What Is Aweber And Why Do I need It To Generate Loads Of Sales

What Is Aweber And Why Do I need It To Generate Loads Of Sales – So you’ve been hearing about this site called Aweber a lot? Well I had too and this is before 101geek. Aweber is the service that turned me from zero to hero and started this money making madness. I will explain exactly what Aweber is and exactly how you can use Aweber to become a successful buissenses person that will be unstoppable and make companies that earn money and profit. I have 100% faith that you’ll learn loads from this article and that’s why I will be honest and say that this article is only for people who really want to take their business to the next level and really start earning money on a whole new level.


The short answer would be an email marketing service that allows you to collect and send amazing emails that will convert really well for a starting price of just $1, go through that link to look at how to start your email marketing for $1.

So have you ever heard of email marketing? Well if you’ve followed 101geek then your probably would have. Email marketing is where you collect emails from your website or in person and then send out newsletters once or twice a week to them.

Well Aweber is a service that gives you everything you need to get the emails, send the emails and start building a following. This means that instead of having to buy 2/3 services you can now buy 1 that will do even better and work really well for a fraction of the price.


YOU NEED IT FOR YOUR COMPANY!! And you might say “Well why do I, it just sends emails?” Well the truth is it does so much more than that and I’ll have to explain a little story for it to make sense, here’s my story.

When you’re starting out and building websites, blogs and businesses most people will usually hit the same brick wall that I did where they don’t know what comes first “The chicken or the egg” What I mean by that is how do you start getting views, sales, conversions for your company to start making optimization and targeting, if you’ve never received any in the first place.

It’s a common dilemma that most people suffer with and that’s why so many businesses fail, well the reason why my stories different was because I started using Aweber to build a subscriber network and then when I really started selling items, services or getting sign ups through Awebers opt-in widget I was building a massive email list.

This is when I realized something more valuable and that was the fact that if I sold one item and didn’t collect their email I’d never usually speak to them again but, if I got their email then I’d be able to keep contacting them and start selling more to people I know buy stuff in my niche.

This made my business go up through the roof and changed the way I earned money forever.  So it took my 6 month to build a list of 1400 email sign ups and with that little list I managed to get sells up about %800 and I went from selling 10 services a week to selling around 80 then 100 and then I had to expand as I was selling more than 120 a week.

As you can imagine this completely changed my email list, now I was very young when I started email marketing I would say I was around 14 to 15 years old and my service revolved around article writing, proof reading and creating subtitles for people’s videos.

This helped me and I probably didn’t even use it to the maximum power that was available, so you need to ask yourself what Aweber can do for you?

It’s endless the power it has and if you incoprate it into your company whether you’re selling, houses, cars, food, toys, or a plumbing service you can use this to escalate your business and get a higher conversion.


So for a $1 starting price it’s amazing ability I hope you understand the real power of Aweber and I hope you’ve learnt what aweber is and why aweber needed a what is aweber article.. ?


If you didn’t see by the story above why I love it so much then I’ve not done my job. It’s just the fact that you can create so much profit from using an email list.

Another reason why I love Aweber is because it’s so easy to use. The other day my dad signed up to Aweber and he managed to get it working, upload his emails, create a newsletter and opt-in for his site within the first day of using it.

It’s easy because their support is second to none and they just have a way of making you feel like they care. From the moment you join you’ll feel welcome and like you’re a part of the Aweber team.


Well it will only cost $1 to start your email marketing campaign and then after that it will start costing about $20 per month, which for the power of this software is an extremely good price that you’ll not be able to beat.


You need to go and create an account, create an easy to use opt-in form for your site, you can even let your webmaster do it for you. It’s really simple and you’ll be surprised how quickly you can get it up and running.

You also need to create an email follow up series.

If you’re a busy person and don’t want to spend time sending mails each week, what you can do is set up a message series that will post once a week or twice a week on whichever days you like,

This means that you can spend one day creating 10 maybe 20 mails in a series and then every time someone signs up they will recive them emails once or twice a week.

So that means your email list will run it’s self for 10 to 20 weeks, sounds good right?


This is a quicker breakdown of why it will change your company.

Okay as  I said before: Imagine you could contact everyone you sold a product too and then follow up with the latest products every week, would this be powerful? Yes.

It would mean that every single time someone buys something or signs up to your email list you can catch them and start reselling to them again.

You already know they have the power to buy something because nine times out of ten they’ll sign up to your email newsletter while they’re checking out. So it means you’ll have a very powerful list of people and this can even work in real life if you do it right and I will tell you more about that below.


Okay so now I’ve explained a little about what you need to do I also have a few tips and tricks for you to follow to help build an amazing mail list. These tips and tricks are the best out there and I will also recommend you check out 10 email marketing tips that will change your email sending.


A lot of people ask how to get email sign ups when your business is off-line and creates more buzz in person. Well it’s really simple, you just have to use a method called cheap deals and you’ll get sign ups in no time.

If you give someone 10% off if they sign up to your email list then that means you’ve got a great deal, you’ve maybe lost a little money but you’ve also got the power to make money on the back end of each sale.

Also if your business is off-line you might want to learn how to create a .com website for $14 with no code. This is what a lot of people leading in the business world use.


This method works really well if you know a lot about the industry you work in, so if you do then just write your own book and if you can’t write your own book you can always pay someone $100 for eBook creation.

This method has always worked for me and as long as you have something that people want you’ll find it pretty easy to get emails.


You can advertise your sign up page on Facebook, BuySellAds, blogs, and adwords. Them 4 places will help you gain conversion and get some views to your service.

I recommend using a mix of adwords and Facebook ads to bring traffic to your squeeze page (the page where you get the emails)

So I just send as much traffic there as possible in hope that it will help me grow and earn some money and usually it does, so make sure you do the same.

If you need any more help with this step then just comment below and I will walk you through it step by step.


You want to make everywhere on your site an opt-in, that way it will make people connect with you. If you don’t push people to the opt-ins they’ll never sign up. So just push them there and make sure you try to make every view a lead.

You can do this by adding widgets and pop ups using ninja popups, these help capture the users mind and hopefully get them signing up to your newsletter.


You might have some very useful emails already so go and sign them up and see if they will opt-in to your email list, this way you’ll find it easier to get somewhere at the start and really make a big buzz. I always find this really helps starting the email list off.

And if you can get to your first 200 emails as quick as possible you’ll start seeing a massive jump in profits from that point out.

It does depend on your service but even people who own an electric service could benefit from having an email list.


You can go even bigger and even better than the bribe and just offer a service that’s unbeatable and make it so people have to sign up to even claim or buy your service, this way you’ll get opt-ins within no time. The only down-side to this method is that you’ve really got to have something amazing that you can sell for it to work to the maximum results.

I do recommend you always make a service better than anyone else in your niche and do the things that they don’t want to to get ahead.


Are you ready to start an email list and get them conversions rising? Well if you are then just go to Aweber and buy the starter package and be ready for your business to start earning profit.

What Is Aweber And Why Do I need It To Generate Loads Of Sales – So hopefully you’ve learnt what aweber is and how to use it to better your company. I’m being serious when I say that this really does have the power to change you company and I don’t care if you’re an estate agent, a plummer, or an SEO specialist, this is going to make your marketing and advertising go through the roof in a matter of months.