How To Increase Social Media Engagement By 300% Instantly on Twitter

How To Increase Social Media Engagement – I’ve recently started paying more attention to social media engagements and I’ve spent the last month learning how to increase them, in this article I’ll show you the most useful ways to get people interacting with your content, links and comments. I focused on Twitter, but some of the tips are transferable to other social media networks.  – If you’ve got any more tips feel free to leave them in the comments.

Social Media Engagement

Get Hootsuite

I’ve been using Hootsuite for nearly two months now and have managed to get people engaging with my content on a more regular bases.

Before I used Hootsuite I’d get around 5 – 10 notifications per day, now I use it I get around 30 – 90 everyday on each account.

Social Media Engagement

What Is Hootsuite?

It’s a service website that allows you to full manage all your social media accounts. The main featuring being it allows you to queue Tweets/messages on all your social profiles so you can constantly be posting things throughout the day and night without accessing Twitter constantly.

So, you’ll be able to queue as many tweets as you like, all with pictures, short links and tags.

  • Post 10 – 20 Things Per Day

If you want to get your social media engagement up using Hootsuite just schedule 10 to 20 things everyday. I personally sit down on a Friday and queue 10 to 20 tweets everyday till the following Friday.

This guarantees that I’m going to be posting loads of great content throughout the week without bugging people (By posting it all at the same time) or without missing a day.

This is what really allowed me to get my followers up.

  • Use Tags

Remember to use tags while creating messages on Hootsuite, tags allow you to be found by other people using the search function. This means you’ll gain more followers and have more people view your content (More on this below).

  • Use Pictures

When queuing your tweets try to add as many nice pictures as you can. Funny, emotional, quotes, motivation, etc. All works really well, so start posting at least 10 x image posts everyday.

  • Shorten Links 

In my studies I’ve found that people are more likely to click a shortened link, so use Hootsuite’s easy short link with every link you add.

Social Media Engagement

Follow 200 People On Twitter

Simple, effective and will give you higher social media engagement instantly.

All you’ve got to do is follow 200 people everyday and then unfollow the next day 100 of the people who didn’t follow you back.

Do this everyday and follow people in a similar niche to you. For example look at the biggest bloggers/website owners on Twitter and just follow the people who follow them.

This helps you get relevant followers and if you’re producing similar content you’ll start to see a much higher follow back rate.

Social Media Engagement

Ask People Questions

Do you ask enough questions? Most people on Twitter don’t and that’s the reason for not growing. Start asking questions and speaking to people on your twitter.

I do my best to make 3 – 4 of the 20 tweets per day questions to the people who follow me. I’ve met loads more followers and seen a much higher rate of people interacting with my Tweets because of it.

Social Media Engagement

Tweet People

You need to start tweeting to your followers and people you follow. Look for your main feed every day and try to find around 10 Tweets you can reply too. Then just reply to them and get the ball rolling, the more you do this everyday the more dedicated followers you’ll gain.

It’s not hard and as long as you have fun, don’t take anything to seriously, you’ll be grand and start building an even stronger social media engagement platform.

Social Media Engagement

Favorite 40 x Tweets Per Day

This is another simple yet highly effective way of getting social media engagement up. You just go to your feed and favorite 40 + relevant tweets everyday.

People on Twitter are nice and if they don’t repay the favor by following you back, I’m sure they’ll at least retweet/favorite something of yours.
Social Media Engagement

Retweet 5 – 10 Tweets Everyday

You need to also retweet around 5 – 10 tweets per day. They need to be relevant to your audiance and spread out throughout the day.

I personall do 5 per day, but the more the merrier, so if you’ve got time and really want to grow your social media engagement up then try to do 10 + per day.

It helps keep your Twitter profile valuable and it makes the people you retweet check you out and have a nose around your profile. Which then leads to more follow backs, favorites and retweets.


Tags Are Really Important

Tags are really important when it comes to growing your twitter profile. You should always use relevant tags that work with the content you’re trying to promote.

Example: Live Fast, Die Young ~ #quote #motivation

Just do your best to add relevant tags that’ll make sense to the people searching for your content. I usually add 1 – 5 tags to each post depending on the quality and demand for the content.

Social Media Engagement

Full Beakdown

This is a full breakdown of what your day on Twitter should look like:

  • Tweet 10 – 20 tweets using the queue feature on Hootsuite (Make sure at least 3 of the 10 – 20 tweets are questions for your followers).
  • Follow 200 people everyday
  • Unfollow 100 people who don’t unfollow back (Give them a day or two)
  • Tweet 5 – 10 people and start up conversations.
  • Favorite 40 x + Tweets
  • Retweet 5 – 10 relevant Tweets.

Do this everyday for the next month and you’ll see a massive increase in your social media engagement on Twitter. This has worked perfectly for me and I guarantee it’ll do the same for you.

How To Increase Social Media Engagement – HootSuite seems to be the go to website right now for increasing them social media engagements, give it a try and see what you think for yourself. If you need any help or advice with any of the tips and tricks in the article just use the comments and I’ll answer you as soon as possible. Have an awesome day. Cheers, Oli.

How To Increase Social Media Engagement By 300% Instantly On Twitter

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