How to speed up internet

This is how to speed up your internet and I’m going to show you th best ways I know . I used to rage quit my pc when the internet was running slow. Things like YouTube, Netflix, Facebook and others taking ages to load. Well I followed these easy tips and now I have a better, quicker, browsing experience. This will help you achieve the same. – Remember to share on Facebook and to go and like/follow me on social media.

 Run a Speed Test

Just go to Speed Test They will give you a full view of how quick your internet is. It’s great for learning how good your upload/download speed is.

  • Compare to the service you’re paying for.

Check your service, see if you’re getting what you pay for. If you’re paying for high-speed internet (50Mb) and you’re getting 1MB contact them. They may tell you that you’ve reached your internet limit for the month, if they say that then ask for an upgrade to unlimited.

  • Talking to your provider.

If you want a quick fix and don’t mind making a call then check with your provider. Give them a call and ask why it’s so slow, threaten to go to another network if they don’t fix it. They will usually fix it straight away if you threaten them with moving.

 Reset your router

On the back of your router there will be a little button that will reset it, press that and wait 30 seconds, then turn it back on again and see if it helps the problem. (Good old fashion turning stuff on and off always works.)

Change Browser

One of the best ways to speed up your internet connection is to change browsers, chrome is personally my favourite, it’s quick, easy to use, and very clean.

  • Clear add-ons and plugins.

If you’re running Google chrome, firefox or internet explorer, you may have to many plugins installed, got to: Settings > Extensions/plugins > Uninstall/Delete. That should speed up your internet. If you’ve got loads of plugins that you don’t need then deleting them is a great way to speed up internet.

  • Delete data that’s unused.

If you go to your history and select – Delete History – You should be able to delete things like cookies and history, things that just clog up your internet and make your machine slow down.

Virus Scan

You could have some adware or adclick software that’s killing your internet, so run malwarebytes to make sure you’re all good. You can use AVG but it sometimes doesn’t find anything. This really could slow down your internet so make sure you run something like this and see what the problem is. Adware is a nightmare as it uses up your internet, best to get ride of it quickly. – Hope you’re enjoying how to speed up internet.

Use Ethernet Cable

By far the easiest way to speed up a laptop or wi-fi computer. Just get an Ethernet cable for 6 bucks (even cheaper) and hook it up to your pc instead of using wi-fi, this will make your internet 10 x quicker, making movies, music and downloading a lot quicker. Test this before calling the network company, it may just be your Wi-Fi reach.


This will scan networks quicker than ever making it easier for you to pick the quickest one. Say you live in a block of flats and everyone is on the same channel this will be really slow. Say you moved channels using inSSIDer it will then speed up and make browsing a lot quicker at prime times. – This is how to speed up internet. Link to download.

Upgrade router

Upgrading your router can fix a lot of problems. If you need wi-fi and want it to be quicker you can upgrade from the standard router and get a more high-powered and better one. This one I recommended to people who watch a lot of movies and need a wider wi-fi range. – Here’s is the amazing router.

ASUS RT-N66U Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router

Price: $89.99 & FREE Shipping.

Pc Upgrade

Sometime your pc might need an upgrade, if you’ve got rubbish RAM, slow processor and no hard drive space you might just need to upgrade it. Try getting an SSD (solid state drive) and a new processor, your best bet might be getting a new computer. Just make sure it’s the computer first. To do that just try your computer without internet on and see if its still slow.


  • Turn your pc off over night.

If you don’t do this the RAM will fill up with useless stuff and slow the pc down.

  • Don’t download movie after movie.

If you can help it try not to download all the time, this will make the internet slow for others and make your internet run out quickly.

  • Don’t open too many tabs.

If you shut some tabs it will make your machine work better.

  • Clean your pc.

Get rid of anything that doesn’t look to good and that means software, movies, mp3’s anything that you don’t need that takes up to much space.