How To Set Up An Online Advertising Campaign For Your Website

How To Set Up An Online Advertising Campaign For Your Website – So you want to set up an advertising campaign for your site/business and you want it to be popular and reach a lot of targeted people? I’m going to run you through the exact way I set up an advertising campaign and receive loads of traffic, profile, and sales to any site/company in a matter of weeks. This will help you not just get views while advertising but it will also help you with permanent advertising that will keep giving you views even once the payments stop. I’m just going to brief you first and run you through what we will be doing.


Okay well say you have a site, product, business, just about anything that you want to bring traffic to and start building a name for, well you’ll usually make an advertising campaign, this will drive traffic every month to your site and help you build brand awareness, get sales and build a company from the ground up.

For instance when I released this site I did all of the below and just tried to create goals that I could pass in order to see if my advertising was working.

This will work for you whether your site is new or old and it will help higher your rank in search engines and it will even bring nice traffic to your site which will be targeted and convert into sales.


You need to target people to get the best out of your advertising campaign, one of the ways I do this is with a pen and paper. I just sit and work out who will read my content, you need information like this:

  • Age
  • Language
  • Male – Female
  • Category


  • Ages: 16 to 28
  • Language: English US/UK
  • Male 
  • Category: Making money online
  • Category: Advertising
  • Category: SEO

So depending on site I’d pick a different category but, at least now I understand where to look for traffic, after I made this list I then went away and made another list of where to target these people.


  • Forums – SEO forums, Marketing Forums, Affiliate Forums
  • Ask sites – Yahoo answer, Answer
  • Blogs – SEO blogs, Money Making Blogs, Advertising Blogs
  • Guest posts – ^^^ Same as above
  • Ads – Facebook, BuySellAds, Adwords,
  • YouTube – Business videos, Viral videos,

That’s just the basics but hopefully you’ll be able to see what I mean, just make a list of the places you can target your company, forums are good because you can put a link in your signature or pay for advertising, check how to become popular on a forum, it will teach you everything you need to know.


How much money have you got to spend? This is the most important question, this is what decides how long and how big your campaign will be. I’ll list what the different money brackets are and what they will do. You can do this guide with any amount of money you’ll just have to water down and use different quality services.

  • $50 to $150 
  • $150 to $300
  • $300 to $750 – Best Budget For Newcomers
  • $750 to $1,500
  • $1,500 to $7,500 – Business budget
  • $7,500 to $15,000 – Brand Awareness for Product
  • $15,000 +

Don’t let the big numbers scary you off, these are just different budgets and you can do the same on less so don’t over think. Whether you’ve got $15,000 + or $150 You’ll usually do the same advertising but just one different scales, you just need to be careful, that way you get better deals and can worry less.

Just so I can do this article with you I’m going to pick the budget of $300 to $750 and I’m going to let myself have $750 imaginary dollars to spend.


So after you know your budget you need to work out your monthly spend. All good campaigns need to run for at least 3 months with 5 ad changes.


An ad change is where you change the ads you’re using to drive traffic, after 4 weeks you’ll see a drop in clicks and impressions because your ad will just look like it’s part of the site, if you change it every 4 weeks you’ll keep conversion high and make more profit.

So for me I’ll run on about $250 a month I’ll take out $30 for ad designs each month just so I have enough to complete a good campaign.

Okay so now it’s time to get spending on our advertising campaign, just so you know not all the ideas in this list will cost money.


Social media is the main place you’ll have to start, make sure you’ve got all the high-profile social media accounts linked to your site, that means, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Tumblr, StumbleUpon and YouTube, this will get you more traffic and will help you list build.

Social media traffic is important because it can help articles go viral if people share it and pass it onto friends and it’s a list that will always be there, if you’ve got 10,000 people then that means every post you do can potentially go to 10,000 + people.

So go and create some social accounts and start tweeting, posting and following people in your niche.


Building a list is usually defined as making an email marketing campaign, that’s an amazing way to get views but what we’re aiming for is something a little more than that.

Why have one list when you can have 10? Well if you use Facebook pages, Twitter, Tumblr and Google plus, then you can build small lists everywhere. These are people who you can contact again and again every time you release a new post, this will save you a massive amount of money and keep you growing.

I find it’s always the first few people who are the hardest to get on, once you start the ball rolling it becomes a lot easy to get people liking, joining and subscribing to your service.

Email marketing is still one of the best ways because it get the persons full attention and will help send them right to the content, if you want to build an amazing email marketing campaign for $1 go here and if want to learn to set up your email marketing campaign and get subscribers then that’s the best place to go.


Okay now it’s time to spend some money, first off you need to pick some ad networks and see which one suits you best. They all have something different about them and you really want to look for content and people who want what you’re selling, it’s best to use something like Facebook or Adwords for that.

  • Adwords (highly recommended)
  • Facebook ads (highly recommended)
  • BuySellAds (Converts really well)
  • MyLikes (lots of views in a few days)
  • CPMleaders (cheap traffic)

I will usually buy all my traffic from the top 3 places, they’re the best for getting targeted traffic and there are loads of others like Bidvertise, 7search, Yahoo/Bing advertising, all of its great but none of its as high converting as them 3.

Because I’m trying to keep stick to a budget I’ll usually do this with money.

  • Adwords – $2 per day
  • Facebook – $1 per day (never stop)
  • BuySellAds – $80 per month

That works out at about $176 per month, so I still have a little extra to play with, if you have a bigger budget then I’d recommend spending this:

  • Adwords – $10 per day
  • Facebook – $6 per day
  • BuySellAds – $300 per month.

That’s about $812 per month, that will generate a lot of likes and people who really want to see your stuff.


Okay now you’ve got some ads running and you’re getting some traffic coming in it’s a good idea to start searching for blogs in your niche.

I recommend you find about 100 blogs that are high-profile and get a lot of views, that way you’ll be able to start building a relationship with them.

What I do is start posting 20 comments a day on 10 different blogs, all done by me and all to blogs that I really enjoy. I speak to the people who own them and thank them for great work and I do this every single day.

This isn’t for backlinks or anything spamy it’s purely just building a relationship and joining in with the comments. I find that more people comment on my things when I comment on their’s and also you then get clicks from commenters who’re interested in who you are.

Another great reason to do this is so you can start guest posts and ask if you can write for them in exchange for a link to your site, this will help you build rank on search engines for free and it helps them have a new article, we will talk about this more below.


So guest posts? Worth doing? The answer is yes, it will give you more profile if your articles are good and it will help give your site authority, this helps with gaining rank in Google and other search engines. You’ll be surprised how much this can help you in the long run.

Just try to write at least 5 good guest posts a month, this will build 5 solid links that will earn you better rank and give you a solid site that gets natural traffic.

Again this is free and if you use MyBlogGuest you’ll be able to find guest post blogs in your niche for free. You can also use my second method of finding guest posts which involves googling this: (Site niche) + Write for us. Example: Marketing write for us.

That will bring back results for sites I can write on that are in the marketing niche.



If you’re a company or have any information that’s news worthy then this will really help you gain some profile, backlinks and traffic in one buy.

Press releases are always going to be a must have and if you want a great advertising campaign for your website you’re going to want to use someone link prweb, they do really good press releases and they come at all different prices starting at $99 for the writing of the press release and then submit it to all the best newswires.

This will help you stay ahead of the competition in your niche and it also helps your news go viral, either way it’s always good to have an article go on popular news sites and it’s even better when you get loads of traffic back from it.

I will get the $99 press release, this will send me over budget but I’ll only get it once every 2 months so I’ll be back on budget again in no time.


Must be one of my favourite ways to get backlinks and it’s probably the most cost effective marketing strategy around. You just build an infographic, it’s that simple.

It’s just a graphic with loads of info about a topic, product, person, anything. I love the ones with facts and if you write them well and then just tell people that they can have it on there website as long as they link to you then you’ll get 1000 + backlinks on a good info graphic.

Plus the backlinks will be in your field because the information will be all about your niche or what your sites involved in. These do cost a little money but I’d recommend doing it at least once every 2 months.

You’ll usually pay $50 to $500 per Info Graphic depending on how good the design is. Usually if it’s well write and got a great design you’ll get your money back in no time.

This should be in your advertising campaign and as it costs a lot I’ll leave it till about 3 months in where I can change my advertising budget and add a little more cash to it.

But, wait! There’s a little secret.. If you don’t want to pay any extra money then you can use a service like Canva which will allow you to create them for free. It’s a little gem and this is a snip of one of the Info graphics I created in 5 minutes.



So really there the things you need for a successful advertising campaign. Hopefully you’ll understand that it’s not impossible to create a great advertising campaign on a budget.

I always do this type of promotion and it really doesn’t need tons of cash behind it as long as you’re clever about the site/company this should pay off in no time, remember consistency is key here.

So lets find out some more tips you should use while creating your advertising campaign.


Just some tips that will help further your knowledge of advertising and tweaking your site for maximum earnings.


Now I’ve told you some of my advertising advice I’m going to teach you about Squeeze pages, this is a way to help further your list building and get you more subscribers.

Now I use a squeeze page like that to get emails and give away my eBook. This helps me build a list and gets me more subscribers. Now this isn’t the only use for a squeeze page and they can even be used to make you buy a product.

It’s usually just one page that will explain something and have no out bound links, so the only real way to see the next page is to buy something or enter your email.

So before you start advertising a website I recommend you create something for free and give away emails as a way to get sign ups. This is just to add more value to your website.


You’ve always got to look at what money-making opportunities there are. There’s no use in having a great website that looks the part and has a great user interface but only earns money through Adsense.

You need to use affiliate marketing, ads, product creation and eBook sales to help earn some money. There’s no point in spending money every month on advertising but not having any real ways to earn money on your website.

So make sure you take every measure to  maximize your earnings at every point possible.


One of the best bits of advice I ever heard was about bringing traffic back to your site. It was really clever and made a lot of sense. Say your site was incredible and when you advertised to 1000 people all of them remembered your site and revisited it without being asked.

This would then make advertising a very easy/cheap thing to do. If every time you advertised you gained a massive use base then you advertising would be extremely high value.

Sadly most people actually gain a bounce rate when they start advertising, so to drive that bounce rate down you’ve got to make your site irresistible and make people want to come back and look at more than one page.

A great way to do this is to look at your favourite sites and see what they do, see what keeps you coming back and then just copy that on your site.

You need to put about 50% of all your efforts into this one task because if you crack it and can get people coming back then you’ll start building something so much more amazing.


Work out how much people are worth to you. How much do you get in profit for every sale you have? Take that cost and that’s what a visitor is worth to you.

You need to basically half the price they’re worth and that’s then the money you can spend getting each person to the content.This sometimes takes 3 months of analyzing to be able to see how much a visit is really worth, you just have to see how many views you got over the space of three months and how much you earned from that.

Then just work out how much each visitor is worth. This will help you keep control of your advertising budget and will also make getting targets easier.


I always plan what the best result is and then you’ve got something to aim for. This keeps me motivated and makes me want to do more to achieve the best possible outcome.

Now don’t be silly and just make your outcome “being rich” that’s not a specific enough outcome to work for, you’ve got to make it something more targeted like: Earn $1000 per week, get 20,000 thousand unique views, get my first award, etc.


Don’t buy stuff in a hurry for your online advertising campaign as you’ll make mistakes, I make mistakes as well and even for this site I ended up buying an ad on the one Spanish site out of 500 sites, haha. So remember to take your time and do things right.

How To Set Up An Online Advertising Campaign – What do you think? Easy? Hard? Hopefully it was easy for you to follow and you’ll now be able to go and check out some of my other posts and learn more about making money online and getting traffic to your site and keeping it there. This is the way I set my adverting up and it’s the way I recommend you set your ad campaign up too. – If you liked this article and found it helpful then please remember to share and comment below. – 101 geek.