The best gifts for gamers

The best gifts for gamers. – These are the must have gifts for any geeky gamer who loves PC. If you want to impress them and get them something they really won’t forget this is the way to go. – Remember to share this on social media. – Comments are below if you want to add anything.

CybertronPC 5150 Escape Gaming PC 

The best gifts for gamers 

Every gamer needs a good rig to play all his/her games maxed out. This gaming desktop comes with loads of spec from a FX-Series quad-core 3.6 GHz processor to 8 GB of memory, 500GB HD and an AMD Radeon HD 6670. Perfect for the gamer to play the latest titles and for a little more money you can get it with 16GB of ram a 1000GB HD and the GT640 Graphics card. It’s worth every penny and will make every gamer excited to have the new world of pc gaming at the palms.

Where to buyCybertronPC 5150 Escape Gaming PC.
Price: $659.99 & FREE Shipping.

Genius SW-G2.1 2000.

The best gifts for PC gamers

Another great bit of kit is these extremely awesome gaming speakers, they look the part and create sound like you’ve never heard, great for getting immersed into the game and really changing up the whole experience. At that price you won’t be able to find better and they really do make a great gift for lads/lasses who need some new speakers. If you’re in the mood to be awesome then treat them to these and let them feel what it’s like hear bullets wiz passed them while playing games.

Where to buyGenius SW-G2.1 2000.
Price: $99.99 & FREE Shipping.

SoundBot® SB270 HD Stereo Bluetooth 3.0 Wired / Wireless Headset.

The best gifts for PC gamers

If the speakers above are a little too much for you and you want something that only they will be able to hear, these Soundbots are amazing for gaming. Come with loads of awesome features and work on loads of devices, they are wireless for up to 12 hours and then you can plug them in and just use them with a wire. They mould to the ears and although they’re not made for gaming they still make it sound intense. If you want more of a gaming headset then check out the: Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930.

Where to buy: SoundBot® SB270 HD Stereo Bluetooth 3.0 Wired / Wireless Headset.
Price: $39.99 & FREE Shipping.

EVGA GeForce GTX770.

The best gifts for gamers

The ultimate gaming graphics card, if they’ve already got a good setup and you rally want to give them one of the best gifts for a gamer then this graphics card will blow them away and change the way they game, this graphics card is one of the best that’s out right now and personally one of my all time favourites. It will play any game released to date with High FPS, games like BattleField 3 get nearly 100 FPS on max settings, crazy stuff. If you want to play games that are high intensity and play them all flawlessly this is the GPU you need to have.

Where to buy: EVGA GeForce GTX770.
Price: $346.99 & FREE Shipping.

Steam $50 Gift Card.

The best gifts for gamers

Great if you don’t know what games they want. This 50 dollar gift card lets them buy games from the biggest online game shop in the world, it means they can buy games at really low prices and have them on their pc instantly. It’s simple to setup and shouldn’t take 5 minutes before you can start downloading all the latest titles for a quarter of the price ands sometimes even cheaper. Perfect for keeping mess down and one of the best gifts for gamers.

Where to buy: Steam $50 Gift Card.
Price: $54.95 & Free Shipping.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows.

The best gifts for gamers

If you’re a gamer who plays on pc and you want to have the best fun, this controller is a must have. It’s the best controller I’ve used on pc and it works with almost every game I’ve tried to use it with, it’s quick and makes for a better gaming experience. You’ve got all the same power of the Xbox controller but it’s just for the PC instead. Ideal for console gamers switching over to PC and a must for avid gamers who want to play car games and FPS games. I use mine all the time and you’ll make any gamer happy with one of these and it’s definitely earned it’s places in the best gifts for gamers..

Where to buy: Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows.

Price: $40.67 & FREE Shipping.
Mad Catz R.A.T.5 Gaming Mouse for PC and Mac.

The best gifts for gamers

This mouse is the best gaming mouse I’ve used with its 6 programmable buttons and it’s 2 regular left and right buttons you can customise it to work for you. It has some of the best FPS software to make it great for games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. It has grips, thumb scroller, and it’s customisable to fit any hand and can be changed to make for a better gaming experience, with configurations and a mode select with precision AIM technology, this all adds up for a great gaming mouse.

Where to buy: Mad Catz R.A.T.5 Gaming Mouse for PC and Mac.
Price: $64.37 & FREE Shipping.

Razer Naga 2014 MMO Gaming Mouse.

The best gifts for gamers

A little different to the mouse above, this mouse is for RPG games, it’s the best RPG mouse and will please any MMO/RPG gamer. it’s comes with 12 buttons that you can customise and it’s been built so one size fits all.

With the 8200 dpi 4g laser which is one of the most powerful mouse lasers I’ve used and loads of features that would impress any gamer.

Even has green LED lights to look amazing in the dark, with this mouse MMO gaming has never been so much fun and so easy to win.

Where to buy: Razer Naga 2014 MMO Gaming Mouse.
Price: $67.99 & FREE Shipping.

CM Storm QuickFire XT.

The best gifts for gamers

If you’ve ever heard of a pro gaming keyboard this is it, this is the cut the crap gaming keyboard that’s for pro’s.

Has so many effects that will blow you mind from gaming mode which disables all non gaming keys to stop you making mistakes, QuickFire mode means you can press multiple keys with no conflict, the keys have spring back and they are the best you can get.

If you’re serious about gaming this is the keyboard’s a must have and it really will take your gaming to the next level of awesome. This one is definitely a must have in the best gifts for gamers.

Where to buy: CM Storm QuickFire XT.
Price: $119.99 & FREE Shipping.


The best gifts for gamers – All these gifts would have made my day and still would make my day, if a gamer gets any of this he/she will be over the moon and more than happy. These gaming gifts are more than just gifts and I’m sure if someone receives one they’ll be overjoyed and exited to give it a go. So send this around and maybe give it to the gift buyer as a way to get an awesome present that you’ll never forget. – I will always come back to pc gaming as long as it’s this awesome. Comment if you need gift advice and check the rest of the site out for awesome stuff. – Sharing helps me grow so please share.

The best gifts for gamers

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