Incredible Local Advertising Ideas

Local Advertising Ideas – If you’ve read my blog before then you’ll know I enjoy online marketing, but something you may not know about me is that I actually manage offline marketing/advertising accounts for myself and other companies. Whether this is making the local restaurant more popular or helping a new service take off in a specific area, I handle it. So I thought it would be fun teaching you people how to create an incredible local advertising campaign with these amazing local advertising ideas.


Even in small towns the local newspaper will usually cost upwards of $20 per week for a tiny ad, this is normal and in my experience it’s a little hard to gain mass value from a small ad.

Instead I try to get my story in the newspaper.If you’ve got a story worth telling, a lot of small time newspapers will happily publish it. I create a story with loads of brand-awareness and around 8 times out of ten I’ll get it in the newspaper.

What’s better paying nothing for half a page of advertising, or paying money for a tiny box of advertising? I recommend you do both, find two – five local newspapers/magazines and get ads and stories put in as many as possible.

Bad Example: Oli at 101 Geek is giving away $150 to the person who can create him the largest Pizza…

If you need help picking a story, just look at the local press releases and see what content is trending in your area.

Incredible Local Advertising Ideas

Flyers – Local Advertising Ideas

If you own a local business and want to get people to know you exist try getting a few thousand flyers printed out. Then you can either pay a few people you trust to deliver them or do it yourself. Do it once every two weeks to a majority of the houses in your area and continue for a few months. Change the flyer and offer deals, savings and even an invite to an office party (Free food).

I’d say 9 out of the 10 takeaways I use are the ones who post flyers through my door and all my friends are the same, it works, trust me.



It doesn’t take much to get on radio and you can either do a radio add with a voice over promoting your business or you can try and get on a live show and do some talking about yourself.

Depending on the area you live in and the job you have this can sometimes be quite challenging. I had it lucky when I was 17 -19 because people would let me on to promote due to my age, now I’m 20 that luck’s slowly running out.


Get on the phone and start calling people. This is still one of the most effective ways to sell a product/promote a business and even though people hate sales calls, they don’t mind getting a friendly call from a local business.

Advice: Calling people can sometimes go wrong, especially if you’re just calling random people with no strategy. I recommend watching some YouTube sales videos, then building a list of relevant numbers in your area that’ll be interested in what you’re selling.


Business Cards For You And Your Employees 

This is an absolute must have. I use Vista Print to get all my business cards and it doesn’t cost more than $50 for 1000 +. You should always get main business cards and then custom cards, this encurages your employees to show people where they work.

It’s another way to promote your company. It’s also a good idea to go round all the bars, taxi agencies, basically anywhere people go to sit and wait and just ask if you can place 30 + business cards there.

You can also pin them to various message boards around your area.

Incredible Local Advertising Ideas

Get Social – Local Advertising Ideas

My biggest recommendation to all people looking to advertise locally is to get social. Start going out to all the local events, to all the bars, everywhere people hang out. You need to be as nice as possible and do your best to get popular. This will come in extremely handy for multiple reasons.

1. Word of Mouth: People will refer you to others if they like you and your service. People also gossip, so if you’re a nice person, constantly in the social eye, you’ll have no problem getting free publicity from people gossiping about you.

2. You can ask Favors: Once you get a good name for yourself you can ask cheeky advertising favors from others who’ve you’ve met on your journey.

Some of the best local advertising deals I’ve sparked up, have been at a social event or in a bar where someone takes a shinning to me and wants to give me a hand.

Throw A Party

When there’s nothing going on you should throw an office party and invite people from around your area to it. Promote it on radio and offer free drinks or food. Use this as a way to meet people and get more contacts.

It also looks good for taking pictures of your office packed with people. It all depends where you’re based, where I promote, a lot of offices are big and have a lot of outdoor space, but in some cities you’ll have to hire a bar for the day and just pimp it out with your flyers, bill boards and business cards.


Sponsor People/Events

Is their a fun run coming up? Maybe a race for life? Sponsor people in it. Get them some custom tee’s and donate some money to a good cause.

You can also sponsor a charity event and get people to attend it by yourself. This is great for personal image and it’s not as expensive as you may think. You’ve just got to go to your town hall, pick a few charities to donate too, get the local runners on board and some light entertainment and just promote it as much as possible using the methods on this list.

If you sponsor the event you can spam it with your promotions (probably the most expensive part of the process), it’s a great way to get more people on your side, make more friends and do a great thing.

This will get you in the newspapers and on the radio and be great for branding yourself and your company.

Incredible Local Advertising Ideas


Giving something away for free is always going to get you interest. You can do giveaways once every few months, in order to get people to help you out. For example, like and share our Facebook page for the chance to win an iPad.


Local Business Directories

Always be sure to be on the local business directories. It helps Google ranking and helps people find you. This works perfectly and is a really good local advertising idea for you to use.



You need to have a nice, easy to use website with all the details for your service easy to access. You can use my how to create a website in 30 minutes with no code guide or I’ll create you a website for free all you’ve got to do is buy the hosting and domain through my links.

Once you’ve got a nice website, be sure to mention the area you’re in through out it. This will help you rank for the area, so people can find you. This is a really good local advertising idea.


Be Consistant

You can own local advertising with these local advertising ideas, it’s just a case of being constistant. I’ve always said that people should go for little, but long term marketing plans over large, but short marketing plans.

If you’re consistant, people start to remember you and you’ll develop a trusted brand and become number one in your area.

You need to take your time and remember that self image is sometimes more important than the companies image.

Local Advertising Ideas – I hope you enjoyed this quick article explaining my local advertisinf ideas. If you need any help please just use the comments below. Have an awesome day.

Cheers, Oli

Local Advertising Ideas

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