Mass Planner Review

Mass Planner Review – Are you looking for an all round social media management software? Well Mass Planner might be just what you’re looking for. This is my full review after using Mass Planner for over the last few months, this is everything you need to know about Mass Planner and what it can do for your social media accounts.

Mass Planner Review

What Mass Planner Does

Have you ever got sick and tired of managing your social media accounts? Things like following people, then unfollowing the ones who don’t follow back or liking pictures/content. Maybe mass messaging? Well Mass Planner handles all of that for you.

You just add your social profile, pick the job you want it to do each day and then it’ll do that job everyday without you doing anything.

Mass Planner Review


You can use it on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Some of the things it can do on each account: 

Twitter: Followers/Unfollower people everyday. – Favorites tweets. – ReTweets. – Scheduled tweets. – Bulk uploads images and posts them throughout the day.

Pinterest: Auto RePin. – Likes Pins. – Comments On Pins (Spun Text). Followers people. Unfollow if they don’t follow back. – Watermark Pins. And so much more.

Facebook: Joins groups in your niche. – Finds groups to join. – Scheduled content. – Posts clickable images. – Auto group post. And loads more little features.

Google +: Finds and joins communities. – Scheduled content. – Auto follow. – Auto Unfollow. –

LinkedIn: Join groups. – Schedule posts. – Finds target groups.

Instagram: Auto follow. – Auto unfollow. – Auto like. – Auto Comment.

These are just some of the features of Mass Planner, head over here to see them all.

Best Place To Buy Mass Planner

Mass Planner Review

My Worries At The Start

I have lots of random social media accounts. Lots are built through private proxies, but my main accounts I.E 101geek’s social media are used without proxies, so when setting up the software I was worried that I might get my account banned for suspicious activity.

So I started this test with 3 test accounts for one month and it worked perfectly, then I added cross network accounts I.E 3 Pinterests, 2 Twitters, 2 Facebooks. Again it worked perfectly, all the accounts without a proxy.

So, my worries we’re fine and now my main accounts all use it. But if you’re worried there’s loads of proxy settings that’re easy to setup and allow you to run loads more accounts, safely.

Mass Planner Review

What I Thought About Mass Planner

So I’ve been using Mass Planner for the past few months and it’s gave me 300% uprise in interactions with my content, saves me around 3 hours per day of work and has built my social following to the biggest it’s ever been before.

It took me around 5 minutes to completely setup this bot and it takes me around 1 minute to add a new account and a few seconds to pick tasks for it to handle for you.

I’m not sure where this software has been all my life, but one things for sure I’ll be using it everyday from now on.

The best thing about Mass Planner is that it launches on start up, uses little to know resources and handles all the tasks throughout the day, nice and slowly.

It means social media marketing always gets done everyday without me even clicking a button. All I’ve got to do is turn on my computer and then Mass Planner will automatically start building a following.

Mass Planner Review

Pro’s Of Mass Planner

Here’s a list of some of the pro’s of using Mass Planner.

  • Handles everything, everyday on multiple social media accounts.
  • Builds engagements and followers up instantly.
  • Quickest way to build followers.
  • It handles unfollowers which saves so much time.
  • It’s reliable and well built.
  • There’s add-ons that make the bot even better.
  • It takes no time to set it up.
  • Saves me 3 hours plus everyday
  • Is like having 10 bots in one.
  • You get a 5 day free trail here. 

Mass Planner Review

Con’s Of Mass Planner

It’s a monthly fee instead of a one off payment.

This can actually be good for people who don’t have $80 laying around though.

Best Place To Buy Mass Planner

Mass Planner Review


So, should you get Mass Planner? Hell Yes!! Whether you have 100 + social media accounts or just 2, you need this bot in your life. It’s quick, easy to use and does exactly what it says.

It’s very rare that you’ll find a bot that works this well, day in and day out and for the price you can’t complain at all. You get a 5 day free trail, which is worth trying out and once you connect your accounts to it you’ll be amazed at how quickly your following starts to grow.

I can’t remember what life without this bot was like, now I can travel, without worrying abount social media and I have extra time in my day to do the things I enjoy.

So, if you want to say bye, bye to social media marketing get this bot, set it up and you’ll never have to touch it again.

Watch them follow grow.

10 out of 10. 

Best Place To Buy Mass Planner

Mass Planner Review – I can’t fault Mass Planner as a software, it’s one of the best around and you just can’t go wrong with it. It handles social media management better than any other software and I’ve seen a massive rise in followers on m Pinterest, Twitter and likes on my Facebook. If you’ve got any questions then please leave a comment. Have an awesome day. Oli :).

Mass Planner Review

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