Quickest Way To Become YouTube Famous

Quickest Way To Become YouTube Famous – I’ve done loads of guides on becoming YouTube famous, but never a quick guide, this guide is going to teach you the brutal truth to becoming YouTube famous, this means I’m going to rant, go crazy and be completely honest about the YouTube industry.

YouTube Famous

Get Socializing With The Famous YouTube Groups

Look it’s no secret that the majority of YouTube famous people were friends prior to YouTube fame. In order for you to really stand a chance of getting YouTube famous quickly you’ve got to get socializing with the people at the top.

This can be done by going out more, going to cons/expos for YouTube famous people and interacting in their social groups/networks.

The quickest rises to fame have all been through referrals, so if you really want to get the top and get YouTube famous quickly, you’ve got to socialize with famous groups of people.

Rant: After spending the last week researching YouTube fame I was actually annoyed at the fact that around 80 of the top 100 YouTube famous people in the UK know each other in some way. Most of them went to school, were best friends or family before YouTube. I found that the only people who’ve made it on YouTube in the last year have been friends of someone famous. Sparks the question is there any hope for people who don’t have a friend and don’t want to cheat the system?


Do Something Crazy (Wheres That Condom?)

Doing something crazy for views seems to be the way a lot of people get YouTube famous. If you’ve seen the videos where people put condoms up their noses, do crazy pranks or do insanely stupid stunts, this is what you need to mirror in order for you to get famous.

Disclosure: Don’t do anything that’ll hurt yourself and then blame this article, if you do something dumb it’s your own fault ;).

Quickest Way To Become YouTube Famous

Film With Friends

Filming with friends is probably the first real way to start YouTube fame off. It’s not as hard as it may seem, you just get a group of your funniest,weirdest and craziest friends, you start featuring them in videos, do weird dares, have fun and see how it goes.

You’d be surprised how many people enjoy seeing content like this and it instantly makes content more funny/enjoyable to create.


Go To Niche Based Events

There’s loads of expos, events and meetups for you to meet YouTube famous people. If you’ve got a few free days every week then go to these meet ups. You’ll interact with people who you can collaborate with and then once you start collaborating you’ll gain YouTube fame at a much quicker rate.

Quickest Way To Become YouTube Famous

Compete In Competitions (Gaming, Weights, Etc) 

I’m looking to start a fitness channel soon and I know one of the best ways to get subscribers is to start competing in professional events. For example if I was a powerlifter I’d go to powerlift meet ups and weightlifting competitions.

When you take the stage they mention your YouTube and you can network with 100 + people each time. This could be a potential 100 + subscribers, every time you go to an event.


Go On Holiday (Keep Filming)

People love to see life outside their own, so it’s a great idea to go on holiday and try filming in different environments/locations. You’d be surprised of what you can achieve by filming in different places.

Next time you go clubbing, on a weekend break, etc. Take the camera and have some fun creating new content.

Quickest Way To Become YouTube Famous

Upload All The Time

YouTube favors channels that upload all the time. If you want to get YouTube famous try uploading a few videos every week. I recommend around 4 – 5 per week. This will help YouTube favor your channel and will make you more popular.


Keep Videos Short

One of the most important things for newbies is to keep the videos short. You don’t want to go over 2 – 3 minutes for the first few months of content creation. People aren’t happy to invest more than 2 minutes into a new YouTuber, so lower your videos time, make them funny and condense the humor into as little of time as possible.

Quickest Way To Become YouTube Famous


This is a quick breakdown of exactly how you channel should look like while trying to become YouTube famous.

Create Great Content: First you need to create great quality content, never upload something you’re not completely happy with. Take your time, look at other YouTubers, find people who’re successful and copy their filming/editing style.

Go Out Loads: The more you go out, the more you’re have to blog about. It does you the world of favors while content creating, to go out and do as much random stuff as possible. I personally go on runs, bike riding, snorkeling, camping, to parties, festivals, anywhere that allows me to create a good video and have something to talk about.

Film All The Time: Always have a camera on hand, I put together videos every month of all the really random stuff that’s happened, these are the funniest videos and usually get the most views.

Collaborate: Collaborate with as many friends, family and YouTubers as you possibly can, I make it clear that I’m happy to have people on my YouTube channel, I usually say the weirder the better.

Get collabing and start creating content that people actually want to see.

Quickest Way To Become YouTube Famous – The truth is most YouTubers know each other, if you look at the top 10 YouTubers in England, they all went to school together, are bother/sister or best friends before YouTube. It seems the only way to really get fully famous on YouTube is to break into that little YouTube click every country seems to have. If you have any questions then feel free to use the comments. Have an amazing day. Cheers, Oli.

Quickest Way To Become YouTube Famous

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