The Highest Money Making Survey Sites

I just started dipping my toes in the world of paid surveys and in honesty it’s been a long time coming.

But why has it taken me this long?

Well, I always thought paid surveys were a SCAM, it sounded way to good to be true, I answer some questions and I get paid… I just didn’t see a way it could work.

Then I got older and I realized the importance of a survey for a company and found my personal favourite paid survey site of all time… SwagBucks (Gift Link).

Today I’m going to be explaining my all time favorite survey site, show you another 5 amazing survey sites and give you some amazing tips and tricks for making money with surveys.


I’ve promoted SwagBucks for the past few years as it’s a gold mine for low to no effort money making.

Is it a Scam? 

No! I promise you.

In fact Swagbucks has been running since 2005, has A+ ratings on all the review sites and watchdog sites and has thousands of amazing reviews, and is the safest survey website online.

How does it work?

You do little jobs that they ask and you then earn SwagBucks (SB) , once you have reached the threshold you can translate the SB into gift cards on Amazon, money on Paypal and other stores.

As I write this it’s around 100 SwagBacks (SB) to the dollar and the minimum payout is 500 SwagBucks for $5.

But there’s tons of ways to make money…

Here are a few options: 


The quickest way I’ve seen to make money is answering the surveys. Now,  they take anywhere from 10 – 20 minutes and once you get in the motion you could easily earn 8 – 10 dollars per hour.

I know that’s not tons of cash, but it is an amazing way to go from zero to earning a wage. And with 10 hours of work per week you could earn $80 – 100 bucks and that’s pretty damn dandy.

Second, it all depends how quick you can answer surveys.

Third, You can mix this with the other methods below to make even more SB.


Yes, SwagBucks actually pays people to watch videos in a ton of different categories (entertainment, home & garden, news, music, food and more).

The down side is right now people are limited to earning 150 swag bucks per day using this method, but still mix it with the above for a little easy cash.


SwagBucks allows you to make money while you shop on sites like Amazon, Best Buy, Nike, Hotels.com, if you make a purchase you get SwagBucks on amazon (it’s 3 SwagBucks per dollar you spend…).

…Now this isn’t a brilliant way to make money, but it’s definitely an awesome way to save money on things you were going to buy anyway.


Thought videos were awesome? Think again! SwagBucks pays to play. Now I don’t believe you can earn a huge amount with the games, but it’s worth signing up for just to accumulate money for a new game every few months, by doing nothing (but game!).


SwagBucks has it’s own search engine that is powered by Yahoo. They will pay you to use it, so as a side way to make cash just use their search engine for all your searches.

The real way you make effortless money with this system is to build it into your life and let it work for you and the searches is the number one way to do that.


Are there any savvy shoppers out there? Well you can save on your shopping and earn SwagBucks!

Just use their coupon feature, you print them out, use them and earn SB, now it takes a while for the money to clear, but if you use them all the time you will likely not notice.

Plus, you’re saving on your groceries too! Woooo!

PS: I’ll be honest and say I get nervous when it comes to using coupons, so… I’ll leave this one to others ;).


Don’t Over Do It: The trick to making money with SwagBucks is to find the balence of reaching your daily goals and knowing when to stop.

You see SwagBucks rewards people who spend an hour per day more than people who spend 4 hours, because thy cap some of the earnings methods like the video and the amount you can search, plus things like daily poles.

So, find that balance and you can easily earn an extra $1000 per year.

Create Multiple Accounts: But if you want MORE! And you’re looking to 10x your profits you could always create 2 – 3 SwagBucks accounts… This probably voids their Terms of Service (be warned), but I do know a few people who have multiple accounts and reach the daily goals on all of them for more SwagBucks and easier earnings.

As I say this probably goes against some rule they use so use your smarts, different paypals or amazon accounts, etc. :).

Multitask When You Can: You can do the Swag Bucks videos/TV options in the background of whatever you’re doing (while you work on your PC), you don’t have to actually watch all the videos…

Use The Mobile App: The mobile app pays you more, so be sure to use it along side your PC. Remember to do all of your searches through SwagBucks search engine (PS: Don’t over search as they’ll tell you off).

Get Your Family And Friends On: You can earn money from reffering people, so refer your friends and family, also if you’ve got a partner, child, or friend in crime, do it together, you could have your whole household bringing in extra cash on the side without any real effort.

Reach Your Daily Goals: You earn extra if you reach your daily goals (explained once you join). Be sure to complete the daily goals everyday without fail.

Swag Bucks Is Only In A Few Countries Fix: If you’re like me and travel a lot or just live in a foreign country you won’t be able to sign up to SwagBucks, all you do is get mozilla browser and install anonymoX extension and you will be able to sign up. ?


On standby I’ve seen many people earn an extra $1000 per year which is easily enough to pay for Christmas or a nice holiday.

That money is with people who work full-time jobs that use the app in their spare time… On lunch breaks, train/bus rides, before work, etc.

If you were to put more time into it you could easily double or triple that.

But, I find SwagBucks is a much better program for part-timers looking to make some extra cash and have an hour or so per day to spare, as it seems that if you spend more hours it actually gets harder to make money.

My recommendation is to mix this up with a blog, maybe a YouTube channel using the other advice on this course and that will build a really stable income in no time.


Since I’ve been researching the survey money making method I’ve found that the best way to earn $$$$ per month is by mixing up the survey companies you work with.

Now the next part of this course is how to earn $1000 plus dollars per month using Survey websites and I’ll be teaching you exactly what to do, but for now I’m going to give you one last tip and 4 of the best paid survey companies in the world so you can go and create accounts and start making money:


Is easily my second favorite survey site of all time.

It’s another great paying site with options to do surveys, play games and shop online.

They’re 100% legit and have been going for years with loads of positive reviews and tons of payouts.

I personally recommend mixing this and SwagBucks together for unbeatable results.


Is my third favorite survey taking website, it’s basically the same as SwagBucks, just a little less famous. They definitly pay and they have an amazing list of online reviews.

Again, if you’re feeling brave you can mix this with Swag, Inbox Dollars and really cash in. I’ll be featuring these three programs in the next course update so be sure to sign up and get ready for more amazing information.

3. I-SAY

I-Say is another site that definitely pays you for your work. The surveys are a little harder to qualify for, but as a side income it’s a really great site to use.

I personally prefer inboxdollars, but I-Say is still a great back-up.


If you want to earn a full time living with surveys you need to use more than one company:

  1. Because  you should never put all your eggs in one basket and if something happens to one of the companies you still have the other ones to fall back on.
  2. Most survey companies have a cap to how many surveys you can do or how many they actually have. So by having more than one site you always have many to choose from.

But the real tip is to be focused!

You can’t start with 5 companies all at once, pick two, start making money with them, then add another, then another and so one. The worse mistake you can do is try and juggle 5 balls before you’ve mastered juggling two.

So, stay focused, start slow and learn the art of the SURVEY SITE!

I’m going to go into a lot more detail about this method in the up-coming course articles (Part 3 is here: How to earn more with Swag Bucks), so if you want to know anything else about it just leave a comment below.