Making Money From Blogging

Making Money From Blogging – In this guide I’m going to teach you exactly how to make money blogging, by the end of this guide, you’ll be able to build an authority blog, with a big audience that earns you daily income. It’s not going to be easy, but as long as you trust me and ask questions you’ll be able to make money blogging.

Email Marketing

Lots of the best money makers online use email marketing as a way to earn money. I personally earn 60% of all income from the various mail lists I’ve built. So if you’re blogging and not collecting emails then you’re just poring money down the drain.

How To Set Up Email Marketing For Your Site: First go and start your email marketing campaign here for $1. After that you’ll need to create opt-ins for your site to collect emails. This took me around 5 minutes to fully setup on a WordPress site, but you can hand it over to your tech guy if you’re not sure how to do it.

Ninja Popups: Next you can buy a plugin like Ninja Popups that helps gain email subscribers, it raised my conversion 300% and takes around 5 to 10 minutes to install and get working with your email marketing list provider.

Free Content: If you really want to get lots of subscribers start giving free content to people who subscriber. Example: Subscribe to my mail list for 10 secrets to happiness or subscribe for 10 amazing money making tips. Give the people reason to subscribe and they will.

Making Money: You can become an affiliate to blog relevant products (I’ll explain this below), then when you get coupon codes, deals and new products you can send them to your audience. Example: $20 off hosting if you use code Oliisawesome at hostgator, get it before it runs out. You’ll earn $50 + everyone you sell.

Obviously you need to pick products inside your niche, you can use the comments below and I’ll help you brain storm some ideas. It all starts with starting your email marketing campaign here for $1.


As you may have noticed on the side of this blog there’s ads, these ads are supplied by adsense and earn money every page-view I get. All you need to do is insert the ad code into your site and then that’ll earn money without any work.

You can use different networks like BuySellAds, which give you a fixed price per ad space (you can earn a lot of money this way), again it’s all automatic and can easily fetch you a few hounded bucks a month if you’re bringing in the views to your blog.

OIO Publisher: If you really want to earn money then you can become your own ad network. OIO Publisher allows you to have self-serve ads on your blog, meaning people can buy straight through you. You get 100% of the profit and the money gets transferred into your Paypal. I use this on a few of my blogs, it’s great for busy people, who want to make the most profit out of each ad without having to do much work.

Affiliate Marketing

The real way all online money makers earn money is through Affiliate Marketing. You get rewarded for every sale/lead you sell. Example: If you sign up to Amazons affiliate program you get a special link to any product on Amazon, then when someone clicks your link, anything they buy off Amazon you get up to 10% of.

Guide To Making Money With Affiliate Marketing: If you want to maximize your affiliate earnings then you should buy this info product. It’ll teach you in detail, how to earn real money from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Programs:

Go and sign up to any of these affiliate programs and start making money from blogging.

Ways To Incorporate Affiliate Links

If you’re new to affiliate marketing you may wonder how people earn so much money with it. Here’s a quick guide on encoprating it.

Reviews: If you own any of the products you’re in affiliation with then review them. Do a full review, tell people what you think in detail and add your affiliate links.

Promotions: Do promotional articles talking about how awesome a product is.

Articles: Just add them to normal articles. You can get away with adding them in places that make sense, this is how most affiliates promote links.

How To’s: Create how to videos/articles that teach people how to do something.

All these types of articles will earn money, just remember to read that Affiliate Marketing guide, it’ll really help you out.

Social Media

I focus a lot of my resources into social media as it’s the quickest way to get an article attention. It’s also an incredible way to earn money. Using your following to earn money is easier than ever and is just as easy as using an email list.

Mylikes: The first and most popular way to earn money using social media, is to use Mylikes. All you do is get links to funny, weird and creative articles, that are highly click-able. You then post them on your social media profiles and every time you get a click you earn money.

Izea: You can use other networks like Izea that pay big money for posts on Twitter and other social platforms, even your actual blog.

Affiliate: You can also use your affiliate links and promotions on social media with amazing results.

Create Your Own Product

For all you ballers out there who really want to earn big money, you need to create something to sell. It doesn’t have to be a real item, it can be an eBook, info product, service, just about anything you can create.

If you’ve got a talent that no-one else does, or have an abiliate that may help some people, you can bottle it up and sell it using your blog following. If it’s a great product you can put it on ClickBank and let people sell it for you. With the help from your blog you’ll hopefully get the sales off to a good start and get things rolling over on ClickBank.


To maximize your earnings you want to be sure to create YouTube videos to go along with your articles. It’ll help you get double bubble. You’ll be getting paid for the views on your blog and paid for the views on your video.

Just start creating a few videos per week, connect them to your blog and then get amazed at the extra income you earn.

Get Sponsored

Last thing on the list is for you the people who’re in special niches, if you’re in training/fitness, gaming, travel, ect. Then you’ll be able to get sponsored. I’ve helped a few people achieve sponsorship deals, for example if your blogs about traveling then content a traveling company, show them your blog, ask for their help, tell them you’re happy to promote their company, do reviews of hotels and holidays, ask if they’ll sponsor you. If your blog gets a lot of attention then they’ll happily send you on free holidays all around the world in exchange for reviews and videos promoting them.

You’ve got to be high quality, clever and honest for this to stand a chance of working.

 Making Money From Blogging – This is the end of the article, I hope you’ve enjoyed, these were just some of the best ways to start making money from blogging, if you enjoyed and want more, leave a comment below and I’ll create an extend article. Have a lovely day and thanks again.

Making Money From Blogging

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