What You Should Know About Buying Fake Social Signals

What you should know about buying fake social signals – Everything you need to know is now in one space. I’ve brought social signals and I’ve messed around with things like, likes, followers, shares and groups, I’ve seen the good and bad first hand and I’m going to explain to you why you should/shouldn’t buy,fake social signals. There’s two sides of this story and personally I don’t buy likes any more as I don’t feel it’s very affective but I will teach you ways to make it affective. If you enjoyed this then please go and share, follow and like me on my social media pages.

What you should know about buying social signals


These are some of the goods, make sure you read the bad’s as they might change your mind on fake social signals.


Instant gratification

Well if you’re like most people and don’t want to wait any time to see something happen then it’s a great idea to try, it’s not the same kind of effect as really earning them but if you’re just after a quick fix then this might be perfect for you.



The main reason to get social signs like Facebook likes, twitter followers, shares on your posts and other social signals is because it will help you gain trust. I know loads of people who will pay more for something if they think it’s safer.

It’s like if you see a shop with 20 thousand + Facebook likes then you’re going to think “wow they’ve really got a good brand” and you can buy from them without a problem. So if you own something like a shop, it can be a great way to gain trust and move to the next level a little quicker.



Who doesn’t like being popular? I think online everyone wants to be popular, me especially. If you own a site and want people to think you’re the real deal and you’ve been around for ages then this a great way to gain attraction and get people involved.

The first thing I used to do when I would see a blog was check for social signs to see just how popular the blogger was, this has changed now but a lot of people still use that method.


High conversions.

I did a split test with two affiliate sites about a year ago. One was unique and I paid advertising and got it ranked slowly, the other was unique but had fake likes and social shares, it also had links built and was more high-profile.

Now site number 2 did a lot better and earned a lot more money, with that being said after a while I realised that things like the likes were going down and people were starting to notice. So it’s not always a good thing to do but, it will bring you more trust and with that you’ll gain more sales.


Betting Google Ranking.

Social signs are playing a bigger part as time goes on and as Matt Cutts and his team of Google engineers keeps changing up their game and making SEO almost impossible to plan I do think the one thing you can be sure is that social media will take over parts of SEO and authority.


This is the bad to using fake social signals and really the reason you should stay away from fake social signals.



It’s all fake and that’s never good, it’s hard to be excited and make people excited about something that’s fake, if you run a blog then it really won’t be long till people find out you work with fake social signals.


Don’t interact enough

If you’ve got 30 thousand likes and your posts only get 3 shares, 4 comments and 20 likes, it’s going to look really dodgy to both you and to Google/other search engines. Make sure you keep that in mind and never go to over board, there is such a thing that to much of something can be bad and that’s very common with this.


Lose them after a while

If you’ve ever brought fake likes you’ll usually start getting a drop off rate after about 2 weeks, this can lose you a few hundred to thousands of social signals over the space of a few days, weeks or months.

This isn’t a worry if you got your fake social signals on the cheap as it wouldn’t be hard to re-buy some more.


Might be visible and lose rank

If it’s really obvious then it can lose you rank and as it has no real meaning it’s not really worth it, you could have 200 thousand fake likes but in honesty it won’t do anything to your views or to your site, unless people see it as a trust thing or people like your site because so many others do it’s really not worth doing.


Leaked that you buy fake social signs

If you’re running a blog then it will be a bad idea to get fake followers, you can lose things like advertisers and other people if you’ve got a fake followers/likes and it’s really not worth putting your page/blog in that position. I’m not saying this will happen but it probably will and it has the power to, so it may be a good idea to stay away from it.


Easy to see

Let’s face it, no matter how well you hide it, you’ll most likely get caught and it will be visible to other people. So keep that in mind and remember to keep it on the low.

What You Should Know About Buying Fake Social Signals


What it works for


If you own a shop or eCommerce site it can help you gain some trust and may even help you make some sales, I personally go against it as it doesn’t change too much in honesty.


Info Products

If you’ve made a product and want it to seem more popular than it is, then this can sometimes be a good way of doing so, personally I wouldn’t do it, but I’m just here to tell you what works.



If you run a service on the internet and work with people who’re a little tech savy and will always look at a sites social networks before they buy into it.



If you’re branding and want to create a brand it’s always good to look big, sometimes I prefer helping smaller sites out so this isn’t always the case, but on the whole it can work well.


Funny Pages

If you’ve got a funny picture page it can sometimes helps it go viral if you’ve got loads of likes. It’s not a definite way but it can work.

What it doesn’t work for:


If you’ve got any amount of social publicity then stay well away from it.


Public figures

If you’re a public figure in any niche it’s worth giving it a miss, you’ll most likely already have a few followers  and there’s no need to be greedy and over do it.


Websites that you want to make a name with

If it’s a site that you want to use for a long time and earn money with then it’s best to keep it natural.


White hat sites

If you’re building a site that is completely white hat then it’s best to stay well away from fake likes.


Money sites

If you’ve got a money site that you get your money from and it’s a business it’s really worth staying away from fake social signals as they will make it harder for you to see how many people you can really connect with.

Would you build an email list with 30 thousand fake accounts? No? That’s the same reason you shouldn’t use social impressions.

Where to buy them

What You Should Know About Buying Fake Social Signals


What you should know about buying fake social signals – What do you think about social media signs? Good or bad? I think it’s been so long since people did work without fault that it can sometimes be easy to settle for something like buying likes,it’s really much more rewarding to earn them though and it can give you a much bigger leap using them the real way. – If you enjoyed this post then please remember to hit the share buttons and follow me on my social media accounts.

What you should know about buying fake social signals

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