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Video marketing has become an essential part of any successful business strategy, and with good reason. The stats don’t lie – 68% of marketers say video has a better return on investment than Google Ads, and 94% of video marketers report that it has helped increase sales. But creating high-quality video content can be time-consuming and labor-intensive.

That’s where AI video software comes in. AI can help you create and edit tasks accurately, making your job easier and more efficient. A PwC study found that 72% of businesses using AI believe it will.

SoftwareMain Features
SynthesiaGenerates videos in more than 65 languages Offers 70 different AI avatars with different ethnicities 50+ fully customizable video templates Flexible pricing plans (Personal and Corporate)
Lumen5Turns script into interactive story Effortlessly finds visuals that fit the theme of content User-friendly Cost-effective Four pricing plans (Community, Basic, Starter, Professional)
RunwayMagical AI tools, real-time collaboration and precision editing AI Magic Tools are updated with new features every week Online application that uses machine learning to minimize tedious tasks Features such as a green screen, object removal, and optical flow


Synthesia is the perfect choice when it comes to customizable video templates. What makes Synthesia so great is that it can create videos in more than 65 languages, offering an excellent solution for those on a budget.

This user-friendly software uses machine learning algorithms to generate videos that appear and sound authentic. Moreover, you can choose from 70 different AI avatars with different ethnicities so your videos appeal to more people.

Another great feature of Synthesia is 50+ fully customizable video templates which allow you to customize your video according to your brand identity and voice. The intuitive interface makes using the tool easy for beginners or even more experienced users alike.

When it comes to pricing, Synthesia offers two flexible plans – Personal ($30 per month) and Corporate (price on request) – making this a highly affordable option for everyone.


Lumen5 is the perfect AI-editing software to bring your video content to life. This streamlined tool can turn your script into an interactive story that packs a punch with just a few clicks. It’s amazing what Lumen5 can do with artificial intelligence—it effortlessly finds visuals that fit the theme of your content and create a stunningly aesthetic backdrop.

It’s very user-friendly and you don’t need any experience in video editing to get started; all you need is a script and Lumen5 does the rest for you! In addition, it’s extremely cost-effective, so you won’t break the bank in order to benefit from its awesome features! Check out Lumen5 if you’re looking for an AI editing software that will take your videos to another level!

Lumen offers these pricing plans:

Community: $0

Basic: $19

Starter: $59

Professional: $149

All of these are billed per month and paid yearly.

Lumen5 is the leading video AI editing software available. It can do incredible editing work that makes videos look like they were produced by professionals and spare you a great deal of time. Its text-to-video conversion feature also proves to be very helpful when it comes to video editing.

The free version does have one downside though – it includes Lumen’s branding, so if you want to create a business-specific video without their logo featured, you will have to upgrade to one of their paid plans. But given the amount of benefits that come with the use of Lumen5, the cost might actually be worth it!

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Runway is on track to become the best video AI editing software on the market. It offers users everything they need to make content faster – magical AI tools, real-time collaboration, precision editing and more – all right in your browser so no downloads are required.

The AI Magic Tools included in Runway provide users with dozens of creative tools to edit and generate content like never before. What’s more, the tools are constantly being updated with new features added every week, giving users access to groundbreaking features that will help them bring their content creation dreams to life. With Runway by your side you can be sure that your videos will look amazing every time.

Runway ML is an online video editing application that uses machine learning to minimize tedious tasks and provide users with an efficient and automatic editing experience. It offers features such as a green screen, object removal, and optical flow, and can process content in formats like PNG and ProRes.

The app has a free version with basic features and storage and paid versions starting at $15 per month. It is a relatively new application and does not yet offer the same range of features as other premium apps, but it aims to provide users with results similar to those of top-tier editors like After Effects and DaVinci Resolve


InVideo is the perfect video editing platform for those wanting to create engaging, high-quality videos with minimal effort. It offers a variety of dynamic features that make creating professional looking videos easy and fun.

This platform gives users access to millions of stock photos and videos, customizable templates and the ability to add their own team members for collaboration. You can also spice up your creations with audio edits and animations.

InVideo also provides three video formats: wide, square or vertical – ideal for different platforms such as YouTube, Instagram stories or social media ads. Additionally, you have the ability to design a branded kit in order to stylize your videos properly.


Free: allows you to create a video in 720p and will have an InVideo watermark

Business: $15/mo

Unlimited: $30/mo


VEED.IO is the perfect video AI editing software for anyone who wants to make great videos without any hassle. Even if you have limited computer skills, VEED.IO makes it simple to customize text, colors, fonts, and music in order to create an engaging video. With a range of available themes, you can easily convey the message you want through your video without spending hours learning complicated tools.

The best part about VEED.IO is that it’s super user-friendly and requires no special training or experience in video editing! Anyone with basic computer knowledge could start making amazing videos in no time! So if you’re looking for an easy way to create amazing videos without all the hassle of traditional video editing software, give VEED.IO a try today!


Pictory is an amazing video AI editing software that makes it easy to create condensed, shareable videos for social media. With this powerful tool, you can quickly turn long-form videos or text content into short, eye-catching videos that are perfect for sharing on your social accounts.

Pictory simplifies the arduous task of creating and maintaining an attractive presence on your chosen social media platforms. And with the time saved in creating high-quality visuals, you can focus on more important tasks like optimizing campaigns and building relationships with customers.

In short, if you want to reduce stress while still crafting engaging visuals, then Pictory is a must-have tool in your arsenal!


GliaStudio is an AI-assisted video editing software that stands out due to its URL-to-Video feature. With just a single link, you can have the perfect videos at your fingertips – no matter what type of content you’re working with, be it social media posts, sports events or news stories.

The software also offers a range of customization options to make sure your video reflects your brand’s identity, and provides access to resources for finding music and voice overs as well as using transition affects to add life and pizzazz to your creations.

What’s more, GliaStudio comes with a layout tool which makes it easy to place all elements in the perfect spot on your video canvas. And those who need videos created in haste need not look further – the URL-to-video feature has got you covered!

Speaking of cover – GliaStudio come in three different plans – Pro ($300/month), Business ($550/month) and Enterprise (custom quote). It also has an additional tool called Synthesys which comes as an extra bonus.


WiseCut is great for AI music selection. It was designed to help you edit videos faster and easier, with tools like “punch in” and “punch out” features that let you quickly identify the best sections and splice them together. It also boasts smart background music, auto subtitles and translations, which makes your videos more accessible to a wider audience. Plus, it has audio ducking and storyboard-based video editing functions make it a must have when editing videos.

The user interface is intuitive and straightforward to navigate, so you can follow a step-by-step wizard to edit as required. WiseCut offers three types of pricing plans – Free ($0), Starter ($10) & Professional ($29) – all of which are per month if billed annually.

I love the ability to remove pauses that would otherwise make my video editing tedious with WiseCut, but I wish there was folder organization for video files.

But overall I’m happy with this new product update which includes auto subtitles and translations for engaging audiences even further.

Is artificial intelligence revolutionizing the way we create and edit videos?

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the way we create and edit videos. AI-powered editing software has opened up new possibilities that were not available before, allowing filmmakers to quickly and accurately create stunning video content with just a few clicks. This has resulted in increased content creation efficiency and quality compared to traditional methods.

AI video editing software is also incredibly user-friendly, meaning that even someone with limited technical skills can easily learn how to use the platform and take advantage of its many features. Moreover, its ability to recognize patterns in the footage and extract relevant information makes it ideal for those who are just starting out in the video editing world.

So if you’re looking for a powerful tool that can make your creative process easier, faster, and more accurate, then AI-powered video editing software should definitely be on your radar!

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Meet the new generation of video makers powered by AI

In today’s world, A.I. Video Editor Tools allow a new generation of video makers to create amazing visuals that elicit specific feelings and emotions. In the past, you would have to be a professional or have video editing experience to make stunning videos. But with new AI tools, it is easier than ever to create quality videos without any previous knowledge or experience.

These tools use artificial intelligence so users can simply point and click and get great results with minimal effort. From interactive videos that keep audiences engaged, to educational videos that teach viewers new topics, these A.I. Video Editor Tools offer countless possibilities for anyone wanting to make unique content for their own social media profile or YouTube channel!

How to find the perfect AI video generator for your needs

In today’s ever-changing world, finding the right AI video generator for your specific needs can be difficult. However, the process becomes much easier once you know what features you need.

  • Consider the editing features offered by the AI video generator, such as the ability to remove empty silences and apply appropriate background music and volume
  • Look for a tool that allows you to create various types of videos, such as promo videos, explainer videos, and tutorials
  • Consider the pre-made layouts and green screen capabilities of the tool, particularly if you plan to use it on social media platforms with specific dimensions and sound requirements
  • Make sure the AI video generator has a watermark generator to protect your content from theft
  • Look for a tool that allows you to turn text into a video with scripts and animation tools to develop your message visually before going live with it

By taking these features into account when choosing an AI video editor tool –as listed above–you can rest assured knowing that your videos are professional-looking and tailored according to your outlet’s needs while being protected against piracy or being used without permission.

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The benefits of using AI and automated tools for video editing

The use of AI and automated video editing has numerous advantages and benefits that can help streamline the process while saving users both time and money. For starters, you’re able to create exciting, high-quality videos with virtually no time input whatsoever. Instead a few clicks of your mouse and the AI editor will take care of the entire editing process in seconds, producing breathtaking results that you wouldn’t be able to achieve through manual efforts.

Moreover, AI applications can easily handle necessary tasks such as repetitive ones, meaning the user won’t have to tire themselves out over unnecessarily laboring tasks. With automated tools, businesses and freelancers are enabled to get access to high-end editing resources without breaking the bank or requiring experience in video production – it’s an all-in-one package with lots of amazing features at your fingertips!

The final verdict: is AI the future of video editing?

The verdict is in – AI is certainly the future of video editing. We have seen a huge surge in the number of AI video makers available, and our top pick, Synthesia, offers an impressive range of features that make the creation of high-quality videos easy and achievable. With natural-sounding voices, unlimited video and audio downloads, and the ability to upload custom voices, Synthesia’ AI video maker is one of the best options for creating engaging marketing content or repurposing existing content into something new.

Other contenders like InVideo, Lumen5, GliaStudio and Wisecut are also working hard to provide excellent tools that support efficient video production while WiseCut helps streamline routine tasks.

As technology continues advancing it’s clear that more and more companies will be turning to AI to create their videos. The convenience these tools offer can’t be beat, plus any business looking for an edge over their competition should already have adopted this trend into their workflow!


  • Can you edit videos with AI

Yes, it is possible to edit videos with AI. Various AI video editing tools offer a range of features such as the ability to remove empty silences, apply appropriate background music and volume, and create various types of videos.

  • What is the best AI video upscaler

There are several AI video upscalers available, and the best one for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Some popular options include Topaz Video Enhance AI, Video Enhance AI, and Gigapixel AI.

  • What is the best AI video generator

The best AI video generator will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Some popular options include Animoto, Wibbitz, and Adobe Spark.

  • Which editor is best for AI

Many editors are suitable for AI, and the best one for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Some popular options include Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Avid Media Composer.

  • Can an AI claim copyright

AI cannot claim copyright as it does not have the legal standing to do so. Copyright is a legal concept that is only applicable to human creators of original works.

  • How do I upscale an AI video to 4K

To upscale an AI video to 4K, you can use an AI video upscaler tool such as Topaz Video Enhance AI or Video Enhance AI. These tools use artificial intelligence to analyze and enhance the resolution of the video, resulting in a higher quality image.

  • Can AI create videos

Yes, AI can create videos by using algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze and generate content. Various AI video generator tools can create videos based on inputs such as text or images.

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