 people to get a free copy of the game and something special.

Do this on the Facebook page as you can boost the post for 6 to $$$ dollars and get so many people seeing it. This will give you a lot more likes and for the price of $$$ dollars and a few copies of your game you’ve done very well.

How To Promote Your Video Game


Mail list

If you’ve got a little cash lying around then using a mail list is a great way to get some views. Just got and either buy a mail list, create your own, or hire someone’s.

This is pretty simple, buying a list is a bad idea, because you can get a fine and it can end up getting banned from your SMTP (mail sending client).

Creating one, this is the best ways but it can take months and really doesn’t lead to much unless you’ve got a website that runs something else, or you’re planning on releasing games, and game updates quickly.

Hiring one is the best and quickest way, it isn’t the ideal situation but if you need to get conversion quickly using someone like BuySellAds to go on peoples mail list, it’s a quick way of getting some views and start selling some copies of your game.

They have deals for low prices and I’ve used them once and they had a pretty good return, think I got about 1500 unique visitors and about 10 to 30 conversions.



Making something for them to win inside the game is always good. One game I worked on we hid prizes over the map and said the first people to find the, secret rooms, special items and we had these floating keys, gets a custom item We used custom skins and hats, just stuff like that. I found that people played the game a lot longer and it really makes people want to get on it first.

We also did ones like first person to get to rank 60 gets a pair of dr dre beats. This made people work really hard and made our in-game advertising go up through the roof.

How To Promote Your Video Game

Advertise online

You’ve always got to take this route with most games to make them successful, it’s just a matter of using adwords, buysellads, blogs and sites to get conversion.

It can help to use 10 sites and just put 20 dollars on each and see which one works the best. I’ve found that it’s always different for each site. Just get a custom ad made on fiverr or if you want something professional go here 48hourslogo I’ve had a lot of my main logos done by them they work very quickly and get the job done every time. – This is one of the best ways to promote your games.



Sending review copies to all the best reviewers is amazing, sending them to review blogs, sites, YouTube’s, everyone you can think of. This is really easy and you could use someone like me, if your game is good and you want a review I will be more than happy to write a review for you, just contact us or comment below.

This will gain views and make people realize that you’re not just a little game maker, they can be harsh but all press is good press and even if they don’t like it, there will be people who look at the review and decide they do.



This is one of the more important things in how to promote your video game. One of the best things I ever tried for getting views was using a forums. I used all sorts and just tried to get people’s opinions on my pre released games.

Just any game forum, we’ve got a post with that teaches you how to become popular on a forum so go and check it out.


End of How To Promote Your Video Game.

If you do all them things then within no time you’ll start getting a conversion. I’ve been in game creation for a while and that advice is what I live by, through trial and error I’ve gained that and if you just give it a little time and effort it will go a long way.
How To Promote Your Video Game

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How To Promote Your Video Game. – When marketing you really do need to think outside the box, copy people who are successful and you can usually ride them for a while. It’s all about finding the best ways to market something for as cheap as possible. Remember them tips and start using them today and seeing how far you can get. In no time you’ll be making your own games and having some hits. – If you want more advice then feel free to drop me a line. – Share our content if you liked it and be sure to like me on my social networks.

How To Promote Your Video Game.

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