How To Start A YouTube Gaming Channel

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How To Start A YouTube Gaming Channel – I keep getting asked what the best way to get famous playing video games on YouTube is. People love the idea of getting money for doing something as enjoyable as playing video games. The first question is always “Is it possible for me to create a successful YouTube channel”, the answer is “YES!”. And the second question is always: “Is it easy?”, Hell no. It takes hours of work, a great content strategy and lots of wasted hours. Even though I’ve already created a few guides on how to build successful YouTube channels, this is my guide that’s dedicated to gaming channels and if you follow the advice, consistently over the next year, you will build a fan base and an audience that tunes in to watch you play video games.


One of the most important things you need to understand when creating a gaming channel is content quality control. You may wonder why some YouTubers can film 40 + minute videos and still get millions of views? This is down to subscribers and loyal fans, the quickest way to fail at the start is to create play through videos. No-body has the time to watch a 20 minutes video of you walking around, talking, especially when they don’t know who you are. So the first tips I’m going to give you are about creating high quality, enjoyable content.

Short Videos: At the beginning you’ll never want a video to be over 5 minutes (until at least 10 thousands subscribers). The most watched content on YouTube is around 01:30 to 02:00 (minutes), anything over this and you’ll get a drop off rate. People aren’t going to watch a new YouTubers 10 minute video, the time investment is to high, so by dropping it down to two minutes and making it pure comedy, you’ll get a much higher view count and subscriber conversion. Look at Vannos Games and take some tips from there video’s.

High Quality Videos: Every video you create at the beginning needs to be high quality. Get yourself this microphone if you’re are serious. Remember your number one asset is your voice, so it has to be heard cristal clear. To record audio get Audacity and to record your screen either use Camtasia (costs a lot) or Fraps (Basic version Is Free).

Editing Videos Correctly: You need a good video editor. I use Camtasia, it’s quick, easy to use and is perfect for gameplay. Camtasia works how you’d expect a video editor to work, it gives you control. If you need something cheaper get Sony Vegas. 

At the start you’ll usually be turning one hour of content into around 4 minutes, this means you’ve got to be brutal with what stays in the final cut. If there’s ever too much amazing content I make a part 2 (even if it’s two minutes long, it’s still better than going over 3 to 5 minute videos).

Don’t Release What You Wouldn’t Watch: Sometimes you’ll spend the whole day recording and you’ll literally have nothing worth editing. When this happens you’ve just got to pick yourself up and try again the next day. Don’t do what the popular YouTubers do and release it anyway. I’ve recently opened a few channels and I learnt that people don’t give a care about your content unless it’s great, so by releasing bad content you just risk losing a subscribe who would of subscribed if he/she watched one of your good videos. So don’t release what you and your friends wouldn’t watch.

Pick The Game Carefully: At the start you’ll want to pick games carefully. Don’t do lets plays as they’re boring for people who don’t know you and take too long to edit. Stick to:

  • Montages – Stunts, Kills, Deaths, Best Bits, Ect.
  • How To’s
  • Vlogs
  • Scary Games
  • Game Reviews

At the start you’ll really want to stick to game montages, just play games like GTA for hours on end and cut it down into a best bits video. If you don’t have friends to do it with then do stunt montages, fail montages and weird ways to die videos. People love that content.

Optimizing Quality Videos

After you’ve started creating high quality videos, it’s now time to optimize them. Helping rank, subscribers and views.

5 Videos Per Week Minimum: YouTube favors people who upload regularly. If you’re serious about becoming a YouTube star then you’ll want to upload a minimum of 5 videos per week. Now this isn’t as simple as creating 5 videos per week, you’ll probably be creating 10 maybe 20 hours of content to achieve 5 great videos. So it means recording two days in a row and editing the other 3 days. With that amount of good quality content going out, it’ll only be a matter of time before the subscribers come flooding in.

Meta Text On All Videos: You need to have a catching title, a detailed video description and keep SEO in mind all through both processes.

Your description wants to be 400 + words of relevant content. You don’t need to make much sense (people won’t actually read it), it’s just to tell YouTube what your video is about. This helps improve your ranking on YouTube search.

Thumbnails: Creating high quality thumbnails is another big part of learning how to start a YouTube gaming channel. You’ll want to take a picture of the game you’re playing, then add nice, easy to read text. I use this Thumbnail Creator to speed up the process.

Keyword Research: Go and watch this guide on Keyword research for YouTube. It’ll show you how to get thousands of views without doing anything.

Getting Views

Social Media: You need to create all the most popular social media accounts for your YouTube channel. Twitter, Facebook Pinterest and Reddit being some of the popular ones. You want to post great content on all of the social media platforms. It’s the main job after the videoing and editing is done. You’ve got to be funny, post pictures, talk about videos, share vines, even post quotes, anything to get engagement up. It may take a few months of doing this, but after a while you’ll start getting results.

Tumblr Network: If you’re view hungry, then buy this bot, create 20 Tumblr accounts and drive thousands of views to your YouTube videos. You can watch this video to learn how to build a massive Tumblr network:

Twitter Network: You can also build a Twitter network using this Twitter bot. It’s another great way to get loads of views and boost your social media following.

CollaborateOnce you’ve followed all the steps above you’ll want to start looking for people to collaborate with. Collaborating is the quickest way to build a following. Get on YouTube message loads of people with similar subscriber counts to you, go on forums and ask people, even use friends you may have on social media.

Meeting Other YouTubers: Go to events where you get a chance to meet other YouTubers. You’re not trying to become friends with the famous YouTubers, you’re trying to become friends with people in the same boat as you.

Advertising On YouTube: If you build a great achieve of videos then you can try YouTube promoting, you don’t need to go crazy, but $50 per week can help you maintain a study growth in subscribers.

Hacking It

Here’s some cheat guides that’ll speed up the process of you becoming YouTube famous. But shhhh, ain’t nobody got to know about this ;).

Fake It Till You Make It: I did a full guide on the Black Hat ways of getting views on YouTube. The guide explained how to buy fake views, subscribers, followers on social media, just about everything you need to get loads of subscribers. You’re just trying to make people trust the content you’re producing. Once they trust that content they’ll be happy investing their time. Best place to get fake views is here.

Fiverr: You can use sites like Fiverr to find people to do cheap jobs like build back links, give you fake views/subscribers/votes,create thumbnails and channel art Just about anything, all for Five bucks. Not to shabby.

Building Backlinks: Building backlinks will help you get ahead of the compertition. You can use this guide on Building back links to help promote your YouTube content: Building Backlinks On YouTube

Free WordPress Website (Worth $300)

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Thanks for reading this article on how to start a YouTube gaming channel if you need any more advice then please just use the comments below. I do my best to answer comments. Sharing is amazing.

How to start a YouTube gaming channel

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