Top 5 Money Making Blogs

Top 5 Money Making Blogs – I’m constantly looking for money making advice and tips online that I can try and share with you people. I’ve got a few favorite people and because I keep getting asked what blogs I read, I decided to create a top 5 money making blogs list, with only people that I read and practice what they teach. These are my favorites, but feel free to leave a link to your favorite or your own in the comments below.


Pat has to be one of the best money makers online. With one of the best blogs I’ve ever seen.

He teaches people everything from how to start a podcast, to how to create a niche site. He works really hard and all of his work is above a certain quality.

He posts all his earning and the exact way he earns them. For example he earned just over 120 thousand dollars last month and he teaches you exactly how he did it.

Now I love he’s content and I try my best to stay pretty up to date with it. But it’s not completely in my industy. See he does a lot of amazing info product and courses that must costs ten thousand + dollars to setup, but once you get past that, there’s loads of really helpful content that’ll help you grow as a money making online and offline.


I only recently started tuning into Making Sense of Cents. I saw their income report and got interested about the work they do.

Again they have a really clean website and are online money makers. They’ve got a cool life and they blog about it all. My recommendation would be to go and check out their website and just look at their blog. Look through a few pages and you’ll just see content oozing out at you.

They don’t focus on any one category, some of it’s about money making, other stuff is about saving money, some is about changing your lifestyle. It’s all everywhere and most of it is worth a read.


Dumb Passive income is actually one of my favorite bloggers and the only problem is he waits so long between blog posts ;). I’ve had a lot of fun reading he’s blog posts and I love he’s guides on running niche sites.

He gives honest opinions and is worth a read. You can learn from his mistakes and you’ll get some good information on money making by checking him out.


This guy is another awesome blogger, again he doesn’t post loads of content but if you’re into Amazon affiliates then you’ll have a field day checking him out. He actually just did a really interesting article on Amazon niche sites and I do recommend reading it. It’s full of loads of information and showed me a thing or two about Amazon niche shops.

So, if you’re looking for a new challenge and want to earn some extra money online then go and give Passion Into Paychecks a try and see what value he can offer you.


Now this guy isn’t one of the top money making blogs, but he does have clean, easy to use advice that’ll help your websites grow and earn money.

He’s number one job isn’t to earn you money, it’s to document what works.

He’s honest, doesn’t lie about stats and has a great website full of loads of content. I had a few hours last week to read through and it helped me out so much. I’ve even seen he’s SEO abilities and I’m defonitly going to be investing into he’s PBN’s.

Go and see he’s income report and see he’s six figure challenge, you won’t be dissapointed.

Top 5 Money Making Blogs – My favorite has to be smart passive income, that guy is a complete machine and always gets the job done, time and time again. I have to admit I look up to him and really do pay attention to he’s life. If you enjoyed then please share and if you need any advice just use the comments. Have an amazing day.