The Best Money Making Tools I Use

I’ve been dying to give something more to the fellow entrepreneurs of the web and I didn’t want to make a tool list just for the sake of extra affiliate revenue (even though there’s nothing wrong with that).

So instead of creating another resource page that will be lost in the sea of other tools pages I’ve decided to really pour my time in to this one and give you some of the best software I use to make money, build blogs and grow as an entrepreneur.

If I’ve built this page right you will leave with a few new amazing toys to try out on your money making journey… so let’s get this started.

The Best Money Making Tools

Long Tail Pro

This tool is easily the most important asset for any blogger, niche site owner or online business.

The power to be able to pick a keyword, have hundreds of results and be able to see exactly how hard it is to rank for a certain word is unbelievable.

For so long when I opened blogs I’d just rely on Google keyword planner and checking out the sites on first page google with my moz plugin…

…Now I literally click a few buttons and know exactly how much work it’s going to take to get a page one ranking.

This software is an absolute dream to work with and it an absolute must for me.

The Best Money Making Tools


I’ve played around with a lot of social media queuing plugins but as of now I’ve stuck with Hootsuite as it’s the best.

Now don’t get me wrong it can sometimes feel like hootsuite just wants your money as everything is pretty expensive (past the monthly subscription)… But if you’re just like me and just want to be able to queue all your social media posts in one place then the price is amazing, it’s easy to setup and it always does the job. Just don’t buy any metric data :O.

PS: Anyone in niche blogging or with more than 5 sites needs this as it’s the only way I know to maximize each social account without losing hair from stress.

The Best Money Making Tools


The most powerful SEO market I’ve ever used…

…Source market is a carnival of SEO greatness and in the right hands can be used to rank any money site to page one.

This really is my hidden gem… It’s a site I use for YouTube, Blog and Business SEO and out of all the service sites I’ve worked with konker has been by far the best.

Don’t get me wrong you’ve still got to buy with your wits, but it’s really a step in the right direction.

PS: You’ll be hearing a lot more about how to use Konkers services from me over the next few months.

The Best Money Making Tools


I’ve always brought my themes from theme forest and then spent days customizing them.

It worked perfectly, but I finally got fed up of having to spend hours trying to make themes look usable… It’s almost as if 90% of the themes I buy from themeforest take days to get working.

Recently I tried Themify and without a doubt the themes are a dream to work with.

So before you buy anywhere check out the two greatest blog/business themes I’ve ever used:

The Best Money Making Tools


My passion is SEO and blog creation and it has been for years.

And I seem to get hundreds of emails a month asking me for help creating blogs that will make money.

Therefore for the past month for a limited time only I’ve decided to start creating blogs, not just blogs, but the most breathtaking high-quality blogs money can buy. 

Now I’m the one customizing, doing graphic design and the SEO for this service (to make sure it’s done at the highest level).

Because I am making them all, the number of blogs available that I can make per month is limited and the time this service will be around (especially at the price it’s at)  is not very long.

Most marketers would charge $3434+ for this (once you add everything we offer together)… But I’m doing it to help get you guys and gals started and I know that no beginner has a thousand bucks to chuck into a blog.

So for the first month, I’m giving away custom blogs with on-site SEO, graphics, logos, domains, top level hosting, SSL, top notch security, speed optimization (worth $300) and just about everything you can imagine for $600 (+$50 per month maintenance).

You also get: 

  • Me sending you 5 amazing money making articles that will be easy to rank on Google. 
  • A full site audit once per month with real feedback on your writing, sales approaches and what you should change. 
  • My money making course, which teaches you how to get traffic and start making money (worth $500). 

Honestly, I don’t make much profit per sale of this service and if you look around the internet you’ll not be able to find anyone who gets 3 million views per year blogging who’s willing to create you your own blog using the same blueprint they use that’s been so successful.

I picked that price because it’s the cheapest I could do it and I want to add real value to as many people.

But as I’ve said it’s for a limited time and it’s just to give you all something truly awesome.

The Best Money Making Tools

WPX Hosting Formally known as Traffic Planet Hosting (Amazing)

I’ve hosted 101geek with WPX hosting for years and they remain the best hosting company I’ve ever worked with.

They’ve got very speedy hosting, loads of features and offer an SSL that takes 60 seconds to install!

These are the go to hosting company I use on almost all of my BIG money making sites.

The Best Money Making Tools

BlueHost (Cheaper Alternative) 

I work with tons of hosting companies, but it all ways comes down to WPX for my big sites and BlueHost for my smaller (still important sites).

They’re just cheaper to work with and offer a really easy to setup service, at an affordable price.

The Best Money Making Tools


I love gaming and I try to game at least 5 hours plus per week (my little secret).

Right now I’m blasting through Rainbow Six Siege and what an epic game it is (if you have a pc contact me for a game, I’m curlylad on Steam).

Anyway, even when you have money there’s no need to be ripped off buying games and that’s why I get every game I play from Kinguin… Is it wrong? Yes… Does it save me thousands of dollars per year yes!

Basically Kinguin is filled with people who buy steam game codes during sales so you can get almost any game for at least half the price… Now I don’t do it with indie games, but AAA titles… Who can say no?

The Best Money Making Tools

Tumbling Jazz

Tumblr has never been so powerful when it comes to ranking on Google, getting views and building links.

Tumbling Jazz is the ULTIMATE Tumblr bot and with it you can make money, build fame and do incredible SEO all at the click of a few buttons.

Now Tumblr has changed, you do have to be more on the ball than you used to be… So use your mind, pick good niches, promote products people want, build relationships with followers and create your own content and you’ll still absolutely make a killing using Tumblr.

The Best Money Making Tools

Logo Nerds

I’ve recently started creating most of my logo’s myself, but before this (and when I need something really special) I always go for Logo Nerds.

$27 and they’ve given me some of the best logo’s I’ve ever seen.

Their service is quick and the concepts they give are always incredible.

Seriously my biggest issue I have when using them is picking a logo concept out of the 3 they give me…

The Best Money Making Tools

Private Proxies: SquidProxies

If you’re going to be messing around with mass social media accounts you’re going to want some solid private proxies that don’t get banned. I use Squid Proxies for all my social media private proxies, so far I’ve had no bad experiences and would completely recommend them. But if you’re getting private proxies for link building/bots that need to use Google, I’d recommend going with someone else. I’ve heard people talk about Squid Proxies getting banned from Google, this isn’t a problem for people who’re using bots like the ones above, but if you’re using software that has to browse a search engine then you may have some trouble.

The Best Money Making Tools

Optin Monster

90% of my sites capture emails using optin monster, it’s simple to setup, easy to monitor, has loads of features and is my favorite optin software.

I’ve worked with thrive, optimize press, opt-in ninja, etc… And optin monster just creates cleaner designs (for now at least anyway).

Affiliate Networks

The networks below I use to source most of my affiliate links. I occasionally join a program that’s run by the site itself, but if you’re a beginner I recommend using affiliate networks. It’s easy to keep track of money and there’s less risk involved.





These are the marketing tools I use to build, create and grow blogs. I’ll do my best to keep updating this list so hit the bookmark button.

PS: 101Geek now has full support, so if you have a question for me just send it through and I’ll answer it within the day.

Thanks so much and have a wonderful day, Oli.

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