10 Guaranteed Ways To Sell Your EBook

How To Sell Your EBook – Getting into the world of selling eBooks can sometimes be difficult. If you speak to most eBook creators they’ll usually tell you that they actually lose money from releasing an eBook. So today I’m going to teach you how to break sales records and sell your eBook to millions of people. Now these 10 tips aren’t going to teach you how to write better, that’s all on you. But these 10 tips will tell you how to market, upsell and create massive amounts of press around your eBook. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s sure going to be worth it. I’m going to write this like your book is ready to be released. So, make sure you stay till the end to completely understand the process.

#1 Book Cover – Title – Tagline

Right now these are the 3 most important things you’ve got to worry about. The book cover is one of the key factors in selling your eBook. I recommend going to LogoNerds and having them create it for you. That way you’ll know you’re getting one of the best deals online and an incredible finished product. I’ve used them a few times and am always happy with the results.

Title all comes down to what the book is about. My first job before I even write the eBook is looking at competition and bestsellers in my niche. Example: If I’m going to sell a book about blogging then I’d go and look at the best-selling blog eBooks on Amazon. I’d then learn from their title and book cover and create something even better.

Recommendations for the tagline. This is one of the most important things that people forget about. A tagline is what sells the book. If your book is called: “101 Killer Blogging Tips” then a good tagline would be “The Professional Way To Make A Million Per Day”. Sorry about my bad example, that was just off the top of my head. That tagline is catchy and memorable, the title tells you exactly what it is, and it’s aimed at bloggers which is an easy market to target.

If you brain isn’t helping you with this task feel free to use the comments below and I’ll help you out.

#2 Free Copies To Reviewers

This is extremely important. Reviews for your book are what give it the ability to keep on selling. What I recommend doing is creating a list. Go and get some paper or use a text document and start writing down, YouTube names who’re in your niche, bloggers who review books, bloggers who’re in the same niche as your book and then friends and family.

My plan when it comes to review copies:

I Hand out 100 – 200 free copies to all the YouTubers, Bloggers and Friends/Family members that I can. Then get them to go and write reviews. You might need an incentive for the Bloggers/YouTubers to write reviews. I usually give my book for free and pay them 5 to 20 dollars.

I never pick YouTubers/Bloggers who are extremely famous, it’s not worth it. They won’t review a book for less than $400 and there’s no guarantee it’ll be a good review. So instead you’re better off getting a list of 500 + people to ask for reviews in exchange for a free copy of the book and a shout out. Then get 20 people who you’ll offer money to for reviewing your eBook.

Out of the 500 + people I contact about 80 get back to me, so it’s sometimes better to do as many people as humanly possibly. I usually start this process 1 week before the books released, sometimes 2 weeks just so people have time to get back to me.

#3 Where Are You Going To Sell It?

Hhmmm, this is one of the toughest questions you’ll have to contend with while creating an eBook. Your choices in my opinion are either:

  • Amazon
  • iTunes
  • WordPress Site

I’ve only used WordPress and Amazon to sell eBooks. The difference between them two was money. With WordPress you’ll earn a lot more money per sale. I use a site called selz.com, they allow you to add a buy page/button to your WordPress site within a few minutes.

The reason why you’ll earn a lot more money with selz is simple, it comes down to royalties. Selz takes 25¢ and then 5.0% on each sale. This means if your eBook was around $9.99 then you’d lose 75¢ each sale. As with amazon they take 30% of each sale and keep another 30% for tax, which you will get back. That means if your book was worth $9.99 then you’d be losing around $3.00 per sale without tax and $6.00 with tax.

You can see that that’s a big difference. Amazon also take around 3 months to pay up as if you use selz its instant. Sadly there’s a but. If you use your own WordPress site then you’ll need to be in full control of sales forever. If you use Amazon and you sell a load of copies of your book and get good reviews in the first month then you’ll be put on the bestsellers list and people will start finding your book without you marketing at all.

It comes down to commitment and integrity. My advice would be to add it on your WordPress and then if it doesn’t go well within the first month add it to Amazon too.

#4 Use Facebook Advertising

Mwhahaha. My secret weapon is revealed. Facebook ads are by far the easiest and cheapest way to connect with relevant people who’ll be interested in your book. I spend around $2 to $5 every single day and that usually helps increase sales by around 300%, When I start seeing conversion that’s when I up the advertising to $10 – $20 per day.

This will take care of itself and will create a platform for your next eBook. If you take a look at 101Geek you’ll see a good example of a page that you’ll want to create. You don’t want it to be all about your eBook or blog, make it about the industry you’re in. Post interesting and relevant content and continue ads for your book for at least one month.

If you’re unsure how to set up Facebook ads for maximum conversion then watch this guide. It will teach you how to make high converting Facebook ads.

#5 Using Tumblr To Drive Sales Through The Roof

One of the best methods I can teach you to sell your eBook is to use Tumblr. Now I can’t promise high conversions, but it’s one of the only free ways to drive constant traffic to your eBook with automated work.

You’ve got no excuses not to use this method as it literally takes 20 minutes per day and you can up scale it for better results. The video below will teach you how to start your Tumblr empire, so make sure you watch till the end and if you’re feeling nice then please subscribe or leave a thumbs up :).

If you need any help implementing this tutorial into your eBook marketing plan then feel free to ask questions. I’m more than happy to teach you how it’s done.

#6 Create A Short Video Ad

If you’re really confident about your eBook then I’d recommend trying a short video ad on YouTube. All you do is use Fiverr and find a video service that works for you and will make a short but snappy video ad.

Why is this important? Well if you’re teaching someone how to do something then advertising to your targeted audience is key. YouTube ads are some of the cheapest ads you’ll get online. The conversions aren’t massive, but with a budget of around $200 – $400 you’ll have no problem selling your eBook.

#7 Advertise On Different Blogs/Ad Networks

You may have heard of Adwords, Bing ads or BuySellAds, these are networks that allow you to buy impressions, clicks or monthly ad space. If you’re creating an eBook that’s about food recipes then you’d find 1 – 5 food blogs using BuySellAds and purchase a month of ad space. This will give you exposure to your target audience instantly.

Then after BuySellAds you’d go on Adwords and start building your ad campaign, this allows you to instantly rank on Google for search terms. Example: You could pay ‘X’ amount per click and have your site be first when someone types “food recipe book” into Google. That means you’re only getting people who’re interested in buying your eBook.

If you’re a beginner then I’d recommend getting a professional to handle your SEM campaign, just so you don’t waste loads of money and your time. But if you’re okay with advertising then you can give it a try, it’s not that hard to workout, but you’ll probably want to watch some YouTube tutorials on creating your first Adwords campaign.

If you need a banner ad created then I recommend using LogoNerds, they’re cheap and affordable.

#8 Press Releasing Your EBook

Press releases are no longer as powerful as they used to be, but because of that fewer people are using them which in return makes them powerful again. Now I use a service called PRWeb to press release my eBooks and other news stories. I only do this when I’ve got an eBook that’s got a good story behind it, something newsworthy. I often used to use the fact I was 18/19 and releasing eBooks for my companies. This worked well because people are always curious about young money makers. Sadly, now I’m nearly 20 it’s not as newsworthy :(.

Why would you use want to press release your eBook?

By press releasing your book you go out on all the big news platforms which can drive a lot of traffic, especially if you’ve got a good story. I personally let professionals create/write my press release and for people with little to no experience writing press releases I recommend you do the same.

You’ll usually get around 300 to 800 views using a good Press Release service, but that can change depending on how good your eBook is and how well your press release was written, that’s why I recommend professional press release writers.

#9 The Price Is Right

People can sometimes make big mistakes when it comes to pricing their book. I’m even guilty of making this mistake on multiple occasions. Where do people make mistakes? They either charge way too much or way too little. If you believe in your eBook then you’ll be happy to sell it to people at $9.99 – $14.99. I made the mistake of offering my first few eBooks at $1.99 – $2.99. This made it impossible for me to add a discount deals and made it hard to advertise.

The truth is that once people trust you enough to buy your eBook it won’t matter if it’s $5 or $10, People are just as likely to spend $10 as they would $5. As long as they need that information/story they’ll pay for it. By making your eBook too cheap you make people question how well it’s written it is.

Also if you had to make 5000 dollars from the eBook. Selling 500 eBooks at 10 dollars will be a lot easier than selling 2500 at 2 dollars.

Tip: My eBooks on this site are usually around $1 – $15 and that’s because I need people to buy the information so my tutorials make sense. I usually charge around $2 – $6 per eBook on average. But I’d probably charge more if I didn’t have this blog. I just try to charge a little price to help out my users with low cash funds who need to start earning money. 

#10 The Last Tip On How To Sell Your eBook – Pinterest.

Ever heard of a site called Pinterest? If you haven’t it’s a social media/bookmark/picture site that is about 80% women and 20% men. It’s ideal for advertising novels and girly content. The users will click anything with a nice picture and a good title.

The best thing about Pinterest is that I can teach you how to get hundreds of real followers within the next few weeks. Just watch this video guide:

I use Pinterest to promote a lot of my articles, eBooks, products and services and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be cashing out with Pinterest too. Use my guide and I guarantee you’ll start getting pinterest followers in near to no time.

10 Guaranteed Ways To Sell Your EBook

I hope you enjoyed this article on selling your eBook, It’s the methods I use and I guarantee that they work as long as you put your mind and a little effort into it. I do recommend that you use the comments below and ask any questions you have. I may be 19 and not the most amazing writer, but I do know how to sell.

I’ve still got loads of information and amazing advice on how to sell your eBook, so if you’d like to see an eBook for a few dollars on how to sell your eBook then I’m more than happy to create it, just tell me in the comments below. I hope you have a lovely day, please remember to share. – 101 Geek.