Link Whisper Review – Internal Linking On Steroids [Plus Discount Code]

Building internal links is one of the most neglected practices SEOs do. If you do it manually, it tends to be very tedious and no automatic solution is good enough to risk employing it on your money-maker. Well, that might be about to change and if you read this Link Whisper review to the end, you will see why.

Especially the less experienced folks usually focus on churning tons of half-baked content that gets flooded with dubious links while they hope that the graph on their GSC or Ahrefs will surge north.

Unfortunately, SEO is not that simple.

Actually, it is getting more nuanced and complex with by day. Top notch SEOs are constantly looking for the cutting-edge advantages they can create to separate themselved from the pack.

Enter strategic internal linkbuilding.

Internal link building’s purpose is to emphasize the top content on your site, the things you want to push to provide value to the visitor but also to earn yourself some monnies.

How to choose anchor text for internal links?

I like to vary my internal anchors to hit different medium and longtails, but I’m also not afraid to use exact match, I don’t think you need to be nearly as cautious about your internal link anchors. You can really only stand to benefit by using variations.

How to structure your internal links?

Here is a great illustration made by Steve Toth, explaining a good internal linking archytecture.

Link Whisper

The plugin makes it much faster and easier to add relevant internal links throughout your site.

It’s definitely a time saver and takes a lot of the guess work out. I won’t say it’s completely perfect but I do know Spencer (creator of Long Tail Pro) will only continue to make it better.

Yes, you could simply add the links in yourself but when you want to save time – plugins like this are very handy!

One thing I’m hoping they add is an option to discover outbound links. At the moment, it only does internal links but it sure does save time.

🙂 Check it out for yourself…

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Here’s how Link Whisper works in a new post

Step 1: After you have purchased your license of Link Whisper, Install the plugin

Step 2:  Create a new post or page and get save your content in the visual editor as a Draft.

Step 3: Scroll lower to the section “Link Whisper Suggested Links”.  You can decide what links you want to include in your article under which anchors – pick and choose as you see fit.

Step 4: Publish the article.

Best feature

Speed! Adding so many relevant internal links has never been easier – it is a real breeze but you still remain in control what is linked and with which anchors.

What happens to the links created with Link Whisper if I were to remove Link Whisper?

Your links will remain intact!  All links added by link whisper are permanent even in case you remove or disable the plugin.  It doesn’t matter what type of WordPress editor you are using: Gutenburg, Classic, Thrive, or other visual editors (there are still some issues with this though but Spencer promised it will get fixed soon) – all links will get added in the editor and will remain even if you remove the plugin at some point in the future.

Can you upgrade later?

Yes! If you buy a 1 or 3 site license and want to upgrade to one of the bigger packages, simply login to your account by clicking “Login” on LinkWhisper.com.

Once in your account, simply click “Manage License” then click “View Licenses” and “View Upgrades”. 

This will show you the price to upgrade your account and you will pay only the difference in prices.

Pros and Cons of Link Whisper


  • It makes loads of suggestions and they are all highly relevant. There were complaints about poor suggestions in the early versions of the plugin but that is fixed now.
  • As mentioned above – speed, add inbound links in seconds to any post.
  • Complete control – you don’t have to insert links if you don’t want to. You pick and choose what to insert and with what anchor text.
  • Low price for the amount of time saved:  it is reasonably priced and charged on anual basis.


  • Does not make suggestions on external link opportunities:  Link Whisper has no feature that would suggest external outbound link opportunities. 
  • Does not build inbound internal links into the article you’re working on:  This plugin will not create links to the article you’re working on.  It only creates links from the post to other articles on your site.  In order to do this, you have to go to the main report page, click “Add” for that particular page (or post) and then build piles of suggested inbound links.


The plugin still needs some ironing out work but since the team behind it is top-drawer, experienced machine, no doubt the plugin is gonna get much better as time passes by.

Overall, it does make internal linking easier, and I love seeing which pages don’t have enough internal links coming in. Overall, I think it will be a great tool.