10 Things You Need To Have A Successful Online Business In 2020


If you want to make money online now is not the time to copy others. Look around, I mean look at the top. You’ll see people who’re killing it all on their own way.

Yes, they all follow marketing advice and make money in similar ways, but the really successful define themselves and create an audience of fans.

Whether you’re a plumber, blogger or a beauty YouTuber you’ve got to be “The go to”.

A sure way to become just that is to zig while others zag. Everyone marketing on Facebook? Jump over to Google.

Everyone slowing down their marketing budgets? Higher yours.

Everyone focusing on creating a blog, focus on creating a product.

You do this and you’ll always be successful.


We’ve all heard of people saying “do less” and “less can achieve more” and they’re right it can.

But, if you start with the attitude to only work smart, you know what happens? You end up spending 50% of your time planning and you know where that gets you? In debt.

Trust me I tried the whole high quality content malarkey and you know what? It only works if you’ve got the budget and the money making know how to market the content like a madman/women.

So really what I’m saying is devote 60% of your energy to zag and 40% to zig.

So if everyone’s trying Facebook ads, jump on learn how to do them with the 40%, but then use the other 60% zag to find the next hit ad network.


Right now there’s so many ways you can expand your brand online, whether it’s creating an online course, a membership site or academy. Partaking in an online course, memberships, workshops or immersion products yourself. Even expanding your marketing abilities on social media and ad networks.

Right now the experimenter inside yourself should be getting tingly and excited at the thought of how many opportunities wait for those who’re happy to take them.

So even though you may be like “Oli I need a new car, house, holiday, etc” you can have all these things.

You see the more you invest the bigger that 10% for yourself will become this year.

Plus after this year those opportunities above will become over saturated and you’ll have to wait till the “Next Big Thing”.


You’ve probably think you’ve already heard this, but hey you should defonitly continue reading.

I honestly believe that 90% of people miss out on the easiest money making methods due to waiting around, days, weeks, months.

You see you need to strike while the motivation is pumping. If you do then that motivation gets stronger and you become more excited. If you don’t you’ll achieve nothing but disappointment.

So, don’t wait around if you’re thinking about trying Facebook marketing do it. If you’re thinking about buying a course for 90 bucks do it.

Even though counting the cost can be valuable it can also give risk takers a chance to take what’s yourself forever.

Don’t always count the cost.


People try promoting their site with Facebook or Google Ads and within one week they’e usually down the whole $300 and quit using these networks for promotion and instead stick to free promotions.

When really what these people should of done is experimented with less money, constantly change their game and invest in learning on course, books and programs.

Do this instead of giving up and you’ll start dominating.

However if you don’t do this you’ll leave a nice big gap for your competition to dominate you.

Okay, so that got real heavy and I hope you got some good takeaways. If you need any help or advice send me over a message. I hope you have an awesome day.