How To Restore Deleted Files Within Minutes From You SD Card

How To Restore Deleted Files Within Minutes From You SD Card – We’ve all been there when we’ve accidentally hit delete and managed to whip out all the pictures from a holiday or even just our old memories. Well now there’s a way to get them back and it’s so easy. Right so I’m going to show you exactly how to restore deleted files within a few minutes. So if you’ve ever lost loads of pictures and have no way of getting them back then this will help you sort out all your problems. This is as easy as clicking a few buttons and you’ll be amazed with how well it works. – If this helps you then please remember to share.


I use the camera recovery method for this tutorial but if you go to cardrecoverypro you can find download links for every single type of card recovery so you can get your files back from anywhere. – How To Restore Deleted Files Within Minutes From You SD Card.

How to get your files, pictures, videos back

Okay I usually try to add as much infomation as I can into these articles but to keep this one short I’m just going to tell you everything you need to know on how to restore deleted files. It’s really simple and this is manily for sd cards, it’s the card that goes in most cameras, some phones and even mp3’s. This method will help you recover every picture, video or audio track in perfect quality and it’s completely safe.

First thing

The first thing you need to do is go and download cardrecoverypro this software is a life save and it’s really easy to use. It does the job every time and it just works really well, it shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes.

Second thing

This is the part where you’ll learn how to restore your deleted files. You just open up cardrecoverypro and it’s so simple you install and open it when it’s done.

Third Thing 

You need to click ‘start scan’ and then just pick what fold you want the files saved from, then what camera it is (if you don’t know then just make it general) (Also this will be different if you’re just saving it from a normal SD card) then just pick what file type it is and the you just have to select where you want the files to save once recovered.

That’s it you’ll be able to start recovering dater. Now I believe this program costs money after you download but in honesty it’s worth downloading just so you always know you can get them files back without any worries. I’ve used software like this loads of times and you really can’t beat it.

Do you need skill to use it?

No, none at all. This software is as simple as clicking 4 buttons and you’ll have all your pictures out and ready to be recovered in minutes. It will do all the work and is completely safe, unlike other recovery programs. If you want them pictures, videos or sound files back then you really can’t do better than cardrecoverypro.

Program to use

Well I use cardrecoverypro and it seems to always do the best, it’s so simple to use and I don’t think you’ll be able to do better for the price. You can also have it there always and know in your head you can always recover lost/deleted photos/pictures/videos. So it’s really worth investing in and that’s why I can’t stop talking about how great it is. – How To Restore Deleted Files Within Minutes From You SD Card.

Can my PC use it?

yes, it’s really simple to run and I’m pretty sure any computer that was made in the last 10 years will be able to run it, it doesn’t take any real requirements, so you’ll be grand, you just need to download it and set it up on your PC and then within about 2 minutes you’ll be recovering all your files.

This really is the best way I know on how to restore deleted files.

How To Restore Deleted Files Within Minutes From You SD Card – Did it help? If it helped then please leave a comment below. I love to help you people out and this is something that gets a lot of people down, so hopefully I’ve made it a lot easier for you and you’ll now know exactly how to restore deleted files and this should make deleting pictures not as big of a deal as before. – Remember to hit the share buttons and share as much as possible. – 101 geek.