The Hoth Review – Best Seo Service?

Is The Hoth one of the best seo services money can buy? I’ve recently started using The Hoth on a few of my big niches sites and I wanted to make a review about my experience using this service and what it may be able to do for your business and SEO campaign.


I’ve been humming and arring about using The Hoth Seo service for around 2 years now. After being burned by more than my fair share of doggy link building services I’ve learned to processed with complete caution.

But recently I saw Dumb Passive Income do a review and was actually reminded of how much I wanted to give The Hoth a try.

I’ve also been looking for an SEO service I can promote to you guys, due to lots of you asking me how to drive traffic to your Fiverr reselling sites and other niche sites.

More on money making with The Hoth below.


The Hoth is for anyone looking to boost/add variety to their sites SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

For example if you’ve got 10 great blogs that you can get linking to your sites, maybe a PBN, then you can use The Hoth’s SEO package to add some variety links, so there’s not just one type of link to your site.

This stops you getting hit with a google penalty and helps your site grow.

So to answer your question The Hoth is for anyone, whether you be setting up niche sites or building links to your big money site.

It’s a great solution to your SEO link building needs.


Since I’ve started The Hoth I’ve tried two different link building campaigns, one for a new niche website and another for one of my most popular money making websites. Below is my recommendations:

Low End SEO:

  • Get all your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Etc) and build 1 link per day on each. Example: Post a link to an article on Twitter, then on Pinterest, etc. Make sure you build the followers on all your social accounts too.
  • Do that for 1 week.
  • Then go looking for link opportunities: Guest posts, paid posts, sponsored posts. You want to aim to buy/do 1 – 5 of these per month.
  • Now start a Platinum (Filipino writing), you can do a “Mini“ or “Results” depending on your budget. But $250 for the platinum service is incredible. Get one of these every other month.

Repeat this and you’ll start growing your sites rank almost instantly.

High End SEO (My High End Sites Campaign):

  • Social media accounts all posting links. Paid Facebook advertising to speed up audience growth, lots of work on Google + and one to two links built on each profile per day.

I then built these accounts for 3 weeks while using The Hoth mini with english written content.

  • Then purchase The Hoth Platinum package with English content. You can get the results package if you want. I buy one of these every 1 – 3 months.
  • Private Blog Network links – I get 1 PBN with 5 – 10 sites and I use them to link to my money site.
  • Search for every guest post and sponsored post opportunity in my own niche and try to get around 5 to 10.

Tip: Make sure you have seriously varied anchor text, things like click here, here, there and naked URLs (Example: https://101geek.com or 101geek.com) do this on both low and high quality campaigns to remain penguin safe.


Once I saw the review on Dumb Passive Income I quickly looked through my money sites and niche sites in order to find an ideal website. I had one niche site that was 3 months old, with big social media profiles (1000 – 5000 + followers/likes) and had a variety of anchor text on the links.

The site was completely white hat, but in a niche that had a lot of black hat competition. I started using The Hoth Mini just to test things out, I had some fun and after a month saw some nice raises in search results. I then decided to really go for it and grab a platinium with filipino writing. This got my site to page one and actually bumped up my affiliate commission more than enough to cover buying the hoth a few times over.

A month later I worked on the variety of links building some by myself and using social media to add lots of variety. It help because I was releasing regular high quality articles/videos every 4 days.

I then brought it again and haven’t looked back, I recently tried it on one of my biggest projects and so far I’m seeing amazing results. If you want to know how it goes just use the comments and I’ll update you on my progress.


I know you guys/girls love to know how to make money and The Hoth may be one of the greatest ways you can earn income through affiliate marketing. Here’s two ways you can make money:

Create a Fiverr reselling shop like the one I showed you how to create, then do the low quality link building campaign and start building social links, sponsored links and then get yourself The Hoth and start really working your SEO campaign.

Niche sites: Go onto Amazon, find a niche that’s high quality that you know you can dominate, create content and start building links, make a quick easy to use shop with the best selling products and reviews. Sit back and earn money.

So far I’m very happy with the results. If you want to know anything more about my campaign feel free to leave a comment below and ask :).

The Hoth is certainly a unique service that I can recommend to people looking to try something new. It’s a really good software to use and in my opinion it’s a must have in your like building campaign, you do need to have different style likes and create a lot of link diversity in order to remain safe in the eyes of Google and the more you use a software like this the better your SEO campaign abilities will grow and the more more you’ll earn online. If you’ve got any questions please use the comments below. Have an awesome day.