How To Write Blog Posts – Ultimate Guide To Writing Articles

 How To Write Blog Posts – Everyone and their dog seems to own a blog in this day in age, but only very few are successful and that’s because the content isn’t created correctly. So, I’m going to teach you how to write flawless blog posts, that get attention, are easy to read, and most importantly, are fun to write. Let’s get started.

How To Write Blog Posts

Research Every Article (Starting With The Keyword)

Even if you know the subject inside and out it never does any harm seeing what others are writing about it.

My writing process usually starts with Google’s Keyword Planner, then moves to Google search where I check what’s ranking for my keyword and then I visit my competitions writing  and look for different ideas that everyone else is doing.

That part of the job usually takes around 10 minutes, as I usually look at 10 articles and try to write down as many ideas as possible. This also helps you beat your competitions writing and add more to the articles than they are.


Structure The Article

Structure The Article The Day Before

I do something called structuring an article. For example, say I was writing an articles called the “Top 10 Methods To Making Money Online” I’d write down the intro and the 10 method ideas, before I even start the article.

Then when I go to write the article, it’s like filling in the blanks, this speeds up the writing process massively and makes it easier to get started.



Challenge Yourself (5 articles today, means no articles tomorrow)

Before the week starts I already know how many articles I aim to do, so by having a writing day and just blasting them out, I can free up the time in the week to do other things, that are more enjoyable.

You’ve got to remember that you are the competition, so each day try to beat the time it takes you to write one article. And make each article, a little better than the one before.

This will help you grow and within a few months you’ll be producing better content than you ever have before.


Learn More About The Subject You’re Writing

If you want writing to become increasingly easy you should start studying what you’re writing about. Try listing to podcasts, watching YouTube videos and reading a book at-least once per week.

When I write a money making method, I usually spend a few days studying it and trying it myself in order to write the article, this makes it easier for me to talk about what I’m doing and after a few weeks you’ll start enjoying the process.

I reserve Fridays for article structure and learning, so maybe you should do the same.

Get Up Earlier (Less Distractions) 

On full writing days I usually get up around 1 am, this then gives me 10 hours to get all my writing down with minimal distractions.

Obviously you’ll not want to try this, but you can try getting up at 5 am, it’ll just give you a few hours to get the more important stuff done before anyone gets up and starts to bug you.

I always get so much more done in the morning hours and I bet you will too.

Good Keyboard


Get A Good Keyboard

It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to work. Using a laptops keyboard is not a lot of fun and will cost you valuable time and add lots of frustration to the day.

I recommend getting a keyboard like this one, it’s a great price and will really speed up the time it takes to write articles.


Create Good Content, Don’t Go For Word Count

You’ll see a lot of writers that only go for word count, this is stupid and actually makes the content bad and repetitive.

A lot of bloggers used to be so fixated on doing 750 words, they’ed just be cramming in long sentences, paying no attention to what the user wants.

You need to create good content first, then after try to make it as easy to read as possible and if that means taking out words, so be it.

Understand You’ve Got To Have The Bad To Have The Good

When learning how to write blog posts you’ll learn the frustration of a bad article. When you’ve spent 4 hours writing an article, received writers block 6 times and then after finishing it, you know it’s not worthy of posting.

These articles are a painful experience, but after a few months you’ll realize that you’ve got to have the bad articles to have the amazing ones. Just pick yourself up and start writing again. It’s the only way to learn how to write blog posts properly.


Take 5 Minute Walking Breaks Every 30 Minutes

On really big writing days, the kind where you do 10 + articles, you’ll want to take 5 minute walking breaks every 30 minutes, this helps stretch your legs, will wake you up and make it easy to continue writing.

I usually walk around the room I’m in, thinking about my next article and the ideas I want in it, I sometimes, even listen to a few songs to get me in the mood, whatever it takes. Just have 5 minutes off every now and then.

Be Careful About Distractions

Remove yourself from all distractions to help you get on with work. Writing isn’t something you can do with other people in the room. It’s usually quite hard to think with people around you making noise, asking questions or even watching TV.

For the first few weeks of learning how to write blog posts, try to go into a room that’s nice and quiet and just blast the articles out. This will help avoid distractions and help you make less typos and hopefully have more ideas.

How To Write Blog Posts

How To Write Blog Posts – These are just some of my tips that’ll help you write blog posts, if you need any more help then please use the comments below. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Cheers, Oli.

How To Write Blog Posts 


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