22 New Ways To Make MASSIVE Money Playing Video Games

Today I’ve got something truly special, it’s the first entry into the make money gaming course…

…So if you’re an avid gamer (like me) and enjoy kicking back playing battlefield, call of duty, GTA or just about any other game then this course is going to EXPLODE your mind and give you the power to start making a passive income using your true passion.

Now during this course I’m going to open an example blog and teach you everything you need to know about YouTube, Getting traffic and building a following.

This is the most juiciest course I’ve ever made and by the end of it you’re going to know the BEST secrets.

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Way #1: Create Your Own Gaming Blog

how to make cash gaming

Is this a must?

It’s a MUST!

To put it simply, no matter what you try on this list, owning a blog will 10x your earnings, so it’s always recommended.

And before I give you details on growing your blog I’d like to give a shout out to a limited service I’m running where I (Oli at 101geek) create your blog for you.

This service won’t be around for long as I do all the creation and make each blog suited for each niche, I do it at a rock bottom price (best online) and you get a list of AMAZING SEO features.

So be sure to check it out.

Anyway what can you use a blog for:

…1. Get traffic and build a fan base.

…2. Build your YouTube channel a following.

…3. Build a community of returning visitors.

…4. Increase your income from ads, affiliate deals and general contact with your fans.

These are just some of the reasons opening a blog is incredible, but number one is…

…You have a permanent base to build on.

You see YouTube is like a hotel, right now it’s successful, but who knows how successful this hotel will be in 10 years. So instead build your own strong house (domain blog), something that will be there far longer than YouTube.

In the next guide I’ll take you into the world of blogging and give you an example of what an EPIC gaming blog looks like and you can either copy it or use my service and I’ll create you something extra special.

MASSIVE Money Making Technique

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They teach you how to make a website, how to get traffic and how to make money.

It’s the exact method I use and has made me all my money and is perfect for the gaming industry, as I’ve tested it heavily.

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Ways To Make Money Gaming With A Blog:


Way 2: Create a self running gaming news/review blog: People submit the content and you do write ups about games, releases, rants, glitches, etc.

Way 3: Make money with affiliate products: You can use ClickBank and grab gaming products, or use amazon and sell gaming accessories, even CPA offers where all you need to do is get someone to try a free game and you make up to $20 (more on this later).

Way 4: Create an email list: Give people a gaming guide, get their emails and then send them the best gaming deals and discounts, products and CPA offers.

Way 5: Use Google Adsense: Set your blog up with google adsense, place ads around your site and make money for impressions and clicks.

Way 6: Create a basic forum: Use it to talk about a certain game, build a community and make money with ads (this is expert level)

PS: The trick with gaming is to pick a specific niche, do this and your rise will come quick.


Way #7: Creating A YouTube

You’ve probably been there and tried that (am I right?), we all have.

If you’re like me, you jumped right in, created all the blogs, did the research and gave it your best shot only for nothing to happen… This is frustrating and makes you want to give up… Then you see another YouTuber who gets famous and you’re like how the hell? My content’s way better!

Put that all aside because I’m going to give you some insider secrets that if used will take over YouTube:

  • It’s all about the CONTENT

Also, don’t worry because quality doesn’t matter that much surprisingly… After a lot of testing, measuring and examining other YouTubers it seems that just going for it and not worrying about quality really is the key.

You see people want challenges, collabs, drama and pranks.

All of these videos take hours of setup, days of editing and lots of $$$ if done in high quality… Take that element out, grab your camera and get rolling and you’ll see that hard content is an illusion.

Look at the video down below for example… It’s from a nice guy called Red Vipes he has 3 thousand subscribers… But look at this, he released a 30 day push up challenge and got an amazing 800 + thousand views.

Did he receive massive results? No.

Did he put in tons of camera angles? No.

Did he make it as high quality as some other YouTubers? No.

But he did beat most of the big boys out there because he’s real, he gave it a good shot and he acted and created the video in the first place.

Here’s another perfect example from Sani FruityVegan a YouTuber with 6 thousand subscribers (video below)…

This video is pretty basic… I ain’t gonna lie. It doesn’t even have a person in it :O. But that’s exactly what makes it work.

You see people don’t always want high quality, they don’t always want a person, sometimes they just want the information the video offers in the quickest way.

You could create it with a basic computur and starter skills and guess what? This video down below has over 2 million views and a great ‘like’ ratio.

These are both perfect examples of people who created what the world wanted and it didn’t matter about their subscriber count.

And if they’re sensible they’ll keep this up and within no time they’ll build a much larger following.

To Be Continued…

I’m in the process of creating a full guide that will teach you how to get YouTube famous… It’s going to teach you the content you need to create, how to get your video to page one and it’s going to be full of my biggest YouTube tricks (You will need to see it)… So sign up to my email list for the greatest YouTube SEO Guide and I’ll tell you once it’s ready.

PS: I’m showing you fitness because I’m doing a lot of work in the fitness industry so it’s all I see, but the same applies in any industry.

EXPERT TIP: Buying games costs a bloody fortune. If you want AAA titles like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Fifa, Counter Stick, Etc… At over half the price go here for pc users and here for Xbox/PS4 users.


Ways To Make Money With YouTube:


Way 8: Use google adsense with your YouTube (Basic). You get payed per view and click to your ad.

Way 9: Pick a product, do a review and use my future article to rank it to page one. Then leave a link to the product at the best price you could find online. This method makes people lots of money. You do need a product people want though.

Way 10: Use YouTube to promote your blog and email list… Tell them to pop their email below and you’ll give them something (I.E discounts on games). Or to check your blog out for exclusive content. Then if you send people to your YouTube through your blog you have a nice little (or big) lead circle sharing traffic to all your IP’s.

YouTube and money making is all about believing in a product. Trust me I’ve tried to sell something I don’t care about and even though I’m sad to admit that, it never works… So in order to succeed sell what you believe in and trust me when I say your chances of success will increase dramatically.


Way 11: Use The Gaming Market Place To Make A Living

Did you know there’s a large amount of people making a good living off selling in game items?

You best believe it.

There’s tons of examples from games like Team Fortress, Word of Warcraft, Counter Strike: Go, Dota 2, H1Z1.

Don’t worry there’s an example… Here’s a site called opskins and every single day tens of thousands of in game items are sold, with some reaching $500

Go on there now and check it for yourself, you’ll see hundreds of CS: Go items being sold for hundreds of dollars.

I’m talking fake in game guns selling for more than the real gun… No joke I just saw an in-game hoodie selling for as much as a real life hoodie… This ish is crazy.

But with the right mind and attitude you can make a killing selling in-game items.


Way 12: Play Professionally

You don’t have to be the best player in the world to win money gaming. In fact anyone can do it.

There’s numerous sites setup for online competitions.

You pay $ amount to join a game and if you’re in the top 3 players you get $$ – $$$ amount back.

A lot of people start with this and then take the move into gaming tournaments, that sometimes have prize funds of over 20 million dollars.

For the above you’ll usually need to build a team and make it your full time job… Still much easier than winning the lottery ;).

Game site that host tournaments (Best one online): Game Battles (Major League Gaming)

You usually win around $650 per 5 game tournaments.


Way #13: Stream It

Twitch is one of the biggest gaming communities ever.

After being brought by amazon for almost 1 billion dollars Twitch has taken over the streaming world.

They average 100 million views per month and as a gamer who wants to earn cash you just can’t ignore it.

Mixing this with blogging, YouTube and other social networks,  you’ll have the ultimate trifecta of gaming magic.


How do you make money with Twitch?


Well twitch is something you need to feed with your blog and YouTube, build a small community on them and then drip feed it to twitch…

…You see once you start getting views on Twitch you’ll be much easier to find and will soon get access to them Twitch views.

Another tip for building an audience is drama, doing something different and getting a little experience.

Remember get your games here (for pc) and here (for Xbox/PS4), get a good webcam and an awesome mic  and be ready to start your Twitch stream.

But money?

It’s simple:

  • Way 14: you have subscribers who subscribe to your stream for $5 per month to gain access to chat, latest content, etc.
  • Way 15:  you have donations, people like to support their favorite streamer and if you do donation challenges you’ll have no problem raking up the money.

Example: $100 donations and I’ll die my hair on this stream.

  • Way 16: affiliation with gaming companies and giving people links to cheap download codes of the games you’re playing so they can come and play with you.

I use sites like Kingiun.com.

  • Way 17: make and sell merch using TeeSpring.


Way 18: Become An Indie Game Developer

You may be thinking this is impossible? I have no idea how?

Well the future is here… With game engines like Unity that allow you to buy scripts, create games and have thousands of tutorials on game design on YouTube the world of game development is really open up to everyone.

Just go and check the unity marketplace and see for yourself.

If you think you’ve got what it takes here’s some ways you can cash out without creating a triple A title…

  • Way 19: Use Iframe, pop your quick game on your blog and start building a community with it, even give it away in exchange for emails (I’ll be doing this soon).
  • Way 20: Charge people a dollar to play it during development and use them to make the game better.
  • Way 21: Sell it just like people sell products, you can charge as much as you think it’s worth and allow the first few buyers to have special features.
  •  Way 22: Put it on Steam as an indie game, just look at “Just Another Zombie Game” look at how many reviews it has, this right here is a pure genius creation. $1 is a lot when hundreds of thousands of people buy your game.

Extra: In the future I’m jumping back into game development and I’m going to start a small FPS, if you’d like to be part of the team of testers, or help with it please send me a message.

There’s a goldmine of value here, but over the next week I’ll be adding even more amazing guides that are sure to BLOW your MIND. And I’ll be taking a much deeper look into each of these ways. So comment below what you’d like me to show you. Have an awesome day. Oli :).

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