Social Media Accounts All Websites Must Have

Social Media Accounts All Websites Must Have – When you make a website you need to have a certain amount of social media accounts, these get you popular and help your site grow. I always find sites rank quicker with links from pinterest, stumbleupon, facebook and Tumblr, etc. So this should get you some traffic but more importantly get you some profile which will help you get views and gain trust. It will also be a great way for people to find you online and can really help build your social outreach. – These are just some sites that you need to sign up to and have accounts with. – Comment if you know any more sites and make sure that you share this post to help others out.

Social Media Accounts All Websites Must Have


Facebook is a must have, you need a facebook page to start your website on the social media train. As almost every casual user on the internet has Facebook it just makes it a must.

You don’t need to spend any money just make a facebook page with your logo, name, and some bits about your site and you can just connect it using a plugin or your webmaster.

You can also advertise it for more brand awareness if you’d like to expand your page quicker.

101Geek’s Facebook page is here, it’s still growing so please give it a like.



Twitter has to come into play, people will follow you if you give them something they want. As twitter is a little more anonymous than facebook you can follow people you wouldn’t normally think about.

That makes it great for businesses as people are more likely to follow you back, but sadly they probably won’t listen to what you’ve got to say but they’ll get your authority in the eye’s of Google.



It’s good to get your name on YouTube, even if you just do one video talking about your company it’s all in good spirit and can help you get views and get more publicity.

YouTube is a must have in my opinion and it really will make your site more awesome. As people like videos you should give them the option to have them.

I’ve got a YouTube channel go and check it out for ideas.


This is purely for business reasons. It’s always good to have a linkedin to get your sites name. All companies have one, they’re not really good for to much these days as it’s very crowded but if you use it properly you can get traffic.

You really do have to link this up to your site even if you don’t plan to use it.


Google plus

Most of you will know google plus and because it’s owned by google it’s a good idea to get on board with. It easy to create a nice business page and it’s good for getting your face out there. Really does good for branding.

There’s also a lot of people who use google plus, so if you get in with them you’ll have even more social media power. I find google plus converts pretty well with traffic once you’ve got followers so it’s, it’s a win, win.



You can get a healthy amount of views using something like stumbleupon with the right content. It’s a must have for a blog. It’s really easy to set up and you just have to link your site to it, it doesn’t need to be on a main page but make sure you use your sites name as it will stop people from taking it in the future.

You can stumble your own posts and see just how many people like what you share.



This isn’t a must have if you don’t have a lot of pictures or food on your site. If you have a girly site or something that’s really pictures friendly then it’s worth doing. I would sign up for the link to your site, it’s worth having but unless you put some effort into it, it may take time to grow. I did a full tutorial that will teach you how to get your first 1000 pinterest followers.



Digg used to be massive and it’s weird to see it go down so much, it’s still pretty big and I have to say it’s worth having an account on and submitting links too. It’s great if you’ve got a big audience and ask them to submit, if you get a lot of submits they will sometimes publish your article and you’ll get a link back to your site and thousands of views.

I have used it a lot and never had too much luck, but I do know people who have amazing luck with digg, it’s definitely worth trying.



Reddit is awesome and there’s loads of tutorials online that will teach you how to use it to get big traffic. If you post the right stuff and contribute to reddit you’ll have no problem getting views. It’s a great place, you’ll learn loads and see a lot of disgusting but funny things along the way.

It’s a great place to get traffic and I highly recommend it to you guys/girls. I would use it in a heartbeat and if you’ve got a funny site or news site it converts really well.

Just make sure you don’t spam or post rubbish as it will just get lost instantly.



Tumblr is out of this world. I still use Tumblr on most of my massive websites and it’s sometimes the main source of traffic. Sometimes it will take time to convert, but if you keep going for it you’ll eventually get there.

It took me a few months to get 10,000 followers using this method. Give it a try and see how easy it is to get tumblr followers.

Social Media Accounts All Websites Must Have

Social Media Accounts All Websites Must Have – You really need to sign up to all of these sites as they will help you gain views and gain publicity. It helps having sites like this just so you get more pages of google/other search engines, it will make ranking for your keyword easier. – Sharing is awesome so remember to share as much as you can. – Comment if you’ve got any sites to add to the list. –

Social Media Accounts All Websites Must Have

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