How To Use Tumblr To Get YouTube Famous

How To Use Tumblr To Get YouTube Famous – This is going to be a quick guide that teaches you how to become YouTube famous using the power of Tumblr. I’ve used Tumblr for marketing for a few years and I’ve always found it easy to drive thousands of views to any website or YouTube channel using this simple method. Now this method can be done small-scale, but I recommend you do it bigger and better than this guide explains. The harder you go, the more views you’ll get.

How To Use Tumblr To Get YouTube Famous

YouTube Channel Creation

First you need to make sure you’ve got some good videos that people will want to click. Videos with titles like “How to edit a picture” aren’t going to work. You need to be doing videos like: “How to make yourself look incredible in any picture within 5 minutes.” That kind of title will make people curious and interested.  If you need any help making your channel look incredible then use this guide.

After you’ve got 5 to 10 videos and your YouTube channel is optimised and looking awesome it’s time to start the Tumblr strategy. Now there’s a few things I recommend getting for this tutorial.

  • 1. Tumblr reblog or queue bot.
  • 2. Private Proxies. (not needed, but recommended)
  • 3. Bulk accounts off fiverr.



Let me explain what we’re going to be doing in this guide. I’m going to teach you how to get loads of followers on multiple Tumblr accounts and then I’m going to show you how to send all your Tumblr followers to your YouTube channel, where you’ll earn money from Adsense and build your subscribers, views, likes and comment.


Step #1 – Creating the Tumblr accounts

You can create the Tumblr accounts by yourself or you can use Fiverr and get someone to create 30 + accounts for $5. I use Fiverr just because it saves time and allows me to do the more important things.

You need around 50 + Tumblr accounts to really see a big difference. This is why I recommend using a private proxy for every 5 – 10 accounts. All you do is create a quick spreadsheet of all your accounts then buy your private proxies and just assign 1 proxy to every 10 accounts and always use the same proxy while on that account you assigned it to.

Using private proxies is not something that you’ve got to do while using this method, it’s just something that I recommend doing for people in it for long-term gains.


What you do after you’ve created the accounts

Leave them for 48 hours and then sign in. Change the theme of all your Tumblr accounts. Then add a profile picture and make it so your queue posts 20 – 45 times per day.

Then you just need to work out what niche your Tumblr accounts are in. I recommend doing 10 x personal accounts and then making the rest of the accounts relevant to your YouTube channel. For instance. If I made make up channel I’d make 5x Tumblr accounts about make up and make up pictures. 5x Tumblrs about fashion. 5x black and white. 10x personal (just like a real persons account). Etc.

You’ve just got to pick niches that are popular and relevant to your YouTube channel. Once completed it’s time for the next step.


Step #2 – Getting followers on Tumblr

The moment that you’ve been waiting for… How to get followers on Tumblr. I once got my Tumblr blog network up to just over 1 million followers and it was all by using this simple method. Watch my video below and I’ll explain that method properly.

Do everything I talk about in that guide on every Tumblr blog you’ve got. This will take some time but trust me it will be worth it.


Step #3 – Queuing Your Tumblr Blogs

This will take some time when you’ve got 50 blogs and that’s why I recommend opening a spreadsheet with all your Tumblr blogs and when they were last queued.

I use Tumblr queue bot and the Tumblr reblog bot. This helps me get images that have tags, descriptions and click-through in a matter of minutes on 300 images. They’re both extremely powerful tools.

Which bot do you need? Well the Tumblr queue bot allows you to upload pictures straight from your pc and the reblog bot will automatically reblog pictures from anywhere. Example: I type in: gaming,games,gta. The bot will then search Tumblr and reblog images from them tags and save them in your queue.

Once you’ve got one of them bots you’ll just want to queue every Tumblr blog you’ve got, you can usually only run around 3 Tumblr queue bots on your PC at one time. This also depends on what type of PC you’ve got.

Usually you’ll be able to upload around 10 to 15 Tumblrs per day, so that’s 70 – 105 tumblr accounts that you’re allowed to have without getting a problem.


Tips for queuing images: 

Add descriptions with a click-through link to your video. Example: 5 Magic Steps To Looking Incredible When You Just Wake Up – Click Here. Now just add a link to the video and put that on the queue bot.

Add Tags. You need to add tags, You’ll usually want to have 3 follow tags, example: follow me, follow for follow, follow back. Then have 2 relevant tags: Make up, beauty. These are what gets you followers.

How To Use Tumblr To Get YouTube Famous

How To Use Tumblr To Get YouTube Famous


Do this on as many accounts as possible, be careful not to spam and if you want to keep your accounts for a longer amount of time be sure to get some private proxies. I’ve done this for years and it still works perfectly. Give it a try to if you need any help just use the comments below. I’m releasing a Tumblr money-making book soon, so be sure to comment if you want a copy of it.

How To Use Tumblr To Get YouTube Famous

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