Marketing A Website On A Budget

Marketing A Website On A Budget – I have had to market many sites with near to no money and it can sometimes feel like an endless task, so I’m going to show you how I got this site and others that are even more successful up and getting views with a budget of near to no cash, it’s not going to be easy but if you put in the time there’s no reason why you can’t do amazing things with no money. Once you understand the rules of marketing online you’ll see it can even be easier to set a site up a site and market it with no money. – If you find anything useful in this post them please share it with them share buttons or like/follow me on facebook, twitter and google +.

Marketing A Website On A Budget


these are some free sites/tools that you can use to get views and gain profile/rank on your site, I recommend all of these plugins, sites and programs on this list.


WordPress Plugins

These are some easy to use WordPress plugins that will make your site easy to use and get you a higher conversion rate.

Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast is an SEO plugin that will handle things like meta data, social media, site map, permalinks and more. It’s free and every WordPress blog needs it. I think most people will use this on their site/blog and it really does work extraordinarily well.


This is great for adding social share buttons to your site, if you want to get some good press and to get some views to your site then it’s all about social media. These buttons are the share buttons that you use to share to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr and more, this can help you go viral.

If you’re looking for a free social plugin then this is the one you want, it will make it as easy as possible for people to share your content.

Google XML Site Map

In my opinion this works better than the yoast site map (free site map with yoast SEO plugin) and it’s very easy to install, I also found it quick to add to Google webmaster tools with no errors.

The only reason I use this instead of Yoast is because Yoast seemed to get more errors with my site map and this didn’t get one.

Google Analytics

Everyone who wants their site to earn money needs to use Google Analytics, it’s by far the best way to track visitors and help boast conversions by seeing visitors behaviour. If you download this plugin it will make it really easy to connect analytics to your site.

Marketing A Website On A Budget



These are just sites I use to drive traffic, they are all free and you can start using them right now, I’ll explain on each one how to use them and it shouldn’t be to hard for you to use and get the hand of them.

Yahoo answer

This isn’t the best way to get views anymore but is still worth trying.

All you need to do is try not to spam and instead help people by answering them, add a link or two to your blog/site and you’ll start seeing some traffic coming in via Yahoo Answer, make sure you do it properly and don’t just spam, take some time to answer and you’ll start seeing views.


Build a Facebook fan page and use your own profile to advertise new posts on your site, this will help you bring in some easy views and if you word it right then you’ll be able to get nice conversions and see an increase in views.


Twitter is a brilliant way to get views, go follow some people and maybe even type follow back into the search bar and follow people on that page, they will most likely follow back and help you get popular

Building up a little social following is key to being a success and after you’ve got one you can then start posting links to your blog, and you’ll start see some views coming in and sometimes it can go viral and start getting a lot of re-tweets, favourites and people talking about it..


I used to use Tumblr all the time for getting traffic, it was amazing. Now it’s died down a little as they’ve stopped descriptions showing in the tag search.

But still if you build an account and start posting regularly then you’ll hopefully build a nice following and start getting some nice views from it.

You’ve got to be patience and it will end up paying off, just make sure you’ve got your finger in every social pie.


Bookmarking you site with stumbleupon is a very smart move. It doesn’t always get tons of views but on top 10 articles and funny articles it seems to do amazing. So this can sometimes bring in a nice amount of traffic that can sometime convert into sales..


If you’ve got a good post or a good image you can pin it and see if you get any views. Food works really well on pinterest and I find that it’s aimed more at girls/women than men so female sites go down a bit better..


Most of you guys/girls will know what Reddit is and if not then it’s just a funny link dump kind of site, you can ask questions posts links to articles and sites, it’s really just a laugh that can get you a lot of views.


Non Free

This stuff might be a little better but can cost some money. I tried to get the best budget software/sites/advertising I could and this is what I ended up with.


Press Release

Press Release, If you’ve got some news to share then you can use a press release, this is a great way to get a lot of links and traffic back to your site.

I use this on new sites or when something big is happening to my site or business, it’s a great way to get publicity and it usually costs around 60 to 500 dollars and you can really just pick a price that suits you best.

Here’s some free press release sites
Here’s the better but paid press release sites


Facebook Ads

If you want a quick turn around you can always use Facebook Ads and put a few dollars on a day, this will help you go far and hopefully get you some traffic and teach you something about the power of social media advertising.


Twitter Ads

Twitter have made it so you can advertise your tweets, it’s a really good way to get some followers and bringing some traffic to your site/product, this can really help with getting you noticed.

You can also use it to get followers and it’s an amazing way to send a post viral, I’m still new to twitter advertising but I’m sure it’s very powerful if used right.


SEO Service

You can always get someone to manage your Search Engine Optimization. This will give you a greater ranking on google and other search engines and can help you to get where you need to be (on page one).

This can cost big money so it really helps to shop around and makes sure you’re not over paying as some companies charge a lot to provide SEO.


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Marketing A Website On A Budget – If you really want it and go for it with everything you’ve got then you can easily get where you want to be, with or without money. You’ve got to use social media and invest any money you do get into the thing that earnt you it. It’s all about timing and not giving up, I sometimes have to wait 3 months for a site to get a turn around and sometimes even longer, but when it does it’s and amazing feeling  and it can give you enough money to do the things you love. – Sharing is caring so remember to share as much as you can. – 101 Geeks.

Marketing A Website On A Budget

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