Ultimate Social Media Marketing Strategy

Ultimate Social Media Marketing Strategy – I’ve spent a lot of time and energy perfecting my social media skills. I then teach people how to achieve massive followings on their social media pages and how they can convert that into money/traffic. I decided to do this full guide on owning social media, this guides going to look at all the big social media accounts and how you can gain followers/likes within days.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Mass Planner

Before I start this article I just wanted to let you people know what social media bots I use in order to complete all these tasks in a matter of minutes.

My favorite has to be Mass Planner, it’s a bot that’ll handle all social media following, unfollowing, schedualing, messaging and so much more on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google + and Pinterest.

The only site it doesn’t handle is Tumblr and that’s why I use a bot called TumblingJazz that allows me to dominate Tumblr in every way shape and form without any work, just a few clicks of the mouse.

If you really want to earn lots of money, then you’ll need to have both Mass Planner and TumblingJazz.

Social Media Marketing Strategy


I get a lot of people ask me about my social media marketing strategy for Twitter, I’ve spent around 2 years building big Twitter followings and as time goes on Twitter keeps making it easier to build bigger, stronger social media accounts.

How To Get Followers:

Follow 200 People Everyday: Using Mass Planner you can follow 200 people in your industry everyday with one click of a button. I only follow people who follow people in my industry, but if you want followers quickly go follow people on the #followback networks:

  • #followme
  • #folloback
  • #instant follow
  • #follow for follow

These people don’t interact as much, but they will boost your follow back rate instantly.

Unfollow 100 People Everyday: You then use Mass Planner to unfollow anyone who didn’t follow you back.

Use Mass Planner To Schedule Your Tweets: You need to publish around 20 tweets everyday, add tags (#) and remember the power of funny pictures. People go crazy for them.

Interact With People: Tweet the people who follow you and the people you want to follow you. I send around 10 tweets to random people everyday, this helps me gain followers and get noticed by famous people.

Re-tweet And Favorite: I re-tweet around 5 tweets per day and I favorite around 50, this keeps my twitter looking good and gets people stalking me wondering why I Favorited their picture.

How To Make Money: How To Earn Money With Twitter In 1 Day

Useful Twitter Links: 

Social Media Marketing Strategy


Another amazing social platform is Pinterest, I’ve got over two hundred thousand follower between my Pinterest accounts and they convert really well when promoting Pinterest related pictures. I get around 30% of my websites traffic from Pinterest alone.

How To Get Followers

Follow 300 People Per Day: I start by following 300 people everyday, similar to the Twitter. It’s the easiest way to build a following without hundreds of hours of work. You can use Mass Planner to take care of this. Remember to follow people who’re relevant to your industry.

Unfollow People Who Don’t Follow You Back: You can then use mass planner to unfollow people who don’t follow back, I only do this once every other day, that gives people a time to follow back.

Learn How To Create A Pinterest Picture: Pinterest is all about the pictures, the more optimized they are, the better they do.

Go and get yourself a copy of this eBook that’ll teach you how to take food pictures, then use that information on the pictures you edit.

You can also use Canva and Panziod to add amazing text to your pictures.

Like And RePin: You need to make sure you repin around 5 to 10 things per day and you also need to like around 20 other pins per day. This keeps your account looking real and active.

Be Consistent: Don’t do what everyone seems to do and just start the process and then give up. There’s just no point. Start today and post pictures, do followers and repin every single day.

Social Media Marketing Strategy


Facebook is probably the biggest social media network around. It’s also one of the easiest to break and for that reason I wanted to feature it in my social media marketing strategy guide.

How To Get Likes:

Queue Posts: You need to post around 10 things per day.

Facebook Ads: Setup a low maintenance Facebook ad campaign that costs round $1 – $2 per day. Use this guide to learn how.

Comment On Similar Pages: This is something that really does count and will get you lots of profile. Type in relevant Facebook pages and comment around 20 times per day. Leave, funny witty comments and people will check you out.

Join Facebook Groups: You can find more than a few high quality groups and all you need is to be accepted to them. Once you’re in you can promote your page to them. Once you get 1000 + likes you’ll start building naturally and you’ll get more conversion.

Get A Cool Background Created: You can get a free Facebook background by going to Fiverr and claiming your free gig through this link.

Social Media Marketing Strategy


I’m going to end this article on my strongest social media skill and that’s Tumblr. I personally have got well over 1 million followers on this social media platform and for a period of time, it was where I got all the traffic for all my websites.

How To Get Followers

I could sit here trying to explain exactly how you get Tumblr follower or I could simply show you.

What this video first:

Then this video:

Buy TumblingJazz: Go get yourself a copy of this amazing bot, you’ll really be amazed at what you can achieve on Tumblr with it.

  • Follow 200 Per Day
  • Post 50 Images Per Day
  • Like 50 Pictures Per Day
  • Reblog 20 Pictures Per Day

Sit back, relax and wait to build a big following. With TumblingJazz you can set it up to do this on as many accounts as you want without a problem.

How To Make Money:

How To Earn $1000 With Tumblr

How To Make Money On Tumblr

Useful Links: 

How To Become Tumblr Famous

How To Become Tumblr Famous (Updated)

Ultimate Social Media Marketing Strategy – Don’t always stick to what you know, sometimes you need to get a little variety in order to change the way you work and earn money. Go and give this advice a try and if you need any help feel free to use the comments below.

Cheers, Oli

Ultimate Social Media Marketing Strategy

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