How To Start A Successful Blog On WordPress

This is the ultimate guide to starting a blog with WordPress. Today I will teach you some tips and tricks on getting your blog up and running and getting traffic, it’s very simple and if you follow this post you’ll be a money-making blogger in now time. I want to teach you how to start a successful blog and I find a lot of the information that you need is spread out so I wanted to put it all in one place. – Tell me what helped you in the comments! Is there any tricks or tips you know? Share them. If you want a full detail tutorial go to How to make a .com website for $14 with no code.

What you will learn in how to start a successful blog.

  • Themes
  • Hosting
  • Plugins
  • Seo
  • Writing
  • Tips and tricks

How To Start A Successful Blog On WordPress


You can build a WordPress site two ways, one, is you make it yourself, this can take a while and can end up being tricky if you’ve not got some programming and design background.

Two, you buy a theme, most the big blogs right now buy a WordPress theme and just customise it. I sometimes make my own but recently I’ve been customizing themes and just making them work how I want.

If you’re running a blog or a business this is the quickest way to get up and running. I usually use themes when I’m making a bulk number of sites or with niche sites like in the how to make $600/month with niche sites.

Great Theme Sites

How To Start A Successful Blog On WordPress


Picking a theme

This can be tricky and it’s sometimes hard to find the perfect theme for you. If you’re a blog then I recommend ThemeForest for great Blog themes.

There are loads of good blog themes I recommend Sahifa or simple mag. They’re both good for blogs, Sahifa is good for news blogs and if you want to get something that you can customise to a hole new level then DIYtheme will be the best for you.


Okay if you want a successful blog you need good hosting. I change my hosting around and a lot and try to find the best deals, I have a really good site right now called host gator and right now they handle my other blogs and niche sites.

If you go and get a nice shared hosting package that should be enough for a normal blog and they even have WordPress hosting at $3.95 a month. – This is the best hosting in my opinion for a successful blog its a must have. – Hostgator – Best deal.



Okay now you’ve started building a blog and have a nice theme and some great hosting, you need to update the plugins. Most blogs look rubbish without plugins and the plugins that you need to have are these.

Just go to the plugin menu and search for these, they all do something that you’ll need. The shareaholic is to get people sharing and the insert footer is so you can sign up to sites like google webmaster with ease and insert their meta data and get verified.

How To Start A Successful Blog On WordPress



A massive part of making a successful blog is having great on-site SEO. My advice would be to follow these tips that are below and make sure you build your site the best you can. On-site SEO is built up of a few things:

  • Meta data.

Make sure all your posts and pages all have a meta descriptions as this makes it look a lot nicer when people search on google for it..

Use google XML sitemap to make sure everything is running well.

  • No Spam (link spam, viruses, etc,)

Don’t spam articles, take articles from other people, have viruses all that stuff will stop you getting ranked.

  • No keyword stuffing. (writing your keyword loads in places it doesn’t make sense)

Don’t add loads of keywords to your articles, just add them where they fit in, after Google has seen a keyword 5 times or so it loses value each time after that, so it’s better to just focus on the content and copy.

  • No links to bad sites Ie (porn, gambling.)

Don’t link to bad areas of the internet, I personally will avoid sites that I haven’t used, personally just link to sites in and around your niche and try to keep from linking to things that look dodge. If you have to then make the link “No follow” so google doesn’t follow it through.

Takes some time and pick each keyword, don’t rush. Use programs like keyword planner to help you. There’s a lot more to on-site SEO and if you check out our SEO articles you’ll find it, just remember to take your time and do things right and not quickly.

How To Start A Successful Blog On WordPress



This is some of the best advice on how to start a successful blog it really is a must! Picking your niche is so important and can cost you time and money. If you’re a blog writing about cars, then stick to cars and understand that people who like cars don’t want to hear about kids toys.

You need to make sure from the beginning you pick a niche and stick to it. If you’re blogging for money then pick a high earning niche, there are loads from making money, weight loss, golf, cars, cameras, and so much more. If you’re in it for money then always choose a high-profile niche and focus on black hat SEO methods to get you ranked quickly.



  • Make sure you enjoy it

I love technology and making money online, it’s more of a game to me and not a job, that’s why I do it, it’s not a choir, sometimes it’s hard to write a massive article but I just do my best. You’ve got to love what you do, it will be hard to keep doing it otherwise.

  • Know your stuff

There are loads of things I don’t know about SEO, Websites, Gaming and Technology, but I just focus on the things I do know, so make sure you do the same and only say things you know are true, there’s enough niche’s out there that you should write one you enjoy.

Whether that means writing about skateboards, gaming, celebrities, just do what you enjoy and the writing will be easier.

  • Ask for help

It’s okay to ask for help, if you was to comment below I’d help you instantly and other people will do the same, if you need help in your niche or need to know more about blogging just ask.


Now once you’ve got a theme, hosting, plugins, SEO, and know your niche it’s time to start writing. You’ve got a few options. You can pay someone to write for you: hire writers, Freelancer you can do it yourself, personally I recommend doing it yourself.

It gives you more control over what you write about and keeps you on top of the game, if you hire a writer on one of the sites above then you’ll not have to spend too much to get amazing quality articles.

They write 700-1000+ $4.25 to $13.50  and $1.50 to $6.50 for 150 to 300 words, it just depends on quality. That’s very cheap and you can always use them on the side of your own content.

For ideas you need to use the internet. Look at bloggers in your niche, see what they’re doing, find out what’s needed in your niche, from advice, to a help article like this one. See what people want and give it to them that’s how to start a successful blog.



  • Post regularly

You need to post at least once a week and if you can try doing it 2 times, it will give your users something to do and make your blog get more content quickly, that will give search engines more pages to index, ranked and give your readers a reason to come back regularly.

  • Pages

Make sure you’ve got pages that have some text on them and have had some on-site SEO done. It will help you rank them on google.

  • Make it easy

People still like to be shown where content is and how to do everything. Make it easy for them to share, easy for them to find articles, and easy to comment.

  •  Check your competition. 

Look at how the other blogs write their content and see what looks the most popular. Look at things like comments, shares, and page rank on Google to determine the best writing style in your niche.



If you do all these things you’ll have a good-looking blog that should get some attraction in no time. All you need to do next is focus on social media and getting views. It’s that simple. Just stay on top and make sure you post regularly, it will help you keep you being successful and make your blog worth more.


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That was how to start a successful blog – I love trying to helping you guys out, this is just what helps me out and makes me have a better time when starting a new blog. It can take time and sometimes it will involve a lot of hard work, just start today and make sure you look up to some bloggers and get talking, we love to hear from you so comments are below or contact me on social media. – Sharing is caring so make sure you share.

How to start a successful blog on wordpress.

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